Little Black Dresses pt. 4

  1. [xxxx] - @toksik
  2. [xxxx] - @theslyd
  3. [xxxx] - @mayhem-sims
  4. [xxxx] - @somesimsgirl
  5. [xxxx] - @salem2342
  6. [xxxx] - @javasims
  7. [xxxx] - @beocreations
  8. [xxxx] - @tukete
  9. [xxxx] - ekinege
  10. [xxxx] - ekinege

Part 1 [xxxx] /// Part 2. [xxxx]



ps: pose 2 has some bugs i didn’t manage to fix, watch out


  • only one recolor, see difference
  • download: simfileshare (basegame, search for gabreux)
  • bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement needed, i personally recommend this mod by plasticbox

Vanessa Marano

I’m really enjoying doing style lookbooks these days, so I’ve been spending most of my time playing around in CAS; hence my absence. But I got a rush to finish some requests last night, so I got up and did it. Big thanks to you all for being awesome supporters and all these amazing CC creators. Enjoy!

Outfit #1

Hair: Skysims 149 - @missparaply

Top: Carly Crop Top - @mayhem-sims

Bottom: Dolce & Gabbana Shorts - AAS

Shoes: Oscar De La Renta Stiletto PumpsMrAntonieddu

Pose: White - @flowerchamber

Outfit #2

Hair: Newsea Melt Away - @hallowsims

Top: Younzoey Hello Summer Top - @blindingechoes

Bottom: High Waisted Skirt - @sourwolfsims

Shoes: Alexis - @madlensims

Pose: White - @flowerchamber

Outfit #3

Hair: Dynasty - @antosims

Dress: ZM Crimson Gown - @fashionroyaltysims

Pose: White - @flowerchamber

Outfit #4

Hair: Naomi - @darkosims3

Top: Meria - @mxfsims

Bottom: Peplum Skirt - @trillyke

Shoes: The Dina Show Collection - @sentate

Pose: Runway Poses - @flowerchamber

Outfit #5

Hair: Skysims 084 - @nessasims

Dress: Camille - @aprilsimbling

Shoes: Baldassare - @madlensims

Pose: Brighten Day - @flowerchamber

Part of a 800+ followers gift! Thank you all so much, I can’t express how much this means to me!

The Technical Stuff

-Icons from here

-Base Game Compatible

-Too many swatches to count

-Comes as 2 files, as there would be too many for one file

-Made with S4S


-Do not claim as your own

-Pretty please tag me if you use them!

-Keep this CC free and don’t upload to paysites such as Ad.Fly

DOWNLOAD (google drive)


Food  Set  No.4

(Conversion from sims2 to sims3)

This set is from Kativip on sims 2  <—- Website link

(original set name is Food collection)

4 converted objects.

#food no.6  —-> Here     *located in plants

#food no.7  —-> Here     *located in plants

#food no.8  —-> Here     *located in plants

#food no.9  —-> Here     *located in plants

*only package. if you want sims3pack, pls drop me a message and ill prepare.

*they work well in my sims3, but if you get problems from those objecst, pls remove soon, and could be nice to inform me, ty.

*some parts of dishes are recolorable, i meant, castable.

*im not the original cc creater of those objects,  Kativip created them.

*If you maybe wanna convert this conversion set into sims4, pls follow T.O.U. of Kativip, because im not the original creator of the objects.

Thank you very much for that amazing creation, the original cc creator, Kativip!

Hello, all! Uhhhhhhhhhh…..Im really sorry that i couldnt post this conversion set soon, although i promised.  I had no time because of moving. But I thank you all for your likes and reblogging on my last conversion set!!  About this food set, some parts are recolorable. The last one and this one are the same set from Kativip (original named “Food collection”)

Thank you so much for your visiting my tumblr, all!

Im ganna post new food conversion set as soon as possible :)

When you have any questions from the photos of my sims3, pls feel free to ask me.   e.g.) whose cc am i using on the pictures? and so on. Any questions about cc on my photos are welcome :)

brittpinkiesims Simblr has been terminated by Tumblr :(

Hi everyone! This is brittpinkiesims, I’m posting from my very old Tumblr account. Basically this morning, I went to log into my Tumblr account only to find it had been terminated by Tumblr with no explanation or warning. As far as I know, I have always followed their TOUs, so I’m hoping this is just a temporary glitch :( I also just posted the 2nd HP pack this morning so this is really annoying timing.

For now I’m going to wait and see what happens with Tumblr. If/when I get my account back, I’ll still be posting on it but probably not as a main site for my downloads…not really sure that I trust Tumblr anymore :(

In the meantime, please reblog this post so that my followers can hopefully see it and know where I’ve gone! You guys can follow me here temporarily while I figure this all out.

I may also look into sharing my Downloads Folder so you guys can still access my CC in the meantime. Thanks everyone!