Being Harry Hook’s Soulmate...

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  • You only see color when you meet your soulmate. So far, you were one of the unlucky few who still hasn’t met their soulmate in Auradon
  • Harry didn’t really care much about soulmates, pretended to despise it actually due to the fact that “true love” or happiness wasn’t tolerated, but inside, he secretly hoped to find his soulmate
  • The first time you saw each other, it was like the world came alive
  • C o l o r
  • It wasn’t how you really expected. It was at Mal and Uma’s confrontation. One minute you were sword fighting with him, then suddenly a burst of color that you had only ever head of from your friends
  • “You?!”
  • After getting everything sorted out, Ben brought more of the Isle kids to Auradon
  • Naturally, it was a bit awkward being around each other
  • He avoided you at all costs
  • But eventually, fate and temptation eventually gave in, and the next thing you knew, you were both face to face in a dark corner of the library’
  • “So… we’re soulmates.”
  • “Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t do soulmates.”
  • “… Okay, then.”
  • Color was as magical as you thought. You visited the art gallery as often as you could, just staring at the newfound colors
  • Most times, he was there too pretending like he wasn’t there to stare at you
  • Harry grew fond of you, he would never admit it out loud though
  • Sometimes, you found little paper boats in big, bright colors in your locker
  • wonder who could’ve done that???
  • Once, you caught him in the act. You couldn’t prevent the big grin that was rapidly spreading across your face
  • When you confronted him, he pretended like he didn’t know what you were talking about
  • “Harry, I know it’s you.”
  • “No, you don’t.”
  • “HARRY.”
  • He admitted it after you wouldn’t leave him alone for a week
  • not that he was complaining *cough cough*
  • “Alright. I’ll give this soulmate thing a chance.”
  • You swore he smiled wider than you’d ever seen him
  • Dragging him to the museum, gardens, anywhere really to just stare at colors you hadn’t seen before
  • He pretended to hate it, but he loved the little twinkle in your eye when you curiously examined various colors
  • “What’s your favorite color?” You asked him one day
  • He said your eye color without missing a beat
  • You teased him about it for a solid month even though you said the same thing
  • Rainbows weren’t really common in the Isle of the Lost
  • So when you and Harry first saw one, it was like seeing a double horned unicorn
  • “It’s almost as beautiful as you, Y/N-”
  • “Shhh, I’m trying to take a picture.“
  • Speaking of pictures, Harry absolutely loved cameras, since there wasn’t much technology back in the Isle
  • Sometimes he would surprise you out of nowhere and take a picture of you doing random things
  • “HARRY!”
  • In his dorm, a bunch of pictures of you and Harry were hidden under his bed
  • He would look at them whenever he couldn’t sleep or if he just really missed you
  • You didn’t know yet, because if you did, it was likely you would never let him live it down
  • You and Harry’s favorite time of the day was when the sun was about to set
  • You loved it because of the explosion of pinks, purples, and oranges
  • Harry loved it because that’s when he realized maybe this soulmate thing wasn’t so bad after all
  • That’s also when he said he loved you for the first time

June 4th update: Show Off Your Protagonist’s Sprite(s)

Here’s the first concept of Yarn’s sprite in you&me

I’ve already made a few adjustments since the gif (mostly the shadow), and I may change a few more things like Up-facing hair animation, but for now this is Yarn, our protagonist. A young girl with a fascination for yarn.

And as a bonus, here’s Nyla’s charset (just quickly finished, so definitely needs some tweaking). She’s not the player character, but she’s the deuteragonist of you&me and plays an important role in you&me’s dreaming mechanics. Yarn’s older sister.

So, now I want to make an Effect, but oh my god RPG Maker 2003′s Event Systems are so intimidating, how do I start? A Yume Nikki fangame reference

WELL, you’ve come to the wrong right A place.

Now this tutorial’s gonna require a liiittle bit of familiarity with RPG Maker’s mechanics, but you can brute force your way through it and learn along the way (that’s what I did~) I’m going to be using the Not-Steam version of RPG Maker, because it’s a lot more condensed (and because I don’t want to port Yume Nikki to the Steam version)

Now, of course, the best way to learn how to make a fangame in general, is to see how Yume Nikki itself works. Feel free to explore the game, both inside AND… deeper… inside. Yeah. Go through the maps, see how things are made, and ohhh man if only they weren’t all Japanese-oh wait, that’s what I’m for.

(I’ll also be releasing an English version of Yume Nikki’s coding eventually, I was going to release it with this but decided to wait and see how much I can clean it up)

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Mad for Lance

Summary: For Voltron Season 3: Episode 2. Because I’m mad that we didn’t get that moment where Lance sits in Red for the first time. We were denied that transition and closure that Keith got dang it. So this is to put us (and Lance) in a mildly better place.

It’s like being underwater.  But you realize only have a couple seconds before your lungs burst. So you paddle for the surface frantically, desperately because you can’t breathe, but you’re not gonna make it. Lance gasps for air, but he can’t see anything in front of him except for Blue’s glowing barrier.

