“The best description I can give, without spoiling too much, is that Cannon Busters is a modern take on something like Trigun, though tougher, meaner and more than a little brutal in places. It retains a good sense of humor though and that’s nice to see.

The whole pilot is fascinating to see, as it brilliantly merges a Western approach to narrative and characterization but places that within an anime framework. The result being something that feels altogether fresh but entirely natural.

I’ve been waiting for years to see this kind of creative collaboration between Japan and the West take place. Both sides need each other and I am happy to finally see that line of reasoning being embraced so thoroughly.

While the pilot is available to those who backed the crowdfunding campaign, something I haven’t been involved in, it’s not clear when the series will be made more widely available.

For now though, Cannon Busters offers a tentative glimpse at what a collaboration between Japanese and Western creative sensibilities could look like, and it’s something I definitely approve of.” - Forbes

Full Forbes article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2016/09/24/cannon-busters-offers-a-tentative-glimpse-of-the-future-of-anime/#af8d431fb0b8


So…the majority of the wrestling fandom on Tumblr and other social media outlets constantly question how Roman Reigns can possibly have fans. Or, my favorite: How anyone can find him relatable. Well, the answer to that is the same reason anyone finds their own favorites relatable. But, since Reigns fans are completely ostracized from the wrestling community, and because we’re forced to legitimize how much of a “real fan” we are for simply liking the guy, I figured I’d gif my favorite characterization of Roman’s (his anger), and list off other reasons as to why I personally find him relatable, and why he means so much to me. 

  • I relate to being the quiet kid in the family that was too shy to interact with others. 
  • I relate to having an absentee father and needing to rely on a matriarch (my grandmother) to be both a mom and a dad. 
  • I relate to facing racial discrimination. 
  • I relate to having anger/behavioral issues due to a family history of mental illness, and suffering from a multitude of traumas at a young age.
  • I relate to having low self-esteem. 
  • I relate to ignoring my own pain, so I can help others. 
  • I relate to committing myself to my passions, and failing in the end. No matter how hard I worked for it. 
  • I relate to being in poverty while having family to support. 
  • I relate to not being comfortable with my body. 
  • I relate to being human and crumbling under insurmountable pressures. 

These are things that I have learned from not only the character of Roman Reigns, but the person behind it. This is why I connect to him on the level that I do; knowing that the man I look up to has gone through all of this, and continues to push on with such an amazing outlook on life. Two years ago, I started watching wrestling again because of him. Two years ago, I was a suicidal mess that didn’t even want to wake up. Now, two years later, I’m happy to say that I’m still here. 

What, then, is the purpose for the dominant media and society to denounce violence, especially when such a denouncement fails to examine the underlying roots of violence? Further, such a denouncement of violence fails to recognize that violence is a part of the state and the legal system.
[…] why is violence viewed as anathema to the rule of law, and the public asked to denounce violence? It is, in my view, because the state’s legitimacy and stability rests on a characterization of violence as not being an inherent part of the rule of law but an aberration, to prevent lawlessness. […] The existence of violence must be understood in relation to law and justice. Only then can we differentiate violence, terrorism, and revolution. 
Separating violence from terrorism is not a purely theoretical exercise, but also has concrete implications in the ability of oppressed communities to express themselves in the context of a system that deprives them of this ability. In absence of an opportunity to meaningfully participate in civil society, such communities resort to violence in response to an oppressive system. If the use of violence as a political ideology and tactic to resist an unjust status quo is equated with terrorism- which has as its goals to instill fear and maintain the status quo- then all revolutionary movements that may use violence may be suppressed under the guise of labeling it terrorism. Therefore, it is important for us to better understand these terms theoretically, because they have concrete implications for social justice movements.

Chaumtoli Huq, “Violence, Revolution, and Terrorism: A Legal and Historical Perspective,” from Voices of Resistance

Read this multiple times, and save it to read again later. 

Join the @lets-read-about-feminism discussion of Voices of Resistance!


Transcription for those who can’t read the tiny text:

I think I finally get the difference between Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer.

For a while I figured they were both basically “Evil unicorns who paralleled Twilight and showed what might’ve happened to her without Friendship, and now they’re ‘earning” with only pretty superficial differences in their characterization, but this latest episode clarified what’s unique about Glimmer and the different arc she’s on.

