pokemon generations text post meme

unova version 1 - 2 - 3 | hoenn version 

pokemon villians
  • giovanni: i want money
  • silver: i hate my dad
  • maxie: i want more land for my crops
  • archie: I LIKE WATER
  • cyrus: hey. i literally hate the entire world and im a depressed antisocial mess, lol...... bye world
  • n: im not evil :(
  • ghetsis: i want ALL of the pokemon. fuck you
  • lysandre: what did i want again? i said the world was ugly but like. did i have any real motivations outside of this
  • lusamine: my husband left and so did my kids. here are 3 easy steps to regain them
  • guzma: i like bugs a lot and everyone kept squishing them so now im rebelling the whole system. fuck you guy

Ace Trainers want to battle!

Pokémon Sun and Moon comes out tomorrow here, I’m so hype aaa


N and the BW protag finally reunited after 4 LONG YEARS OF WAITING