HI there! If you’re here, then that probably means you want to request some writing from me. Great! I just thought that I would make this because I have gotten some requests recently, but there are some things that I thought I should inform you of.


  • I do not write smut. Nothing against it, I just know that I would be awful at it. I may try in the future, who knows.
  • I don’t write for real people anymore, it weirds me out. So if you request RPF I will not write it for you. Sorry, loves.
  • I will not write abusive relationships, cheating, rape, or anything of the sort. Canon-related violence is completely different. If you’re on the fence about whether something goes against this or not, just message and ask.
  • If you request, please send an ask or a direct message. I often find that tumblr doesn’t notify me of replies, so I wouldn’t risk it.


Star Trek AOS/TOS-

  • Jim Kirk
  • Leonard “Bones” McCoy
  • McKirk
  • Montgomery “Scotty” Scott
  • Spock
  • Pavel Chekov

The Avengers-

  • Steve Rogers
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Sam Wilson
  • Pietro Maximoff
  • Loki Laufeyson
  • Thor Odinson


  • Sam Winchester
  • Dean Winchester
  • Castiel


  • Jefferson (Once Upon A Time)
  • Chris Beck (The Martian)
  • Steve Trevor (Wonder Woman)
  • Bernie Webber (The Finest Hours)
  • John Kennex (Almost Human)
  • Gavin (Pete’s Dragon)
  • Siberius Vaako (The Chronicles of Riddick)
  • Eomer (The Lord of the Rings)

I have not written female characters x reader, but I will if they are requested. The same goes for other ships or characters.

And I just wanted to say that if you do request, I am so slow at updating! It takes me forever to get them done, but I don’t want you to be discouraged from requesting, or coming to talk to me! Love you all 💙


could you imagine The Enterprise having like a yearly inspection and Kirk bugs out every time because the best running ship in the fleet certainly doesn’t become so because they follow the rules. He has to remind the crew a week in advance to actually call him Captain and use formal titles. Bones and Scotty’s shared bathroom which is one hundred percent a liquor cabinet/distillery cannot be a thing. Sulu has to collect all of his plants out of everywhere that’s not the Botany Labs and hide the illegal ones he picked up during their journey in his quarters. Scotty has to remove all of his Scotty-Approved-Modifications from Engineering. Spock can’t work four shifts in a row and break the ensigns that challenge him in the gym to sparring matches. Bones can’t medically offer alcohol to anybody. Uhura needs to not curse every ten minutes, in any language. Chekov needs to focus more on his console and less on every pair of legs walking by his station. 


Happy Pride Month everyone!

I couldn’t add every flags but I mostly put what I thought was relevant to them :D (of course those are ideas but you can disagree with it!)

Anyway I hope you liked it!

Love has no frontier  (◠ω◠✿)

PS: There is an advocacy week coming up: #WeNeedLGBTQStories Week. It’s a week to talk about the need for positive mainstream LGBT representation in media, June 12-18 ! If you want to know more about it, ask @weneedlgbtqstories or check this out!