Glimmer’s a sociopath.

Sunset Shimmer went down a bad road, but as she later told human Twilight during their fight, all the power she was after was a way to fill a sense of loneliness. What she really wanted was friendship and acceptance from the outset, and her turn as a Mean Girl was a negative reaction to not feeling that from Celestia or others. That’s why she broke down, why Twilight as able to help her, and why she was eventually able to be accepted - the good Shimmer was pretty much always there under a tough front.

With Glimmer, there’s none of that. Glimmer’s core is more amoral. The big incident that set her off was someone being taken from her, but the way she talks about it and parses it was how unfair it was for her that she not get what she wants. Her solution was if Cutie Marks had wronger her, they needed to go, and if anyone got in her way they needed to go too. When Twilight foiled her, she became her new obsession, all filtered through an amoral worldview that sees social interactions as a zero-sum set of how things relate to her personally.

The new episode reinforced and clarified this. Even with all of Twilight’s teaching so far, Glimmer only wants to game the Friendship Lessons so she can maximize her success. She’s not actually absorbing what it means to be a friend, and even that last laugh line was a hint that she just wants to relax to finish the lesson, she’s not actually relaxing. Twilight is misreading her issues as being like hers, when they actually run deeper.

Anyone who’s already following my discourse blog can feel free to ignore this cause this is just a rehashing of stuff I’ve already talked about extensively there, I’m just feeling really alone in my thoughts about this right now and I kinda need some extra validation.

Is anyone else feeling like the LGBT/wlw positivity that Rebecca Sugar and SU in general promotes… doesn’t really apply to lesbians?

Other folks have already made excellent and detailed posts about the show’s treatment of butch/gnc women; their characterization as overwhelmingly abusive and aggressive and the strong overlaps with antiblack racism that are present in that writing, so this post isn’t so much about that as it is about the treatment of lesbian sexuality itself. 

I honestly first started having these doubts as soon as We Need To Talk aired, the episode that pretty much started the fandom trend of mocking and belittling Pearl for being upset that she was losing the woman she loved to a man. And the episode did not exactly discourage that, like for all intents and purposes she was deliberately framed as the antagonist of that episode, and of Greg and Rose’s entire love story really. 

She was turned into the trope that a lot of people might recognize from a lot of shoujo anime: the obsessive lesbian who fixates on one of the female protagonists and simply cannot handle the notion of the woman she loves choosing a man instead, at which point she becomes bitterly jealous and catty if not outright creepy and aggressive. There’s usually only two paths for a character who’s portrayed this way: a dramatic downward spiral that ends in utter humiliation and/or death, or a “redemption” in which she learns to get over her hatred for men and ends up with one. And honestly even though Last One Out of Beach City pretty much put an end to my post-Mr. Greg worries that the latter outcome would be what was in store for Pearl (not that Joe Johnston didn’t give me PLENTY of justification for fearing that that may end up being the case), there are still elements of both outcomes present in the ways that the narrative punished Pearl for her role in the Greg/Rose arc. 

The juxtaposition is intentional for the central thesis of narratives like this: look at this wonderful man/woman couple that’s healthy and positive and has to overcome the odds in order to be together (thus making the audience root for them even more), one of those odds being an angry lesbian who loves the woman and hates the man and who has to be put in her place so the man/woman couple can triumph. For some reason this seems to be an extremely appealing story for women who love men to write, cause we see it over and over again in all sorts of media, not just here.

And let’s also not ignore the role of Garnet, another lesbian character, in all of this too. Her role is different, she’s not the angry man-hating lesbian, she’s the egalitarian cupid with the model relationship, who loves love in all its forms and is made into an authority as an impartial judge of what good love is. If a relationship gets the Garnet Stamp of Approval, it’s meant to be, and she winds up being Greg’s wingman enthusiastically performing emotional labor for this straight man and his relationship with a woman. It’s a fantasy that no lesbian should ever be expected to fulfill, and it just serves to draw a line in the sand between “good” and “bad” lesbians and the expectations that are placed on each. (The fact that Ruby and Sapphire themselves are modeled after Rebecca’s irl man/woman relationship probably plays a role in this as well.)

