it’s time for another addition of I will expand Ben Sulu’s characterization if no one else will:

  • Ben took Hikaru’s last name because he thought it was old-timey romantic
  • Chekov was the one who told Ben about the Parking Brake Incident 
  • Ben is the type of person who volunteers at Demora’s school like 4 times a week (and cries at the beginning of every school year)
  • he hates it when Hikaru calls him Benny, Benjamin, and Benold
  • he makes lists of things he wants to tell Hikaru everyday and then promptly forgets them when he sees him again because he’s so happy
  • he is an embarrassing father and husband
  • that may or may not include calling Hikaru his Caribou 

Jim gasped as he managed to dive down, taking Kate with him. His heart was pounding hard and he was trying not to panic…trying to be strong. But he could see it in his mind. The first to die had been Chekov. He had been taken out by the ambush they didn’t even know they had gone into.

Then Sulu had followed….and then several more crew members he couldn’t bring himself to name. Uhura had been killed as they tried to escape, and Bones…Bones had been taken out when he had run to help her and some of the other fallen.

Bones’ death seemed to hurt the worst. But then Jim was proved wrong when Spock had been killed. And now….after nearly two days of trying to escape this war planet…only Jim and Kate remained. He looked at Kate, anguish and despair in his own eyes. Never would he see her again…hear her laugh. But he needed to give her a chance to live…a chance to escape. And something told him that if he gave up himself…sacrificed himself…then she may get that chance. 

He wasn’t sure where she would go. The Enterprise was gone. Destroyed. But he had faith she would find a way. She may be a planetary scientist but she already managed the unthinkable, even if she wasn’t aware of it. 

She made him love her.

So Jim grabbed her hand to get her attention. Then he whispered a quick, ‘I love you’ before he kissed her. Then he was running, dodging fire, drawing them away from her. As he felt the pain ignite in his legs first from the phaser fire, he stumbled. And that was all it took to end his life.


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Jim and Spock are both feeling lost. Can they find what they need in each other?

This is basically the Star Trek Beyond movie, but from a Spirk perspective. There will be some scenes from the movie, with maybe some minor alterations, but also my interpretation of what happened in-between.

Okay, it may have taken over two months, but chapter two is finally up. Many thanks to @itreallyisthelittlethings and @semperama, without whom it would probably have stayed in my drafts folder forever. <333

I heard that in the next ST movie, Chekov will be in another ship, which is fine because seeing another actor playing him would be too sad. But the other day I started thinking that maybe there should be another character, a new one, because it would be right to do again what Roddenberry did when he added Pavel Chekov to the crew. I mean, back in the 60s, Chevov was way more than a cute kid. It was the middle of the Cold War and he was from Russia, the sworn enemy of the USA at the time. His presence at the bridge was a symbol of peace, of hope.

Since things have changed, this new Chekov never had the same meaning. So maybe they should add someone with that meaning now. I’m not American, I don’t know what country he or she should come from. Maybe from North Korea? Cuba? Iran? Whatever country America hates most now, this new character should be from there. Put an Iranian woman wearing a Starfleet approved hijab on the bridge and don’t make a single comment about it because it’s the 23rd century now and no one gives a shit about these things. Then, she’ll give us the same message that Chekov gave us in 1967: things will get better. 


it isn’t uncommon, you know? it’s easy to get lost. in the vastness of space, there’s only yourself, your ship, your crew. (insp)