• What's Done Will Be Done
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  • Bioshock Infinite

Robert: I told you it would work.

Rosalind: We already know it works. The question is, will he?

Booker: Anna, Anna, so sorry Anna.

Rosalind: You suppose he branded himself as some sort of penance?

Robert: Hmm. 

Rosalind: Don’t see the point. What’s done is done. What’s done will be done.

Robert: Hmm.

Rosalind: I suppose the brand is his hair shirt, as he is ours.

Booker: Wipe away the debt. Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt…

Robert: See? He’s starting to put his story together.

Rosalind: You’re quite fond of this theory of yours.

Robert: He’s manufacturing new memories from his old ones.

Rosalind: Well, the brain adapts.

Robert: I should know, I lived it.

Elizabeth: Booker, wake up.


Video Game Challenge: [2/7] Video Games

⤷ BioShock Infinite

“Without the sinner, what need is there for a redeemer? Without sin, what grace has forgiveness?”


Sherlockians of the fandom, attanta!

This year, we will be hosting our 4th annual Daintiest Thing Charity Ball for wounded soldiers.  It will be held during BSI Weekend 2017 in New York City and will feature as ever:

–Live auction

–Costume competition

–Trivia contest

–Buffet dinner


–Swag, and much more!

While we would love for you to attend, we are also seeking donations to auction for the benefit, and it’s always your fanworks that make our event a success!  Please consider donating or if you can’t, then help to spread the word by sharing this post.  We’ve raised over $20,000.00 in just four years, thanks to you!

Much love,

The Babes