Greg is ultimately the centerpiece of SU’s entire lesbophobia issue, he’s Rebecca’s favorite character and clearly she wants us all to see what she sees in him. But time and time again, that has come at the expense of lesbians, and it’s soured me on his entire character as a whole tbh. Especially given that her Greg favoritism apparently extends to her doodling him making out with canonically lesbian characters and fusions thereof in her spare time. 

Half of the History (We Shall Never Know) (podfic)

Written by: Speranza | @cesperanza

Read by: quietnight | @5deadweasels

Rating: explicit | NC-17

Content Notes | Warnings: graphic depictions of violence, love under fire, threesomes

Additional pairings: James/Peggy/Steve, James/Natasha/Steve

Summary: This is a war story.

Written Work: Half of the History (We Shall Never Know)

Podfic Post: [podfic] Half of the History (We Shall Never Know)

Additional Comments: This fic/podfic has taken over my life this last week. It’s a story that grows more complex, more heartbreaking, more funny, too, the more often I listen to it. There is such a richness of characterization, of places, of moments that both draw from, interpret and go way beyond CATFA and CATWS – and a richness of voices, sounds and music in the podfic. The fic has two parts - I. The War, and II. The Trial – the first dealing with who Steve and Bucky become through the experiences of WWII, the second with how they find a place for themselves after the events of CATWS. Each part is structured to juxtapose events non-linear, in a way that gives new meaning to them. I had light-bulb moments, listening to this podfic. (Like, that Bucky muttering his rank, name and serial number on the table in the factory means he is already losing his name, way before he becomes the Winter Soldier!) There is so much in this fic/podfic, including an entire backstory for the Winter Soldier and Natasha in the Red Room. And there is sex. :) I did not expect a story about war to start with “The first time they had sex they were in Italy”; and I, like Steve, underestimated Peggy Carter, but only for one last time. What I realized after the third or so listening of the podfic was that this kind of sex, too, belongs to that half of the history we shall never know. Many moments in this fic/podfic have become headcanon for me, but most of all Bucky singing dirty songs softly in Steve’s ear (perfectly delivered by quietnight). Do listen to this podfic. It’s one of the best I know.

anonymous asked:

Can you please write a fic set where kagami and Riko (his girlfriend), move in togethere. Kagami wakes up suddenly at 2 am and unexpectedly starts throwing up A LOT! This gets Riko super worried as she tries helplessly to make him feel better. She cracks and calls kyoshi to help, when kagami passes out in the bathroom. Kyoshi arrives and they both try to cool him down with some success, before Teppei tucks him away in bed.

A/N: Okay, so full disclosure…I’ve never watched KNB…literally everything I know about the characters comes from reading @brites…but from what I’ve read I adore the characters so, sure…why the hell not?  

The warm pressure shifting at her back was what initially roused Riko from blissfully deep oblivion.

She blinked into the darkness, mind hazy with sleep as she wiped excess drool onto the pillow. She felt Kagami shiver gently against her, then heard a low grown as he rolled away from her onto his side.

“Kagami?” Riko turned over to stroke her fingers over the small of his bare back, nuzzling her nose between his shoulder blades. He was warm. Almost too warm.

She felt a shudder roll up his spine, frowning when she heard a noise that sounded suspiciously like a whimper.

“Baby?” she crooned drowsily, hand sliding around to rest on his stomach. “You okay?”

Kagami was predictable, almost to a fault. She could tell exactly what kind of a mood he was in by the slightest shift in his posture, or what was bothering him by a minute twitch of his lips. It was a rare thing for Riko to be caught off guard when it came to her boyfriend.

But when Kagami abruptly lurched up, muttered something that sounded like oh fuck and consequently began gagging into his lap, Riko was undeniably stupified. There had been no indication, no foreboding, no inkling of discomfort from him all day. But as he retched into his hand, half asleep and incapable of controlling his body, Riko felt the icy fingers of terror creeping up her spine. She didn’t have a plan for this.

“Kagami,” she felt the tremor vibrate through her vocal chords, abhorrently ashamed of her weakness. “What’s wrong, baby? Tell me what to do.”

