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Imagine cuddling with Chekov after he’s had a long day


You were laying in your boyfriend’s bed, leaning up against the headboard with your head stuck into a good book, you hummed softly, glancing at the time every few minutes, knowing that Pavel would be back anytime soon. Eventually you grew tired of the book, closing it throwing it across the bed, perfect timing actaully, as the door slid open, you smiled softly, hearing a soft Russian voice call out “ангел?” “In here!” you called out, pushing back the covers of his bed, smiling when you saw his face come around the corner. “Hi, how was your day?” you asked watching him as he slid off his shoes, going over to the cloest to take of his yellow shirt, and hanging it up. “It waz wery long” you smiled at his accent, which you hadn’t heard all day, and you missed.

He breathed out slowly, leaning against the cloest door for a few seconds, before pushing himself up to turn around to you, he walked over to the bed, crawling up the matress to where you were. You smiled, opening your arms to allow him to come into you, wrapping your arms around him, he buried his head into your neck, placing his weight on you, causing you to lay down, which you didnt mind at all. You smiles softly as you pressed a kiss his his temple, running your fingers up and down his bare back slowly, he sighed softly against your neck, making sure to nuzzle in as close as he could. Working on the Bridge was stressful, you could tell. Everyday he would come back tired, and slightly annoyed at everyone refrerring to him as kid, but when he saw you, it made it all worth wild. Pavel loved his job, even if it made him tired all the time.

You felt him shift above you, lifting his head to look down at you, turning his head to planted a soft kiss on your lips, rubbing your hip with his thumb, you grinned and happily pressed your lips back on his, they always did seem to fit in together perfectly. He hummed softly before pulling away and looking down at you, you nudged your nose against his. “I missed you” he mumbled, returning his head back into your neck, your face went bright pink, even though you two have been dating for awhile, he still gave you those feelings you had when he was just a small crush, those butterflies. “I missed you too, you were gone too long” you mumbled, pressing kisses along his shoulder and along his neck and up to his ear. you heard him let out a pleasurable grunt, making you giggle softly. You run your fingers up his back and into his hair, running your fingers through his curls that you loved so much. You felt him relax once more, twirling your fingers through his ends and tugging on them softly. He always did fell like home, and you know that he always will.

ангел = angel

zodiac signs as iconic star trek things

aries: captain kirk’s ripped shirts

taurus: KHAAAAAAN!

gemini: mirror-verse spock’s goatee

cancer: ode to spot, a poem about data’s cat

leo: chekov’s hair

virgo: picard memes

libra: vulcan salute

scorpio: the concept of pon farr

sagittarius: boldly going where no one has gone before

capricorn: spock holding a black cat

aquarius: i’m a doctor, not a ______

pisces: an overwhelming number of tribbles

[Press] Star Trek: Beyond Press Interviews and Clips
Obsessed like we are? Here’s a guide to all the Press Junket clips and interviews we could find! Feel free to submit any links we might have missed!

A next to complete list of interviews and clips from Star Trek Beyond, just in case you missed it the first time :D

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I love your Pavel Chekov stuff, I constantly put my phone down and grin madly

I love messages like this, i had to put my phone down and giggle

thank you, thank you

This is a Sickbay, Not a Daycare Center

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2djhV1M

by speccygeekgrrl

When the captain and first officer get de-aged, no one wants to take command of them.

Words: 845, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2djhV1M

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Could you please do some headcannons about dating Chekov?

-Chekov would probably be really shy when you first started dating
-So he would be really hesitant to do anything: hold your hand, kiss, and sex would be out of the question for a while
-He would be really sweet, always leaving notes for you and sending you cute little things
-He’d blush really horribly when he first held your hand
-And when you kissed him for the first time, he was red as a red shirt
-After that he would be really public and kiss you whenever he saw you
-If he ever got on the intercom system, he would always say something nice to you
-And then you’d hear Jim scolding him in the background
-The two of you would stay up late just talking about your dreams and your days
-Chekov loves to cuddle and likes being the big spoon, but /loves/ being the little spoon
-When you first have sex he would be really nervous, and confess that he asked Jim for tips
-“I don’t know anyone else who has had more sex”
-And you internally groan but also you just think he’s so adorable
-And he’s surprisingly /really good/ for your first time
-So when everyone teases you about it then next day you tell them that he was amazing and they all shut up
-He would always try to bring you something back when he went on away missions
-And you would always have really long goodbyes and hellos
-Playing with his curls while he sleeps or lays on your bed
-Him talking to you in Russian for sweet little love things, or dirty talk and there’s no in between
-When he first tells you he loves you it is in Russian, so you have no idea what he’s talking about
-And then you learn a few Russian words and tell him you love him back

I heard that in the next ST movie, Chekov will be in another ship, which is fine because seeing another actor playing him would be too sad. But the other day I started thinking that maybe there should be another character, a new one, because it would be right to do again what Roddenberry did when he added Pavel Chekov to the crew. I mean, back in the 60s, Chevov was way more than a cute kid. It was the middle of the Cold War and he was from Russia, the sworn enemy of the USA at the time. His presence at the bridge was a symbol of peace, of hope.

Since things have changed, this new Chekov never had the same meaning. So maybe they should add someone with that meaning now. I’m not American, I don’t know what country he or she should come from. Maybe from North Korea? Cuba? Iran? Whatever country America hates most now, this new character should be from there. Put an Iranian woman wearing a Starfleet approved hijab on the bridge and don’t make a single comment about it because it’s the 23th century now and no one gives a shit about these things. Then, she’ll give us the same message that Chekov gave us in 1967: things will get better.