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Opinion on an Alex and Lena BROTP?

they’d geek out over science and worry together about kara

i’m much more invested in a lena&maggie brotp where they met on a lesbian dating app and like, there was no chemistry but they became really good friends. 

they do yoga and eat healthily together and commiserate over their trash children girlfriends

maggie always makes lena pay for lunch and lena always rolls her eyes but if maggie ever offered to pay lena would punch her in the throat

maggie and lena bond over grunge music together. 

maggie takes lena shopping and buys her a leather jacket. kara is grateful. very grateful.

they never talk about their parents’ rejection but it’s something shared silently between the two of them. whenever lena has a run in with her mom she texts maggie and just says ‘moms are the fucking worst’. every year on the anniversary of maggie’s parents kicking her out lena brings her a bottle of incredibly expensive scotch and they drink together. when alex is in the picture, lena sends the scotch and a note that says ‘enjoy this with your girlfriend’

maggie turns up at lena’s office, bottle in hand, and just says ‘youre my family, too, you idiot’ and they drink together in silence like usual.

maggie calls lena when alex proposes and lena knows she’s upset bc she took maggie ring shopping months ago and of course alex beat her to the punch

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For the ways to say I love you prompt - #80 & Check Please, any pairing.

80. “Is your seatbelt on?” - I took some liberties with the definition of pairing here (sort of), and give you some Shitty & Jack brotp, with Jack acting as a bit of a proxy for Lardo.

“Jack?” Shitty said. He had a crick in his neck and his cheek felt like it was stuck to the table where he’d fallen asleep over a textbook. He pushed himself upright and blinked a few times. “Are you actually here or am I finally hallucinating?” He ran his hands through his hair, still momentarily thrown when they stopped short of his magnificent flow, RIP, and then scrubbed his hands over his face. “If I’m hallucinating and I didn’t even do anything fun to get there, I am gonna be so fuckin’ pissed, brah, let me tell you.”

Jack shook his head and got his hands under Shitty’s arms to haul him out of his chair. “No, you’re not hallucinating. I’m really here, you told me where your extra key was months ago.”

Shitty frowned, brows drawing in. “I… think I remember that. I mean, I totally would have done that, for sure.”

Jack propped Shitty against the wall next to his front door and tossed his jacket at him. Shitty mostly caught it before it hit his face. When he pulled it down out of his eyes, he saw Jack disappear into his bedroom and then emerge with a leather bag his pretentious cousin Gloria had given him last Christmas and insisted on calling a “weekender.” Trust Jack to have 1) found it, and 2) use it for its intended purpose.

“You are so your mother’s son,” he mumbled.


“Nothing,” Shitty said, finally putting the jacket on. “Are you kidnapping me?”

“Yes.” Jack tugged his arm to get him moving again.


“Because last night you called Lardo and rambled to her incoherently for thirty minutes straight about how law school was sucking out your soul before you apparently passed out, and she still has to get her exhibition piece finished, so she called me.”

“So Lardo is kidnapping me by proxy?” He stopped short when they got to Jack’s… vehicle. “You know this truck makes you look like a total tool, right?”

Jack just shrugged and leaned over to pointedly push the passenger door open from the inside. “I like it. Now shut up and get in. You can lecture me about how my car is compensating for my fragile masculinity on the way.”

Shitty climbed in. “On the way where?”

“Samwell.” Jack’s tone indicated he thought Shitty still wasn’t firing on all cylinders if he thought there was any question. He glanced over as he turned the key. “Is your seatbelt on?”

Shitty buckled it with a firm click. “Yeah, man, my seatbelt’s on.”

Fishy Feathers Chapter 4

Wheezes I managed to write this out over the course of the past few stressful days so here you go!!!
Lance was having the time of his life, feathers fluffed from laughing so hard as Pidge practically growled at his chirping laughter.

“Fuck you. Just- Fuck you.” The shedding mermaid hissed, scratching absently at a patch of loose gray green scales that were giving way to a prettier lime color.

She was covered in sand from wriggling around on the beach in an attempt to relieve some of the itching and the growing pains, dull scales scattered across the grains in a startling contrast of almost white and near black gray spots. Her fangs had started to fully develop, fins growing larger with each passing day, new scales growing in and torso changing as her voice cracked, vocal chords strengthening in order to smooth out her voice as she was an Empath Siren Mer, which meant her voice was very important for survival.

Lance was laughing mainly because of the choppy mess she’d made of her hair. She’d actually gone through with cutting it, as most Mer did when going through their own scale sheds. But she’d cut it unevenly, a complete mess sticking out all over the place and covered in sand and bits of seaweed.

“Oh my gosh you look like a ruffled sand pigeon!!!” The Avian cackled, his scaly friend pouting at him.

After a few minutes bent over laughing, Lance recovered and wiped away the tears of mirth from his eyes, still chuckling.

“Hang on, I’ll be right back. I’m going to fix this mess. Mama took the others on a trip to the city, she thinks I’m hanging out with Keith today.” He explained before taking off, his flying having improved a lot since the first time all those years ago.

Pidge huffed and settled down into the sand, rubbing at her scales and pulling up all the information she remembered about Keith, Lance’s racing buddy. Lance had described him as a reddish brown black dappled Centaur with black hair and a matching tail with dark indigo eyes, if she recalled correctly.

She hadn’t met him, as Mer were a widely feared species as when you crossed one wrong, they’d drown you. Not to mention her friendship with Lance would be frowned upon, especially in her pod. Alfor had been betrayed by a land dweller, a human named Zarkon, therefore contact with anything living on land was forbidden. Mer who went “human” as he’d dubbed it, were cast out from the pod be never allowed to return, and Allura seemed keen on keeping that rule as the next leader of the pod.