Kagami swayed, torso jerking as a violent heave doubled him over. He belched into his palm and a wave of milky sludge flowed out from between his fingers, coating his chest and soaking the quilt.

“Oh shit,” Riko breathed, frozen beside her boyfriend as he curled forward to empty more of his stomach onto the comforter.

Kagami doubled over with a wet gag, finally pulling his hand away from his mouth as he belched up more vomit in one massive heave.

“Oh, sweetheart,” Riko was rubbing his shoulders, sitting up on her heels as she watched her boyfriend suffer through the nausea. “It’s okay. I’m right here.”

“Riko, I’m - huURRLP -“ it was like a broken fire hydrant spewing water. Kagami pitched over the bed, muscles convulsing as he threw up another torrent of foul liquid over the side. The dull thud of his puke hitting the carpet made her cringe.

Before Riko had a chance to do anything, Kagami was muttering sorry’s behind his hand and leaping out of bed. Riko watched as he stumbled the few steps towards their bathroom and collapsed on his knees. He hadn’t even bothered to switch on the light.

She slid off the mattress and followed him into the bathroom, grabbing a washcloth as she crouched behind him.

“M’sorry,” Kagami gasped, shoulders hitching with a strained hiccup. He burped up a mouthful of spit and gagged over the bowl.

“Did you feel sick when we went to bed? Maybe you ate something that didn’t agree with you. Do you feel any better now?” Riko wanted answers and she wasn’t above interrogating her sick boyfriend to get them.

Kagami groaned into the arm he’d tossed over the edge of the toilet, releasing a breathy burp towards the water.

“Too loud,” was all he said.

She was being too loud. She wasn’t helping. She was making it worse. Goddammit.

Riko gasped as Kagami rolled his head back over the toilet, gurgled on a painful sounding belch and ejected another lengthy stream of vomit into the water. His stomach muscles contracted and released, offering little reprieve as he struggled for air.  

“Kagami, you have to breathe,” she urged, rubbing between his shoulder blades. “Take a few breaths and it’ll help, I promise.”

Kagami choked on a horrible sounding retch, arms scrambling for purchase as his body refused to cooperate.

“I’m here, baby,” Riko soothed, pushing strands of sweaty hair out of his face. “You’re okay.”

But he wasn’t. Kagami was always okay…but tonight was apparently the exception to the rule.

“Rik -“ he gagged, hoisting himself up a little higher over the toilet. “Something’s wrong…”

Riko made a sympathetic noise as Kagami belched up another projectile flood of vomit, gagging on the leftover bile that trickled out of his mouth as he lilted into the bowl.

“Shit, okay…” she wrapped one hand around his torso and pulled his head out of the bowl with the other. “Kagami?”

Kagami convulsed as another stream of sick burbled from his mouth, splashing all over the tile as he slumped onto the floor. He heaved for a few more seconds before going still, panting breaths wheezing from his throat.

“Oh god,” Riko couldn’t remember a time when she’d been this frightened. She fumbled in her sweater pocket for her cellphone.


“The hell do you want?”

She’d probably just woken him up…seeing as how it was two in the morning.

“Kagami’s sick. Really sick. I don’t know what to do,” she hated the way her voice was trembling. “Can you come over?”

She despised the desperation pulsing through her like a horrible rush of adrenaline. And yet when she heard the constrained hitch of breath on the other end, the obvious concern, she couldn’t help feeling a sense of relief that she wasn’t going to be alone.

“I’m coming.”


Twenty excruciating minutes passed as Riko did her best to keep Kagami comfortable, cradling his head in her lap, doing her best to clean him up and stroke the sweaty hair out of his face while he moaned into her thighs.

When Kiyoshi knocked, polite as ever, Riko gently eased Kagami’s head onto the bathroom rug and raced for the door.

“Where is he?” Kiyoshi demanded, face flushed and panting frantically. Riko hadn’t expected the cool-headed player to be so distraught. His anxiety wasn’t helping.

“Bathroom. He’s been throwing up.”

Kiyoshi moved past Riko towards the bathroom, expression impassable.

Riko followed, leaning against the sink as she watched Kiyoshi lean over her boyfriend.

