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Adoribull - First impression of each other? Was it love at first sight?

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Dorian goes to Haven with the Herald and the mages from the Southern Circles. 

He doesn’t expect a military force that’s equal parts displaced Templars, devout Andrastrian farmers, and expensive mercenaries. Of course he’s heard of the Bull’s Chargers. He spent months in Orlais and Nevarra, including two weeks in Val Royeaux. One of his well-meaning but foolish friends suggested that he hire them as body guards. He’s never seen The Iron Bull in person, though. He’s tall. He’s not wearing a shirt. It’s snowing.

(Later, maybe he’ll tell Bull that his first sight of him was with sword in his hand, standing head and shoulders above Cullen’s recruits, as the snow blew around his horns. He’s allowed some artistic liberties, surely, when his first actual look at Bull was lying laughing in the snow after Cassandra knocked him on his ass. One of these is more romantic, one of these is more precious to him.)

For Dorian, it’s not love at first sight, but it’s certainly something. A whole lot of something.

The Iron Bull doesn’t trust quickly. It becomes clear pretty quickly that Dorian’s not a spy for the Imperium (though there are so very many spies in Haven.) He notices that Dorian’s pretty, but that’s secondary to the fact that he’s nervous and not well-liked by the Fereldans, to the fact that he’s a mage and not used to Southern Circle chains.

He doesn’t let himself form a real impression of Dorian until they’ve talked. It’s too easy to miss things if you assume your first instinct is the correct one. He’s at least partially right; Dorian is trouble. Not for the Inquisition, not for the Qun. But he’s trouble for The Iron Bull.

He sees though Dorian’s bluster without too much trouble. What he needs, to be stable in the Inquisition, to be loyal and not be swayed back to Tevinter, is a friend. He doesn’t take it upon himself to fill that role immediately, but later, when Dorian is as fiercely loyal to his friends as to his ideals, Bull’s not surprised. He doesn’t set out looking to fall in love, but looking back, that’s not surprising either.


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Imagine cuddling with Benny (from Bull) after a hard case? 

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“God, that trial was killer.” Benny sighed out when he collapsed onto the couch.

You were in no better shape. Benny merely let out a small grunt when you sat next to him, both too tired to walk to the bedroom and get ready for bed. “You can say that again.” Was your mumbled reply.

“God. That trial was killer.”

Despite your exhaustion, you laughed out loud at Benny’s words. And your laughter brought a smile to the lawyer’s face. It was nice to know that even though you both were dragging your feet after a hard case, he could still make you laugh somehow.

You didn’t reply, instead just rolling to your side and laying your tired head on Benny’s shoulder. He silently placed his arm around your shoulders, and the both of you just sat like that until pure exhaustion forced you to bed.