Ok I dunno if someone has already thought of this, but I just realized something guys….

Black was sealed in the Light Stone for over 2 years in our real world time. (Over 1000 days, as noted by @giveusvol54 ). And as hinted at the end of the current BW2 chapter he’ll probably be coming back very soon. (Probably in the next chapter next month)

The Black and White 2 arc takes place 2 years after the events of the original Black and White arc. And of course, it has been some time from when it started to where it is now.


We’ve suffered for around the same amount of time the original BW characters would have. (Or, close to it anyways)

  • game freak: pokémon are intelligent, loving creatures that have fun battling one another
  • game freak: (also they eat each other)
  • players: what was that last part?
  • silver/gold/crystal:
  • ruby/sapphire/emerald:
  • diamond/pearl/platinum:
  • black/white/bw2:
  • x/y:
  • sun/moon: oh sorry, didn't hear you, THEY EAT EACH OTHER LOL

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Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Ultra Beasts?

ultra lame