“Hey,” gentle hands caressed the skin under Kagami’s neck as Kiyoshi hoisted the ill boy up against his chest. “What the hell happened?”

Kagami groaned, eyelids fluttering, “Mmm…Yoshi?” His voice crackled, utterly spent from the exertion of being sick.

“Shit, you’re a mess,” Kiyoshi brushed the auburn bangs away from Kagami’s forehead, shushing him as the red-haired boy heaved an involuntary sob into Kiyoshi’s shoulder.

“Turn on the shower,” Kiyoshi instructed, eyes never straying from the miserable form of the boy resting in his arms. “We have to cool him down.”

Riko obeyed, too frightened to protest as she nodded and turned the faucet to a freezing temperature.

Kiyoshi eased his feverish teammate into the tub, positioning himself underneath in order to hold his friend’s head steady.

Kagami sputtered, back arching with a choked heave as water rushed down his throat.

“Shh, you’re okay,” Kiyoshi shushed, ignoring the tickling sensation of his wet bangs sticking to his eyelids. Kagami belched up a burbling gag, watery bile streaming over his chin as he coughed up the offending liquid.

Kiyoshi swiped his hand over Kagami’s chin, wiping away the slimy mess as his friend curled into himself.

“Riko, get a towel.”

“Stop…stop it -“ Kagami slurred, voice hitching pathetically.

Kiyoshi settled him on the closed toilet seat and wrapped the towel around his shoulders.

“Hey, you’re okay. Calm down, Kagami.”

“I don’t feel good,” the boy groaned, head bobbing until he found purchase against Kiyoshi’s chest. “Everything… - ulp - it fucking hurts.”

Kiyoshi released a long-suffering sigh, glancing up at Riko as he reached around to rub circles over Kagami’s back.

“I know,” he sighed, arms fully supporting the sick boy. “I know…but you’ll be okay. I promise.”

Five minutes later they were tucking Kagami back into bed, pulling the covers up around his shoulders.

Kiyoshi stayed with the sick boy until he settled into a fitful sleep, rolling his eyes when his teammate found his wrist and refused to let go.

“Guess you’re stuck here for tonight,” Riko smiled from the doorway, appearing utterly exhausted by the ordeal. She looked about ready to keel over.

“Get some rest,” Kiyoshi offered a sympathetic twitch of his lips. “I’ll keep an eye on him.”

“You sure?”

Kagami heaved a small, contented sigh as he buried his face deeper into Kiyoshi’s available thigh.

“I’m sure.”

about kallus behavior towards tua

headcanon: Sometimes (not always or even consistently) Noctis sings loudly along with the radio. 

He’s decent, but would never be caught dead singing alone, or when the volume wasn’t loud enough to mostly drown him out. 

Headcanon part 2, ft. Ignis: He will sometimes text Ignis even when they’re in the same room. It’s just the way he feels most comfortable expressing himself. Ignis knows this and will even text him first with just a “what is it?” kind of message when he can tell Noct is frustrated and needs to vent. 

Hating on a character BECAUSE of a ship/shippers is one of the pettiest things i saw on tumblr

like fuck characterization, fuck character development, fuck acting, fuck story lines, fuck backstory, fuck all that and let’s villainize the character because said character is either shipped by fans with someone or is in the way of my ship

Today on “How Desperate Am I”: multichaptered fic, old/dead fandom, strong plot but iffy characterization, overly-long paragraphs, and lots of typos/mechanical errors that indicate a lack of editing.

*spins wheel*



AM I???

*audience cheering*

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When you first started this AU, were you ever worried about your characterization of the canon characters (Xander, Leo, etc) and if people think you portrayed them wrongly/considered them OOC?

All the time!

You have no idea how much I keep checking the original scripts and support conversations to keep stuff in line! A lot of my time spent writing is me panicking inwardly about whether or not each thing seems likely to happen, or if someone would say such a thing. In cases of character development, I get worried if I throw people off when some characters come off as very standoffish than they actually are in canon (like Silas and possibly Niles). I’ve run into people who’ve told me I can’t keep in character before, so it’s nothing new to me, but I try my best to stay as consistent as much as I can.

