CD-i Zelda Go

You go outside after watching the opening cutscene and get instantly swarmed by eighteen flying enemies and forty-nine projectile enemies. 

You don’t even have a brief period of invincibility. You die faster than the Dress meme died out

It’s now official, my boss won’t have his permanent contract and is leaving this wednesday. This is gonna be so much fun……

C’est maintenant officiel, mon chef n’aura pas son CDI et s’en va mercredi. Ca va être trop fun……..

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I don't know how accurate this is since my French teacher from America told me this, but he said that une bibliothèque only has books, not computers or anything like that. He said un CDI has books and media and such. Is this true?

They have different purposes in a way, but CDIs are school-owned places while libraries are public domain.  

CDI are centers organized around a library, media rooms and “empty” rooms where you can go study. They’re part of Highschool buildings (such as class rooms, lunch rooms etc), so they provide what highschoolers need and only them can access. They can also provide information on educational programs, newspapers… Anything the kids might need, really. 

Bibliothèques (libraries) are public or for researchers (university students and such). They are generally owned by the city. They can be general or very specific about a subject, like a Law library, or History library, etc. More and more of them provide media spaces, even video spaces. For example, the library of the Centre Georges Pompidou, a very famous museum about contemporary art, has rooms for videos only, movies etc. 

”Delilah Malware” Can Record Your Videos Anonymously, to Blackmail You For Becoming a Insider Threat!

It sounds weird but it is true. A new type of Malware has been found by security researchers of Diskin Advanced Technologies which is an Israel Based Security Firm. The name of the Malware if “Delilah” and it can hijack victims webcam. Hackers behind this Malware can record videos of victims anonymously. They can also collect other secret information of victim and later they use it to blackmail the victim.

Full news at: https://goo.gl/ZGLAjR

Quand avec A on était posées tranquille au festival et que les gens qu'on connaît et qu'on veut voir sans plus, s'installent comme des rois sans prêter attention de notre présence. Puis finalement NOUS voient et disent bonjour.
Puis viens les questions banales
“ tu es toujours à Clermont ? Dans une bibliothèque ? ” réponse “ oui et c'est une librairie pas du tout une bibliothèque ”
“ et toi ? ” ( en me demandant )
“ ben moi toujours en haute savoie et surveillante ”
Sa réponse a été comme dire joyeusement apprécié. Elle a émis un son “ argggg” puis une mimique faciale tel un jugement mélangé avec du mépris.
Puis elle a rajouté “ moi je suis en CDI tu vois ”. Je crois que je l'aurai baffé.

Après A lui demande comment ça se passe avec son mec elle répond lequel parce que j'en ai eu 3 et c'était tous des batards. Bref elle veut rester célibataire parce que c'est trop bien pour elle. Puis nous demande à nous
Comme elle m'avait piqué à vif, je balance un gentil “ tu sais j'ai un mec un appartement un travail pour moi tout va bien je suis posey ”.
J'ai pu voir dans son regard un autre jugement La jalousie ….

Je n'apprécie plus trop cette personne désormais.

ISO an “Editor/Producer” for an innovative new website property I am developing‼️

Hey guys
I am currently in the process of developing an innovative digital property that will be covering all aspects of our wonderful equestrian world that will encompass everything from my popular #GOTD to help finding the right trot up outfit for your upcoming three day event or CDI (and everything in between…believe me it’s going to blow your mind). I am looking for someone who can dream as large as me but who can also put those dreams into a digital reality aka someone to run this website. This will eventually become a full time paying position although it will require some up front organizational work. Here’s some criteria to see if this may be the right position for you!

1.)Must be passionate about the equestrian world
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3.)Must be a great writer of content
4.)Must be proficient on digital technologies
5.)Must be incredibly organized
6.)Must be committed and driven
7.)Must have experience in developing website properties
If you’re interested in hearing more about this exciting new job please contact me at iQuestrian@gmail.com
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Emblemas para o quadro telegrafo-postal by Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Os emblemas serviam para designar o serviço ao qual pertencia o funcionário. Usavam-se no Bonet e nos dois lados da sobrecasaca. Saiba mais no nosso <a href="http://bh1.fpc.pt/winlib/cgi/winlib.exe?skey=A45C859F57424A358283807E174B6C73&amp;pesq=4&amp;ckbo=false&amp;bo=&amp;opb2=and&amp;opt2=&amp;col2=cl11&amp;var2=&amp;opb3=and&amp;opt3=&amp;col3=cl12&amp;var3=&amp;opb4=and&amp;opt4=&amp;col4=cl13&amp;var4=&amp;opb5=and&amp;opt5=&amp;col5=cl14&amp;var5=&amp;opb6=and&amp;opt6=&amp;col6=cl25&amp;var6=&amp;opb7=and&amp;opt7=&amp;col7=cl26&amp;var7=&amp;opb8=and&amp;opt8=&amp;col8=cl23&amp;var8=&amp;opb9=and&amp;opt9=&amp;col9=cl15&amp;var9=&amp;opb10=and&amp;opt10=&amp;col10=cl17&amp;var10=&amp;opb11=and&amp;opt11=&amp;col11=cl22&amp;var11=&amp;opb12=and&amp;opt12=&amp;col12=cl57&amp;var12=&amp;opb13=and&amp;opt13=&amp;col13=cl60&amp;var13=&amp;opb14=and&amp;opt14=&amp;col14=cl61&amp;var14=&amp;opb15=and&amp;opt15=&amp;col15=cl18&amp;var15=fardamentos&amp;t01=&amp;t02=&amp;var0=&amp;t03=&amp;t04=&amp;var1=&amp;t05=&amp;t06=&amp;var16=&amp;var17=&amp;var18=&amp;c1=on&amp;c5=on&amp;c7=on&amp;c9=on&amp;c4=on&amp;c2=on&amp;c3=on&amp;c8=on&amp;c6=on&amp;cap=1,5,7,9,4,2,3,8,6&amp;lin=&amp;pa=&amp;doc=9876" rel="nofollow">Catálogo</a>

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Quick question: when you were comparing Titanic to Zelda II, what were you talking about? If I'm thinking of the same Titanic movie (with the rapping dog), then I definitely see the comparison to toon porn, but there was no animation in Zelda II. Are you thinking of the CDi games?

I am, the one with all the youtube poops

philips cdi games are the perfect meme. they will never not be funny, and you can never overdo them. they’re essentially timeless. i wonder if the folks who made faces of evil know that they made the shakespeare of ironic trash.

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top 5 memes

Holy shit there are so many uh I’m gonna think of the first 5 I love

1. ………slime man
2. Cdi link/hotel mario
3. That greentext making fun of English people “mfw Americans call a breaddystack a ‘sandwich’.”
4. Slavs especially ones squatting
5. Cursed images