Inkquisitober Day 14: The Abyssal High Dragon

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If Red Bull really are going to go down this route of fucking over Dan, it’s going to backfire on them harder than the last time with Mark Webber. Not saying that Mark wasn’t loved, but you only have to hear the cheers whenever Daniel is on the podium to know he is beloved by the world. He’s cheered harder than the winners sometimes. Not telling the other driver about an upgrade is a special kind of treatment that seems to be a Red Bull speciality.

I understand that they’ve selected Max Verstappen to be their chosen driver, their new Sebastian Vettel, but like what happened with Vettel could happen to their new star. In the end, the favouritism harmed Vettel, the ‘boo bus’ haunted him at every race, it didn’t stop his success, and rightly so. However it created an unecessary storyline, friction, division that was about anything other than the racing.

Good luck to Red Bull, but they better be ready for the consequences, Daniel won’t be retiring anytime soon.


It had stretched west first, and slightly north, like a slightly misaligned compass.

No one had ever tied it to his finger, but it was always there, pale and thin. It swung south a week after his twenty-fifth nameday.

Perhaps he followed it on purpose.

He stood in the Fereldan Chantry, a rift at his feet, and rubbed the thread between his thumb and forefinger. It was glowing, a red unlike any other he’d ever seen.

There were demons, and then the door opened, and the light was a gleaming rope tying him to the tallest Qunari he’d ever seen.

  • bill: s-stan I need-d-d the-
  • [stan hands him the newspaper]
  • bill: oh, a-also, i di-i-idn't h-h-have a c-chance to-
  • [stan hands him coffee]
  • bill: m-marry m-m-me?
  • stan: i took care of that too. we've been married for the last three years.

the last design i had made for modern Minotaurs made no sense.. their clothes were dull and their anatomy was awful. so i redid them with enough research.

based on the ancient Greeks and Indian culture i figured that minotaurs would wear very loose clothes, like robes! they’re very peaceful too!


in Greek mythology because king Minos didn’t sacrifice the bull send by Poseidon, Poseidon made the king’s wife fall in love with the bull. then she went through all the trouble of letting a wooden hollow cow be made for her to climb into and have. and that’s how Minotaurs came to be. literally