“I just read part of breukelen blue’s commentary regarding matriarchy, patriarchy, etc. It’s arguments like her’s that make me give side eye to the whole bwe movement.
It reeks, to me at least,of respectability politics and bootstrapping, the same shit that has ruined the black community and pushed black women into a corner.
The first step of any movement-the feminist movement, civil rights movement, gay rights, worker’s rights, etc-is with consciousness raising. As far as I can tell, bwe is still trying to raise the consciousness of black women (of which you are the queen 😊), and policing what black women say and what they should focus on is both disrespectful and putting the cart before the horse. We can’t move forward until we know exactly what we are dealing with.
In terms of parenthood, for example, in the event of a pregnancy and childbirth a woman may have to deal with (in no particular order): unsupportive family members, both in her family and that of the father, job issues (maternity leave, pay inequality); a racist and sexist society that views black mothers as drains on the economy; random people who see fit to comment on you and yours ; and the list goes on. But we can’t deal with any of that until we know of one another’s experiences and speak out about our own. In other words, we need to chill with passing judgment and policing what we will and will not support, as bleu seems wont to do.” constantreader28

T- 2 days until the ballerinas of Chicago take on the taylorswift concert to celebrate jewelsanddrugzz 22 birthday. Can you tell I’m all about the feathers??bWe are so excited and can’t wait to shake it off with the rest of the swifties of Chicago. We will be in section Q row 5 seats 17 and 18. officialtaylornation 1989tourupdates 1989costumes lov-eswift swiftie-yomama taylorislove1989 fearlesssince09 butterfliesturnedtodusttt perpetualswiftie tayswiftaf morgan13swift lyricsonherarms i-think-i-love-taylor-130718 ithinkimfinallyclean lifesacatastrophe marys-song-oh-my-my-my iknowwhythetreeschangeinthefall taylorwritesstelenaslovesongs karlast13 drunkontaytay taylorsincredible thinkimfinallycleannn inn-wonderlandd youwerelookinggatme alluringtswift


I truly don’t believe black men relate to black women, at all. I’ve been saying this for the longest. But we relate to them about everything. I even encountered a brotha on another BWE blog that admitted that he doesn’t, and doesn’t want to relate to black female issues. We have no one sistas :-( 

And look closely at who fav’d and retweeted his comment why am I not shocked? The sistas who educated him underneath deserve all the medals.

loganhays asked:

Travi$ Scott, Kanye, Lil Uzi, Supa Bwe, OG maco, Xavier Wulf, Night Lovell, Audio Push, Mick Jenkins, Freddie Gibbs!

Audio Push still make music?

outsideofdisaster asked:

What did you pack for you and bub in your hospital bag? What was actually used I should have done this like week ago, so now I'm rushing to do it and I can't seem to remember anything that was on the list I had :(

Everything bub needed was provided.bwe brought one going home onesie.

I needed like two pairs of yoga pants, some tank tops, a sleep mask, soaps and shampoo, my phone, tablet and headphones, SNACKS, toothbrush, slippers, and tons of Chapstick and lotion.

Also I brought some underwear but they’ll give you underwear and maternity pads.



e-sta asked:

Your stuff is great. What/who inspired you?

Thank you for you compliment :) So happy that you’ re feeling my art, have a beautiful weekend!

I’m inspired and defined in part by my parents who consistently instilled a love for and recognition of my African antecedent.  

I’m inspired and defined in part by my town, Oakland California and the amazing people of color who fight to live/thrive here. 

And music that speak truth! Like this track by Mick Jenkins and Supa BWE that steady be giving me life.  


I swear, trying to make a Lanskiano playlist is the most tedious and discouraging process. Going through my spotify and trying to find even just one song is nearly impossible…every song is either too happy or too sappy or too incredibly depressing. Is it so wrong to want my favorite pairing embodied through the magic and universal language of MUSIC? Arrrgh