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This Day in 1D History - October 18


  • Harry explores the simple joys in life 



  • Louis keeps cozy for lunch in Sydney :))


  • Harry meets Saint Raymond at Ed Sheeran’s show in Birmingham!
  • “@harrystyles thanks for all the chocolates, nuts, olives, and bananas supply for me… felt like a very looked after pregnant lady!” (via christinamackenzie on Insta :))


  • new promo clips are released of Louis guest judging at Simon’s house!!

anonymous asked:

I feel like with Allura, Lance's reactions show how much he has grown. It makes sense that he's the one to help her out while Allura is struggling being a paladin. In S3, while she was comparing Alfor and Lance, i got the feeling that she was also entrusting Lance to support Keith. ("I won't let him down.") None of those actions are proof of romance ofc but after they grew so much respect and trust between each other, i doubt there will be a love triangle. It would make no sense.

i’ve been pleading for lance and allura to get closer to each other and develop a deep friendship ever since i watched s1 tbh. and when they did back in s3, i literally lost my shit. i’m still in disbelief actually. it’s like i’m living a dream because i wished for it from the very bottom of my heart. i absolutely adore their dynamic, and yes, lance’s development can be best seen in his interactions with her. but i dunno man… it might be just my overanalyzing and overworrying about things and thus getting the wrong vibe that i felt that there’s something else that might develop between them… i just really hope their relationship stays platonic… i don’t have anything against allurance, but i feel that their relationship is way more appealing if they’re close friends. i hope it just goes as you said buddy. i’m just gonna push all these doubts aside and focus on the actual show and appreciate the relationships as they are right now without much overthinking.

@ cis transmedicalists, thank you

You guys don’t directly benefit from the medicalization of gender dysphoria, but you still stand by trans people (who make out about 99% of transmeds) against ideologies that harm us and people who exclude us from the trans community, our community, simply for holding different opinions.

I know there aren’t that many of you but you guys definitely exist and I just wanted to say thank you for being actual allies, spreading correct information about our condition and listening to trans voices in order to help us. Means a lot!