Reactions to: Cole and A Younger Inquisitor Being In A Romance

Alright, one of the requests got deleted, but I remember what it said: “reactions to a younger inquisitor being in a romance with Cole” and I’m so sorry, but I really wanna do this one… with GIFs. Also, by young adult, I’m going to assume like, around the age Cole appears to be.


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Iron Bull:

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If your only argument is “its incest”. You are clearly NOT watching the show as it is on TV.

More importantly, you CLEARLY fail to understand what incest actually is.

You’re just watching a version in your head. One that is consistently trying to remove Iris from the narrative and wipe out the actual history of these characters. Not to mention the actual story.

It’s fine to create a story in your head if you don’t like the show as it plays out. Fine. KEEP IT THERE. Spare us your ridiculous prejudiced rhetoric.

We’re 2 Seasons in and about to start Season 3. Just STOP.

by the end of the night - Dorian/Bull - G - 930 words

Prompt ficlet for Emma: Dorian treats Bull gently.

hurt/comfort-ish, post trespasser.


It was a dull grey hour, not yet dawn, when Dorian arrived at the corpse of the villa. On the stairs to the door, his footsteps thudded, the fog deadening. A quick rhythm. Dead, dead, dead.

“No,” Krem said, hunched in the grey kitchen, the fire only powdery dead logs in the grate, faintly warm. Krem was grey too, his face blurred with fear. “Not dead, thank the Maker, but he should’ve been. Great idiot.”

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I don’t like Hope Solo

I have ranted constantly about US Soccer refusing to give other goalkeepers minutes because of their devotion to making money off Solo…and she was unfriendly to me in an elevator once…

Doesn’t change the fact the she is probably the best in history and beyond that, even if many don’t want to admit it, she has gone above and beyond (albeit misguided at times) in fighting to move Women’s soccer forward and deserves a fitting send off from international soccer.

The decisions US Soccer made insults the entire Women’s game. It seems like they are trying to conveniently get rid of her now that they aren’t benefiting as much from her. And I find it more than a little bit suspicious that she just happens to be one of the women at the front of the wage equality battle. 

If you think this is about “unprofessional” comments, you’re gullible as hell. This shit would never happen to male player. Calling an opposing team “cowards” right after a devastating loss is petty, and pretty dumb, but deserving of a fine at most.

If you’d told Maedwyn two years before the Conclave went up in flames that he’s gonna get farted out of a giant hole in the sky, be named Andraste’s new Herald, and meet a hot Qunari merc who’s gonna help him discover how bisexual he is, there is literally no way.

And yet here we are.


Please excuse the terrible Varric. Drawing him is haaaard for some reason.

Overwatch Agent Cody

(Shit I’m terrible at drawing dogs) Here’s Cody, an Overwatch dog OC that I made and had no idea what he looked like until I started drawing him.

I don’t have a backstory on this dude, but here’s some info about him:

  • He’s a support unit with the ability to see the health of everyone on the field and he can fetch health packs for his teammates.
  • As for an attack, I have no fucking clue. He’d probably just bite the shit out of people and hold on to them.
  • Also has two prosthetic back legs that allow him to jump like a frog and scale walls in no time flat.
  • Was a search and rescue dog before the HQ blew up (which is how he lost his legs).
  • Probably has a dash feature like Soldier 76 (but his will probably be faster because I’ve yet to meet a person who can outrun a dog).
  • Can easily dismantle enemy turrets within reach and use them against the other team (just imagine Torbjorn or Symmetra being destroyed by a dog chasing them with their own turrets).
  • Ult would probably have something to do with howling to stun enemies within a certain radius for a short amount of time.
  • Ganymede would probably love to pick on him frequently, but he wouldn’t care, this dude is super chill.
  • Hates Hanzo and Junkrat but loves Ana to tiny pieces. Like in their downtime, she’ll be reading/drinking tea/cleaning her weapon and he’ll always be falling asleep with his head in her lap.
  • He comes running the second he hears D.va open a bag of Doritos and hates it when he gets all in her face for one. She’ll usually just throw one really far after she’s had enough of him and repeat when he comes back.
  • Soldier 76 has to stop him from fetching golf balls after he hits them.
  • McCree = table scraps and Mei = treats
  • Loves to chase moving vehicles, balls (you could imagine why he gives Zenyatta a hard time), and Tracer.
  • Zarya can hold him like a baby and he does not mind at all.

That’s all for now, but I’ll probably draw more of him in the future. Also here’s a reminder to use references when drawing if you’re able. I tried to draw a dog from the top of my head and it looked ten times worse than this.

so i was thinking earlier and like?? the arishok seems uncommonly chill w/ women warriors??? both sten and bull are constantly talking about how women don’t fight under the qun, but if a female hawke marches into the compound, i don’t remember the arishok ever saying a word about her gender. as far as i recall he doesn’t treat her any differently than he treats a male hawke — they can both earn his respect equally easily, and if hawke is a woman, he doesn’t make a grand deal about it. he’s just kinda like. cool. you kill people. i like people who kill people. fistbump of respect. we can be pals. 

This is all just severely frustrating. Cause we all know if Hope was a guy everyone would just use the same two excuses. 1) Look at their career and all they have achieved. 2) It’s sports. I mean come on. Tom Brady literally cheated his way to a super bowl and he only has a 4 game suspension. Ronaldo made the same comments but guess what, he won and all was forgiven. It’s all just fucking bullshit. Just one giant power play move by USSF. And to tack on “past incidents” is a way for them to “justify” the termination. Don’t sit here and agree or understand this decision.