Mick Jenkins – “Your Love”

SXSW 2016 - OEB Score: 10; Popularity Index: 9

Pairs Well With… Supa Bwe, every producer so far, Chance the Rapper

Over the past couple of years, rapper Mick Jenkins out of Chicago has become one of my favorite musicians. I’ve always loved clever referential and heavy concept hip hop, and Mick has established himself as one of the funniest and most serious rappers emerging from the talent saturated city of Chicago. His lyrics are littered with dense wordplay, pop culture references, and personal introspective lyrics. He uses repeated metaphors using water, ginger ale, and other everyday items to represent truth and abstract ideas across his projects giving them a cohesive feel. His 2014 album The Water[s] focused on comparing water to life’s truths while his 2015 EP Swish Waves, is more focused on relationships and has a more upbeat vibe that incorporates Mick’s earlier mixtape energy and provides a nice balance to the heavy issues on The Water[s]. Like so many emerging musicians Mick is constantly collaborating as a featured artist and on solo tracks with a number of creative producers including Kaytranada, ThemPeople, and OnGaud among many more. Like many of the albums out of Chicago, his albums serve as a great place to find other renowned, and soon to be, musicians.

2015 Review: Rapper Mick Jenkins is one of the many talented rappers and musicians emerging out of Chicago. His 2014 Mixtape was one of the year’s most striking and cohesive albums. The Water[s] is a concept album that expands on a central theme of water and how essential it is. There’s an undeniable urgency to Jenkins’ lyrics, he weaves vivid scenes of life’s struggles while still saving bars to boast about his flow and determination. The album brings together an impressive collection of established and emerging rappers, singers and producers who mix jazz, hip-hop, and R&B elements over the album’s 15 tracks. The album and the subsequent one-off releases, like the painfully honest track 11, are proof the rapper is one of the most promising new artists in years. Give the mixtape a listen if you’re a fan of thoughtful hip-hop.

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Devo admitir que ontem a Daniela foi mesmo um amorzinho comigo ♥
Primeiro, depois do teste e de termos ido comer, fomos para cima das escadas, para ao pé da janela. Ela agarrou-me e abraçou-me de repente ;-; (Eu adoro isso Dx acho tão fofo meu deus) e eu fiquei “Tão mulher xD?” E ela “Oh apeteceu-me ;uu;” e Eu fiz-lhe uma festinha na cara e depois ela queria que eu me sentasse ao pé dela para não estar sozinha ♥
Depois de tarde; mandou mensagem por causa do tpc de matemática e eu disse que não tinha feito pq não ia pq tinha médico e assim e ela ficou bwe preocupada logo e perguntou se eu estava doente ou assim, PUTA QUE PARIU NE


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—————————————— *frowns and snuggles head into your shoulder* i wanted her to bwe hwere.. -Luke

ridinghemmo asked:

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I know you missed mommy baby *i say softly as I caress her back as she snuggles into you* -Harry

On The Road With 'The Mexican Sensation' El Ligero: MEW, TCW, NGW, BWE, PCW & MegaSlam

On The Road With ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero: MEW, TCW, NGW, BWE, PCW & MegaSlam

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