And how it’s shutting him out.

He’s tried everything. Tried using reason, his best flirty lines getting nothing, not even a blip, to frustrated begging because his, no their team, is out there and they need him.

Don’t they?

Allura finds him on his knees, pounding on Blue’s barrier with these little please’s dripping out of his mouth like rain. But Blue’s not responding to him at all. He can barely feel her presence, a quiet thing of guilt and it’s like their connection is muffled, like you’re buried under a thousand pillows and no one can hear you scream.

Allura takes his shoulder and listens when Lance says his concerns. Spits out the truth right in front of them, that he’s the team goofball, the screwup, not a leader and now…maybe not even a paladin.

Red roars and they jerk their heads to the ceiling.

“I-I don’t understand.”

Allura tries to explain, “My father build Voltron, but he knew Zarkon was a better leader in battle so he became Voltron’s right hand. Lance, when you accepted Keith as the new leader of Voltron, it proved that you value a strong team over your own need for glory….Just like my father.”

Lance can barely take in the words, they feel like an empty token. Is Allura saying that because he supported Keith, he lost his lion? He lost Blue? But anything about her father is important to Allura so he softly says, “I won’t let him down.”

“Go.” Allura urges with steel in her eyes. Nudging him, pushing him towards the door.

And Lance runs, but it’s painful to tear his gaze from his girl. His Blue.

But then again…she’s not his Blue anymore is she? Behind him, he can hear the fizz of a particle barrier going down. He swallows the lump in his throat awkwardly. Maybe…she was never his in the first place.

He’s just the spare wheel.


Still he books it, his lungs heaving as he makes it to Red’s hanger, because crushing feelings of utter abandonment or no, his team is in danger. So what if he has to be the spare part to plug in to make this thing work?


Red’s roar got louder with every boot he pounds to the floor.


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The 108 Names of Goddess Lakshmi

