I want to talk about Sweet Flirt…

Sweet Flirt is the name of the romanian server of Amour Sucre/My candy love.

We are at a time of distress as the options of registering were eliminated, in short you can no longer create an account.Also you can no longer access the bank, and also we don’t have the new event.

We are afraid that our server will have the same fate as the Finnish server.

Half of the population of Sweet Flirt dressed their sucrettes in the costume you start the game with as a sign of solidarity, we also put tears on our faces to show that we don’t want our little family to be decimated.

I made this drawing that will either remind us of a victory, or how we fought for our rights togheter if we actually lose the battle.

If you follow me and you ever play Amor Sucre, MCL or every other branch please reblog this, it would be great if we get support even from outside.


Best wishes~

You have no idea how much I like you,

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how much you make me smile,

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how much I love talking to you,

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or how much I wish you were mine.

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Parents: *won’t take me places, won’t let anyone drive me, won’t let me get a car*
Parents: “why dont you hang out with your friends anymore?”

HELPLESS (animatic) - DESTIEL ver.

this is not really good, not even Close, I know ! this was my first attempt for an Animation vid. and well .. I struggled hard
I would LOVE to get some advise ! I mean.. look at the Timing !! how do you do dis Kind of stuff…

anyway… it’s some Destiel stuff because no one seems to have done that by now ! And yeah, maybe Castiel should have had the Eliza part but idc-

yt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC1xvAjAK8k

Heat and Lightning

Destiel + what about one where dean and cas have been crushing on each other for ages. One night, Sam has a party, where they both get invited without knowing the other is going to be there too, with pining and crushing and awkward blushing and all the good stuff | requested by @jimminovak

~1,700 words | College AU, fluff, getting together, awkward blushing


Sam had begged Dean to go with him to the party. He’d turned his nose up at going somewhere with a bunch of students who he wanted nothing to do with. Who even wants their big brother at a party with them?

Dean enters the house, following Sam through the door, he can hear some music going but it’s not that loud and there’s not even that many people here. Dean narrows his eyes at his brothers back.

When they enter the lounge area, Dean realises that this isn’t even a party… it’s a fucking get together. Dean scans the people in the room, all of Sam’s friends. Why does he even need to be here, Sam’s not eight anymore.

Then his eyes land on a dark-haired head, sat with his back to Dean.

Oh. Oh no.

“Sam!” Dean hisses. Sam spins round and gives his brother a smile like he’s completely fucking innocent and Dean hates him so much right now.


“You said this was a party. Not some nerdy get together.”

“I wanted you to come okay.”

“But he’s here.” Dean looks pointedly over to the darker haired guy, who still (thankfully) hasn’t turned around to see who’s entered the room.

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When you've had a bad day (preference)

Preference: when you’ve had a bad day
A/N: this is diffident to what I usually write but it was a lot less time consuming. Hey little sis or 3 will also be up tomorrow!! Till the Always Keep Fighting

He does puts on a crappy COMING with cheep jokes that you can’t help but laugh at. He gives you his best chocolate from his hidden stash. All the while he makes references to your favourite TVs shows.

He reads to you. Keeping your favourite book by his bed side table for emergencies. He would grab the book along with a hot chocolate, bring you into his arms and start reading.

He takes you anywhere, however your particular favourite is to see sun sets at any part of the world. While watching he lies down and takes you with him. You spend the rest of the night in each other’s brace.

He gives you all the sweets he can give. Making sure you have plenty of your favourites. While you eat the sweets you plan a months worth of pranks you could pull on the Winchesters.

Movie Night

gif is not mine

Title: Movie Night

Characters: Castiel x Reader, Dean, and Sam

Word Count: 1,058

Warnings: fluff, comfort

A/N: This was requested by @flufy07! I hope you all enjoy this!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

Movie night with your brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, was originally your idea.  It was meant to relax you and your brothers after a hunt.  It wasn’t meant for you to watch one of the scariest movies of your life.  The movie scared you more than your job did.

As the movie ended Sam and Dean were cracking jokes about the whole movie.  You were supposed to be laughing with them, and you would have too, but you were too scared.  When you went to get up from the couch, Dean playfully tapped your arm.

“Oh come on [Y/N],” Dean smirked.  “You aren’t scared of that movie were you?  You’re a Winchester.  There’s more to be afraid of in our line of work.”

“Pssh,” you scoffed.  “That movie was a joke.”  You forced out a yawn, stretching your limbs.  “If anything it almost put me to sleep.”

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I told my oldest sister that Castiel is based off the angel Cassiel, who falls in love with humanity, aka the Righteous Man, and mentioned that it was funny because Dean is The Righteous Man. She said, ‘And they’re not dating?’ I said no and she said 'Well that’s stupid. Obviously they’re supposed to be like soul mates or something, right?’ I said angels don’t have souls and she said 'Whatever. They’re gonna get together.’

anonymous asked:

random question for a fic: do you think Cas has real tiny freckles? and that dean sees them and lowkey Freaks Out because it's hella adorable????

Anon, I did some research.

And based on this scientific photo of Misha Collins:

I can safely say 


look. they’re really small. but there they are.

so yes. cas has super cute little freckles and this is a headcanon conFIRMED