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Aca-Wedding: Chapter 4

Summary: Two years since graduation, the Trebles and Bellas are reunited again in Tasmania for the aca-wedding they never thought would happen and let’s just say a lot has changed, and yet maybe everything is still the same.

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Honestly, Bumper is pretty much my least favorite character is this series but can we talk about this scene a little bit?

When this scene first showed up in the trailers the main response I remember seeing was disappointment that it was promoting the old “sometimes No means Yes” trope (fair enough) but what I haven’t seen anyone talk about is the fact that Bumper asks for clarification.

Having now seen “Pitch Perfect 2″, I thought the movie made it pretty clear that this wasn’t their first hookup. I feel like they’ve probably had this exact same conversation before. So the fact that he doesn’t just assume that prior consent is current consent, that the wink is intended to trump the “No”, is a big deal here. Even if it is played off for ‘wow, this guy is not as smooth as he thinks he is” laughs; you laugh but you remember the behavior and you remember that it is rewarded.

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I cannot deal with anymore of these new people in the cast. No Justin. No Zac. Because for real this is probably our last movie with these characters and I just want them to finish together without adding in anymore. I mean the first movie did AMAZING…SO MUCH BETTER than the sequel and it had no major celebrity cameos, so why the sudden need to add them? Like can you not.

It wouldn’t have been a bad thing if Zac had been in the original cast because the chemistry with him and Anna and Brittany is obvious and we know he can do something like this because, hello major HSM nostalgia, but there’s no need.  

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