1.      Aditi  – Bright like the Sun

2.      Anugrahaprada – Granter of Good Wishes

3.      Ashoka – Dispeller of Sorrows

4.      Amrutha-  One who is like Amrut (Nectar)

5.      Ahladajanani- Source of Joy

6.      Anagha- The Sinless

7.      Buddhi- Intelligence

8.      Bhaskari- Radiant like the Sun

9.      Bilvanilaya- One who lives under Bilva tree

10.   Brahma-Vishnu-Shivatmika – Trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva

11.   Bhuvaneshwarya – The Supreme Deity

12.   Chandravadana- Having Moon like Face

13.   Chandra- One who is cool like the Moon

14.   Chandrasahodari- Sister of the Moon

15.   Chaturbhuja- One having four arms

16.   Chandrarupa- Moon-Faced

17.   Daridriyanashini- One who removes poverty

18.   Dhanya- Embodiment of Gratitude

19.   Deetya- One who Answers the Prayers

20.   Deepta- Flame Like

21.   Deepa- With Radiance

22.   Dharmanilaya – Creator of Eternal law

23.   Dhanadhanyaki- Bestower of Wealth and Food grains

24.   Devi – The Goddess

25.   Devi – The Deity

26.   Daridriya Dhwamsini – Destroyer of Poverty

27.   Hiranmayi- Golden Appearance of Hirana (Deer)

28.   Harivallabhi- The Devine Consort of Lord Hari

29.   Harini- Beautiful like Deer

30.   Hemamalini- Having Golden Garlands

31.   Hiranyapraka- Amidst Gold 

32.   Indira- Radiant like the Sun

33.   Indusheetala- One who is cool like the Moon

34.   Jaya- The Goddess of Victory

35.   Kamala- Lotus

36.   Kantha- The Divine Consort of Vishnu

37.   Kamakshi-One with Attractive Eyes

38.   Kamalasambhava- Originating from the Lotus

39.   Karuna – Kindhearted

40.   KshirodhasambhavaKrodhasambhava

41.   Lakashokavinashini – Remover of Universal Agonies

42.   Lakshmi- Goddess of Wealth and Fortune

43.   Lokamatri- Mother of the Universe

44.   Mangala- Most Auspicious

45.   Mahakali- A Form of Kali

46.   NityaPushta- Gaining Strength Day By Day

47.   Navadurga- All Nine Forms of Durga

48.   Nrupaveshvagathananda- Loves to Live in Palaces

49.   Narayana Samashrita – One who sought Refuge in Narayana

50.   Prakruti – Nature

51.   Paramatmika – Omnipresent

52.   Padmalaya – Sitting on the Lotus

53.   Padma    –  Lotus   

54.   Padmapriya – The Lover of Lotus

55.   Padmahasta – Having Lotus-Like Hands

56.   Padmakshya- Lotus-eyed

57.   Padmasundari- Beautiful Like the Lotus

58.   Padmodbhava- One Who Emerged Out of the Lotus

59.   Padmamukhi- Lotus-Faced

60.   Padmanabha priya- Beloved of Padmanabha

61.   Padmamaladhara – The Wearer of Lotus Garland

62.   Padmini – Lotus

63.   Padmagandhini – Having the Aroma of Lotus

64.   Punyagandha- Having Divine Scent

65.   Prasadabhimukhi- Emerging to Grant Boons

66.   Prabha- One who is Radiant like the Sun

67.   Pushti- Healthy

68.   Preeta Pushkarini – One with lovely eyes

69.   Prasannakshi- With graceful eyes

70.   Ramaa- Pleaser of the Lord

71.   Shri- Goddess of Fortune

72.   Suprasanna- Ever Glowing and Smiling

73.   Sarvabhootahitaprada – Provider of Universal Facts

74.   Shraddha – Devotion 

75.   Surabhi – Celestial Being

76.   Shuchi –  Personification of Purity

77.   Swaha   – Shape of Swahadevi (Auspicious)

78.   Swadha – Shape of Swadhadevi (Inauspicious)

79.   Sudha  – Amrut (Nectar)

80.   Shiva – The Auspicious One

81.   Shivakari – Source of all auspicious things

82.   Satya – The Truthful

83.   Shanta – Peaceful

84.   Shuklamalambara- Wearer of White Garland

85.   Siddhi – Ever Ready to Protect

86.   Soumya – Showering Goodness on Women

87.   Shubhaprada – Granter of Auspicious Things

88.   Shubha – One who is auspicious

89.   Samudratanaya – Beloved Daughter of the Ocean of Milk

90.   Sarvapadravanivarini – Dispeller of all Distresses

91.   Trikala-dnyanasampanna – Aware of all, the Past, Present and Future

92.   Tushti- Possessor of all wealth

93.   Udaranga- Endowed with a Beautiful Body

94.   Vikruti –       Many-Sided

95.   Vidya   –        Knowledge

96.   Vibhuti  –      Prosperity   

97.   Vachi       –   Eloquent Speaker

98.   Vibha    – Radiant

99.   Vasudha  – The Earth

100. Vasudharini  – Bearing burden of the Earth

101. Vimala – Pure, Chaste

102. Vishwajanani- Mother of the Universe

103. Vararoha – Ready to Offer Boons

104. Vasundhara – Daughter of the Earth

105. Varalakshmi – Granter of Bounty

106. Vasuprada – Bestower of Wealth

107. Vishnuvakshah – Residing in Vishnu’s Chest

108. Vishnupatni – The Consort of Vishnu

109. Yashaswini  – The Famous

i forgot to post this yesterday! we were supposed to show off our protag sprites so here’s harley 👀🐱 i’ve done a ton of charsets for humans and let me tell ya… cat sprites are HARD… 

the one next to the cat one is the human “effect” that lets them do human stuff. i have one other effect drawn but i’ll keep it secret for now >:9 

Cruelty Free Brands at Drugstores & Target

From the asks that I am getting, I am assuming that people are looking for cruelty free brands that they can find at a drugstore or Target! Most big-name brands sold at drugstores typically are not cruelty free (for example: Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel London, Almay, L'Oréal, etc.) Let me put together a little list for you guys! I am sure there are more that aren’t on this list too.

  • Acure Organics
  • Alba Botanica
  • Ardell Lashes
  • Avalon Organics
  • Crystal Deodorant
  • Dickinson’s
  • E.L.F Cosmetics
  • Eco Tools
  • Giovanni
  • Hello Products
  • J.R. Watkins
  • Kiss My Face
  • Milani Cosmetics
  • Mineral Fusion
  • Montagne Jeunesse
  • Nourish Organic
  • Pacifica Beauty
  • Physician’s Formula
  • Pixi by Petra
  • SW Basics
  • Wet n’ Wild Cosmetics
  • Yes To


Not all of these brands are 100% vegan, but they do have vegan options! Please read product descriptions and ingredient lists before buying!


Ölmeden önce İstanbul'da yapmanız gereken 10 şey;

1) Eminönü’nde balık ekmek yemek
2) Sultanahmet’te bir gün geçirmek
3) İstiklal Caddesinde turlamak
4) Avrasya Maratonu’nunda yorumunu katmak
5) Pier Loti’de kahve içmek
6) Kız Kulesi karşısında çay içmek
7) Galata Kulesi’ne çıkmak
8) Ortaköy’de kumpir yemek
9) Gülhane Parkı’nda yürümek
10) Çamlıca Tepesi’nden İstanbul’u seyretmek.

1/11/17 – 7:27 PM

‘I want to be in love; I want to make love. I hate this being alone business – and not because I hate myself, or because I am tired of myself - my time alone is delightful. I just have so much to give! I feel so tired of keeping it all in! I feel so tired of being in, and of being alone. I want to gallivant! I want terribly to gallivant! (‘Nothing to do but drink and make love.’) I want someone to touch my soul.


I seem to be writing drunk, posting drunk, and I really, really, must learn to edit sober. I long so terribly for something extraordinary. I already said it: I am a hedon.’