Honestly, the best solution for me would be to find a beta reader to get a second opinion, but I haven’t really thought about asking for one. My very inconsistent track record for updating can be very frustrating to some, so it would be difficult to find someone willing to put up with me tbh.

zenit-em: It drives me crazy! and all his “students” do it. Oh you know this nice canon you know and love, it was never real, all part of a big evil conspiration! and the secundary character you like? well are evil too, and they always was. HA!

OH MY GOD YES I was just saying on Twitter that James Tynion writes fine when 1) he’s not wasting page space on the Row siblings and 2) when he has the influence of writes who aren’t Snyder (e.g. Geoff Johns seems to have taken him under wing)… and honestly I’m now expecting his ‘Tec run to go downhill like his mentor’s Batman run did.

kleine-asbar: I’m ngl I consider Superheavy one of the worst Batman arcs I ever read, in terms of characterization. (PS: I think it’s the Alfred thing, but that doesn’t make it better…)

That seems cold, even for Snyder. At least the other stuff could be argued as Snyder just ignoring the Batfam as he has since DotF, but Snyder deciding that Alfred took down whatever portraits were there is a wilful act of awfulness.

toomanycrises: I think he has no clue who Bruce is, and hi lack of understanding unintentionally became the theme of his run. Ditto for Alfred.

His Alfred is so spineless which would be fine except it begs belief why Scott Snyder’s BatGod Batman bothers keeping him around.

All that & the fact that he had Joker Jokerize the entire Justice League (SOMEHOW!!) makes me think he really lost the plot some point these last few years.

And meanwhile the mainstream comics press & all these fans just suck his dick about it while turning their noses at the rest of the Batfam like… whatever. ugh.

I sometimes wonder if the people debating in the tags over whether or not Loki in TMT or VL is the same Loki from AoA is born out of the inability to understand character writing in a shared universe (the thor from 40 years ago is the same thor of today guys), a wild conspiracy that loki has somehow been replaced by MCU or King Loki (I have seen BOTH of these theories what the fuck guys), or the more common and understandable separation of characters based on writer getting accepted or rejected beyond conventional means 

The short and simple answer is yes Loki in TMT and VL is exactly the same Loki and I don’t understand how that could be a question. Being concerned about characterization consistency is a different thing than debating over whether or not its the same character. 

Inspired by “Ici Avec Moi” by Missing_Intestines_18. It’s one of those ‘can’t put it down till 5 in the morning’ fics, slow burn, set during the first few weeks of the Stardust Crusaders arc, and has some really nice headcanons and characterizations I feel. Go give it a read~


replied to your



anonymousnerdgirl: rumples-leather-emporium:…

Blame the writers. Belle has been all over the map for the last season or so. She goes straight from “I’ll always love you and never give up on you” to “That’s it. It’s over. I can’t live with you anymore.” And then they run into trouble, and she runs right back to him to fix things. I think the same thing that is making Emma not herself is affecting Belle. Is *this* the new Curse?

I blame the writers for everything. :-)

But I don’t agree with your characterization of Belle either. She doesn’t leave and come back all the time–or, she hasn’t yet. She left Rumple twice. Once was two days after she and Rumple rushed into a sexual relationship eight hours or so after she was freed from more than two years of captivity, when she found him withholding emotionally from her. And that time they agreed to take it more slowly and build a relationship–which they did.

The second time was when her world was CATACLYSMICALLY SHATTERED by learning, via the gauntlet, that she wasn’t what Rumple loved best, and that he had been lying to her for their entire nine-day marriage. Everything that Belle had been living on for about five years–the dream of their happily ever after that had sustained her through being chained to a wall for years, the hope of getting him back through the entire missing year–was ANNIHILATED in that moment. 

And she was afraid to go back to him, believing she was his second choice. She wanted to (we saw it by the well when Regina was controlling her) but she just couldn’t be that brave. They were not together during the second well scene, and she still needed time to try to trust again.

She did NOT leave him in the Underworld after the reveal. She tells him that she has always loved him. She tells Gaston that Rumple is her husband–present tense. She used the sleeping curse because she was desperate and she had absolute faith that Rumple would save their child and get her to her father.

Belle has a tendency to stomp out the door when she’s upset, but that doesn’t mean she’s walking out of her relationship.