Peeling away more old gray scales, she looked up at the sound of flapping wings and grinned as Lance landed back in front of her, his wings fluffy and ruffled from flight.

“Right! I’ve got the stuff!” He crowed, holding up a bag of supplies. Pidge tilted her head and chirruped curiously, intrigued. Sitting cross legged next to his fishy friend, shallows lapping at his feet, Lance began to pull out a hair brush, a comb and scissors.

“First we brush out all that sand.” He chuckled, and patted his lap.

Pidge rolled her eyes and moved to settle in the space provided, the top of her head barely at his chin and tail flopping over his crossed ankles, tailfin completely submerged in the water. Lance proceeded to brush out the grains of sand and bits of seaweed in the mermaid’s hair, only pausing to shake the brush clean of the debris.

“Okay, time to fix this crazy hairstyle.” He said, Pidge humming in acknowledgement.

It was kind of nice, feeling the comb work through her messy locks and hearing the scissors snipping sound as they trimmed the split ends evenly, straightening out the uneven back and sides and even fixing out her front side sweeps, smoothing them out.

She pouted when it was over, sliding back into the sea to rinse off the leftover hair on her back, but kept her head above water so her hair would stay dry. Lance handed her a mirror with a grin, and she gaped at her reflection. She looked… really good! “Woah…” she muttered, fluffing out the shorter trim, which puffed out like a pair of wings on either side of her head.

“My older sister taught me how to do this kind of stuff.” Lance preened proudly, pleased that Pidge liked her new hairstyle. Pidge laughed lightly and splashed him as she handed the mirror back.

“Well, next time I need my hair trimmed, I know who to call.” She teased, grinning as she swished her tail through the water.

Lance winked and held up his scissors. “Hairdresser Lance, at your service milady!” He crooned, mock bowing to the shorthaired mermaid. Pidge laughed harder.

“I should hurry back to the pod, Mom said that I would be allowed to join the hunting party this year!” Pidge explained when she recovered from her laughing fit, wriggling her fins excitedly.

Lance nodded. “Alright, you go have fun! I should head back before my flock gets home anyways. See you next week?”

Pidge nodded. “Sounds good! See you then, Lance!” She trilled as she dove back into deeper waters, Lance spreading his wings and taking off as well.

The beach still glimmered with shed green and gray scales in the sunlight.

I tried writing a little less clumped together, so hopefully it looks better? But yeah, in this chapter, Lance is 14 and Pidge is 12 :3 and don’t worry, next chapter features Hunk! And I’m already planning out chapters 6 and 7, with Keith in ch.6 and Shiro and Matt in ch.7 and a huge surprise in ch.8!

105 Days Of BroTPs, day 15: Adrien and Nino

Sunshine bros

  • …I don’t even know what to say, they’re already a canon brotp
  • No seriously, everyone else got akumatized because something bad happened to them and it upset them etc. But Nino?? He just wanted his best friend to have fun on his birthday and even tried so hard to get him a birthday party!! He even went to Adrien’s big posh intimidating house with no prompting, talked (respectfully and politely, doing his best!!) to Gabriel and made a very good case for Adrien needing a break, and only after that when it still didn’t work, he was so upset at how unfair things were for Adrien!! HE GOT AKUMATIZED ON BEHALF OF ADRIEN THAT’S THE PUREST THING
  • Also just the fact that Nino decided to make friends with Adrien after the whole “Chloe’s my only friend…” thing aksjhkajdfhkajdfh why are these boys so precious
  • In the Christmas episode when at the end Adrien was okay, Nino just rushed forwards and tackle-hugged him, IT WAS SO CUTE, there’s no weird “no homo” between these two they just love each other and are so sweet and adorable about it
  • And the hug in the Jackady episode too??? End me
  • Also in that episode, when Chat Noir was all like “lol Adrien probably got brainwashed who cares about him” and Nino’s like “BUT HE’S MY BEST FRIEND I’M SO WORRIED” and Chat looked almost surprised like “ahhhh omg Nino cares about me that much??” I am going to cry
  • The Animan episode when Adrien was being wingman for Nino was so precious and cute, get you a friend like that
  • Basically the fact that these boys are best friends and love each other and care about each other so much is one of the most blessed dynamics in the entire show and I am very grateful for this and we don’t even deserve it

From Theron Shan’s Instagram Account:
hey lana either i have a concussion or theres somethin different about u. is it your hair? is that cape new or did ur scarf get torn in the jail break? ….what do you mean i’m talking funny? oh maybe its the concussion, theres like 2 of u all of the sudden & i think i need to throw up. im just gonna pass out for a few minutes if you dont mind.  lets not tell girl about this part when we get back.

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I love that dynamic you've set up for Len and Sara in The Color of Love, with her being mainly into girls and implying he's mainly into guys but still having something of a thing for each other. It's something I haven't seen written before and now I'm hungry for it

That is totally how I canonically see them, anon! I’m so glad you like it. 

I headcanon that Len rarely finds a woman who catches his eye, partially because of Alexa, and partially because he just naturally gravitates more toward men, but he’s still pansexual as intended by Wentworth’s interpretation and cares more about who thrills him rather than specifics about gender. 

Sara is bisexual but does lean more toward women when looking at her long-time relationship with Nyssa and how she goes after women more in Legends, exceptions being Oliver and Len of course. 

And the CaptainCanary friendship around all of this…don’t even get me started. :-) Or do, I’ve already started, and there is more to come as Color of Love continues!

Thank you!