It’s 2016 AD, the 24th of August, which makes Volcano Day…TODAY.

(but, you know, MCMXXXVII 1,937 one thousand nine hundred and thirty-seven  years ago more-or-less exactly.)


And what’s the traditional way to celebrate, Donna?

Hmm, that seems a little harsh but actually never fear about the dying part since Caecilius and his necklace made of giant paperclips learns at least TWO new words

without dying – well, with a little help from Donna who is totally awesome – because the whole point is that the Doctor saves him (and his family) – with a lot of help from Donna who is totally awesome – and he LIVES! LIVES! LIVES!


Ryan Murphy announced that Sarah Paulson is the latest addition to the cast of Feud, FX’s upcoming anthology drama that will explore famous feuds.

The actress joins the previously announced leads Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon, who will star as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, respectively: the first eight-episode season will focus on their famous rivalry that occurred during the making of 1962 feature film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Their feud was paramount to the movie’s popularity at the time, and the picture went onto score five Oscar nominations.

Alfred Molina plays the film’s director, Robert Aldrich, Stanley Tucci will be studio titan Jack Warner, Judy Davis is set as gossip columnist Hedda Hopper; and Dominic Burgess will portray their co-star, Victor Buono. Catherine Zeta-Jones was recently cast as Olivia de Havilland.

Ce matin, ma chaîne de pensées sur la route du boulot m’a amenée à repenser aux paroles de la chanson de Gainsbourg Elisa, et wow ?

Les autres, on s’en fout,
Elisa, Elisa, Elisa,
Rien que toi, moi, nous,
Tes 20 ans, mes 40,
Si tu crois que cela me tourmente,
Ah non vraiment, Lisa

Ça plus la chanson ultra creepy Lemon Incest chanté avec sa ***fille***, sérieux quand je pense que ce mec est encore porté aux nues, yuck yuck yuck.