Love Song, Pt. 2

Cafe!Au Series

Word Count: 802

Genre: Fluff

The night was fresh and the air was clear. The stars illuminated the autumn sky like glitter sprinkled on top of the darkness. It was the perfect night to visit your boyfriend, Jihoon, at the cafe where he worked.

Flinging open the glass front door, the unmistakeable aroma of coffee filled your nose immediately as you entered. Right in front of you, stood Jihoon, behind the cash register.

“Waning crescent!” He exclaimed.

“Excuse me?” You responded, your eyebrows furrowing from the random outburst.

“Damn it!” You heard another random outburst, and from your peripheral vision you could see Seungcheol, whose laptop was open to a Wikipedia page about the phases of the moon.

“How did you even know that?” Asked Seungcheol.

“Was I right?” Jihoon asked in response.

Instead of replying with “yes” or “no”, Seungcheol simply took out his wallet and handed Jihoon twenty dollars.

Finally turning to you, Jihoon waved his newly earned money and said, “Ice cream date? Cheol’s treat.”

You chuckled at Jihoon’s antics, nodding in response to his question. He was a genius in every sense of the word, and he definitely knew it too. It was one of the many reasons you’d managed to fall so quickly and so deeply for him.

It had been a year, exactly, since Jihoon asked you to date him. That night was the anniversary of the night that started it all. And so much had happened within the span of the year. Jihoon somehow managed to capture your heart more and more each day, and it seemed as if he would never let go.

Just thinking about him, a giddy smile formed on your face, which Seungcheol did not hesitate to tease you about. Jihoon briefly left the room to clock out of his shift, then the two of you set off for the ice cream shop.

The little shop was close by, thus the walk there wasn’t long. But the both of you took your time, and strolled around for a while after buying your ice cream. After stumbling across a small park, you decided to sit down for a moment.

At first the two of you talked normally, which wasn’t unsatisfying in the least, since Jihoon could never possibly bore you even if he tried. But, after some time, he began to look nervous. He stuttered frequently and kept avoiding your gaze. You wondered if it was because of something you’d said, but that thought was interrupted by the sound of Jihoon clearing his throat.

“(Y/N),” He began, “I know today is a very special day for us, and you probably thought I wasn’t going to give you a gift, but I’ve just been waiting for the right time.”

You tried not to eye him as intently as you inevitably would, since he looked as if he would melt under your gaze. But, you waited for him to mentally prepare himself, which he did by taking a deep breath. Reaching into his pocket, Jihoon pulled out a little, black box.

“I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea,” He said, “But, yes, this is a ring.”

He opened the box, revealing the delicate gold band inside. It was simple, yet elegant, and the front side was engraved with the design of a lotus blossom.

Gasping slightly, you tried to ask, “Jihoon, is this an engage-”

“It’s a promise ring.” He cut you off, to prevent you from getting the wrong idea, as he mentioned.

“The ring itself isn’t a promise,” He explained, “But I want you to have it, as a reminder of the promise I’m about to make.”

After gently sliding the ring onto your finger, he spoke again, “This past year that we’ve spent together has been the best of my life. You make me happier than anything else ever has, and, I can’t even explain in words how thankful I am for that. So, I promise to love you forever. No matter what happens, just know that I’ll love you through anything, and that I’ll always be with you when you wear this ring.”

Feeling your heart swell, your right hand instinctively cupped Jihoon’s face, and brought him in for a loving kiss. One of his hands rested itself on your upper back, as the other held your free hand. He pushed on your back a bit, moving you closer to him to deepen the kiss. And when the two of you finally pulled away, you were nothing but sincere smiles.

“I love you too, Jihoon.” You told him, truthfully.

His lips curved upwards even more, as he flung an arm around your shoulder. Wrapped in each other’s embrace, the both of you sat in a comfortable silence on the bench, feeling filled with love as you looked to the waning crescent moon.

-Written by Admin Cali


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