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Smooth Criminals (A Glee AU)

Santana Lopez and her New York roommate, Kurt Hummel, are two masters of disguise who make ends meet by pulling off high-stakes heists on Manhattan’s shadiest elite. How long can they keep it going without getting caught, or turning on each other?

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“Of course I have the keys, Brody,” Rachel stated as if the question was one that shouldn’t have to be asked. “As for where they are….you’re just going to have to figure that out for yourself.” Even though she had placed them there twenty minutes ago, she could still feel the cool metal against the skin of her hip, tucked gently under the lingerie she was wearing.

Brody looked at Rachel, a small shake of his head. Of course she would say that. He really hoped that Rachel wasn’t playing some game with him, the last thing either one of them needed was for someone to find him handcuffed. “Don’t you think it might be a bit hard,” he began, eyes locking with hers, “if I can’t actually use my hands?” he asked, he was standing closer to her now. “But I guess I can figure out away that it could work. But you gotta be still.” His tongue darting over his lips, his breathing a bit shallow. “And you might need to help me.”

I hated how they villainized every character that cockblocked an “endgame” couple. Look what happened with Brody, who was pretty likable until they randomly decided to make him a manwhore to bring back the fairytale ending couple (finchel). Hell, they even did it with Adam kicking Kurt out of the apples just because of him being engaged to Blaine. Yes they were endgame, but that doesn’t mean every ex has to be a villain.

Brody & Marley | 💍

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Marley was typically a morning person. She was the type to set the coffee, read the morning headlines, and maybe even begin writing. It was the pounding headache and the long night out that was keeping her from being bright eyed and bushy tailed. Groaning as she heard her name she felt almost like that young girl who asked her mom for five more minutes in bed. She wasn’t even sure what had happened for most of the night, truth be told she wasn’t a drinker, but already she regretted everything. “Please,” she murmured. “Not so loud.” Things clearly weren’t registering. Like the fact that she was even in the same room as Brody, or how she wasn’t even wearing a shirt. Or anything at all. Panic set in. Grabbing the covers to conceal her bare skin she was more awake now than she ever had been. Her right hand went up to her cheek, mostly covering herself to  hide the shame she was feeling. “We-” she started already getting up with the covers still shielding her. “We don’t have to talk about what happened.” She began searching the room for her articles of clothing. “Ever.” She continued searching the room. Where was her bra? Marley tucked her hair behind her ear and continued to search. Keeping the covers close she got on her hands and knees to look underneath the bed skirt of their hotel bed.

A glimmer near her own finger caught her eye. With the sun hidden behind the  drapes she knew it wasn’t a reflection of sunlight. She loosened her hold on the sheet but shot up. Nearly exposing most of herself she knew that she had finally caught up to something that Brody already knew. “Or… maybe we do.” With her heartbeat thudding she sat at the edge of the bed. “This was a mistake. All of last night was a mistake.” At least she could speak for the both of the in that stance. “We celebrated, and… things got out of hand.” More like he took her hand… in marriage, but now wasn’t the time to make a pun. “Things like this happen all the time here, right?” She needed to hear the acknowledgement just to make herself feel better. “We can get… this” she gestured towards her hand, “annulled.” They had to. For the sake of their new contract, their friendship and their own sanity. “You don’t even think of me in that way, and me,” she scoffed. “I don’t think of you like that either. And us… sleeping together. It should’ve never happened.” Marley held her clothes and the cover closer to her chest. She was making it a smaller deal than it really was. This was how she was compartmentalizing everything. “I- I should go.”

Brody looked at Marley. Even if he had been drunk last night, and might not have made some of the decisions he had made if he had been sober, or not as drunk as he had been, it didn’t mean that he regretted what had happened. Maybe the marriage part, but he could never regret sex. He sat on the bed watching Marley, searching through the room talking about how they weren’t going to talk about this, ever. He would be okay with that, but there was just the small, or big, problem with the fact that they were married, that was something they would need to talk about. “Y’know,” Brody began, his eyes on Marley’s back, “you don’t actually have to cover up, I’ve seen all of that before,” he said, a big smile playing over his lips, “and you got nothing you need to hide.”

He nodded his head, a bit disappointed that he didn’t get a chance to see her naked in the light of the day. “Yeah, we do need to talk about that,” he replied, trying to stay calm, since he had a feeling that Marley would freak out enough for the two of them. “I’m sure it happens all the time,” he said letting out a breath, and he reached for his pants pulling them on. “And I don’t know how easy or hard that would be,” he ran a hand over his messed up air. “Hey, I’m not gonna say that the sex was bad, because from what I remember, it was pretty good.” The last thing he wanted was for her to feel bad, but it wasn’t anything he could do to change how Marley was feeling. “Sure, but we gotta talk about this,” Brody said, as he looked at her, “because I’m sure people will have questions.” He pressed his lips together, “and you might wanna lose the ring if you wanna avoid some of the questions.”