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Placed in the Boxes of All McKinley Faculty|| Invitation

It’s that Time of Year, Titanic Teachers!  Time to grab your Canes and your Good Teeth and shuffle on over to Brody Weston’s for a Hopping Shindig!  


The party is themed, of course, so make sure your OLD FOGEY self is presentable at the door in your best blue hair, suspenders, and glasses!  Those that forget will just have to make do with the spare robes and slippers that the host keeps for a rainy day, and you get your cake and Bailey Float last!

Any questions, feel free to call Brody on the included cell or landline, otherwise see you then!

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A Trophy is a Sign

Of good things to come, apparently.  Won the Dance-off in Akron on Saturday, and come Monday I’ve got my Algebra students actually turning in assignments and the crazy Ag student who signed up to give her presentation today totally nailing it.  Throw in my Stat kids are actually shaping up for AP exams pretty decently– I might be led to believe that this is a magical trophy that wards off Mondays and Vacation-hazes.  

I hated how they villainized every character that cockblocked an “endgame” couple. Look what happened with Brody, who was pretty likable until they randomly decided to make him a manwhore to bring back the fairytale ending couple (finchel). Hell, they even did it with Adam kicking Kurt out of the apples just because of him being engaged to Blaine. Yes they were endgame, but that doesn’t mean every ex has to be a villain.

When Do Moms

stop calling at 4:17 in the morning and remind you that you were born x-number of years ago?  I mean, I’m glad my claim to fame in my family is that I was so desperate to escape the womb that it literally took less than four hours of labor, but I mean, it’s been 31 years, and I really wanted that extra 45 minutes of sleep…

On a more positive note, a very successful outing for the Aggies, and (of course) another first place trophy for the Reds!  We are definitely going to blow up State and Nationals, no doubt!  Also, congratulations to a certain someone that is secretly being considered for a full ride to UNLV!  But shhhhh… 

Some love for the Glee guys! Finn, Puck, Artie, Kurt, Blaine, Sam, Mike, Matt, Jake, Ryder, Spencer, Mason, Roderick, Joe, Rory, Will, Figgins, Burt, Sebastian, Hunter, Adam, Elliot, Brody, Dave, we love you all!

It annoys me when people say Rachel cheated on Finn with Brody. FYI, Finn put Rachel on a train to NYC and then actively ignored her for months, even though she tried to reach out to him. In that situation she did what any girl with an ounce of self worth would do, she stopped putting her life on hold for a guy who was too stubborn to return her calls and moved on to someone who showed an interest in her instead. Finn was selfish to think otherwise and had no right to act jealous or hurt.

I’m really upset that everyone was mad at Brody for being an escort/prostitute. He was right when he said “Not everyone has their parents pay for their education.” Some people aren’t that lucky and I don’t think he should be villianized because he needed a way to support himself. And before you say “Well he could have given Rachel an std” no he couldn’t have, he was with wealthy women who would do ANYTHING to cover their tracks.