Sakurai Takahiro san❤(〃・ω・〃)*respect*


BIog update 2017/07/04 [x] - Kousuke with Hattori Hanzo’s art drawn by Brave10’s mangaka, Shimotsuki Kairi for the stage play. 

In the post he mentioned how he still couldn’t believe himself playing such an evil character, that it might shock everyone and using two swords at once in fight scenes was so strenuous and he feels like dying from it! 

He asked everyone to check out his newly made Instagram account (x), although he still doesn’t quite get how to properly use it~

Happy Birthday ! Daisuke Ono ~(っ´ω`c)♪ 4/5/15

source by : twitter ‏@ryouji_2d

♥ (。♥‿♥。) Respect!! Ono Dai san! 

Kamen Rider Den-O 10 years later screening. Thank you for this happy time. Please keep loving Den-O.

[originally posted 2.23.17]

Good evening~

Nice work again all day today☺️

This morning I was on Shibuya radio with the Slaveman heroine Okuda-san.

After that, I had BRAVE10 photoshoots and interviews to do☺️

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what to do for these photoshoots, so I’d be really happy if you all saw them


to finish the day, we had the Kamen Rider Den-O 10 years later screening.

Meeting 10 years, getting to see all of you who have loved Den-O all this time, it was just a really great and happy way to spend the time☺️

I got to see
Producer Shirakura, Kobayashi Yasuko-san, Akiyama Rina-san, and Matsumoto Wakana-san after all this time, I’m so happy

Wakana’s birthday is the day after tomorrow, and we’re all getting together to celebrate
Please always stay our lovely Airi-san☺️


At the end, a surprise live phone call with Ryoutarou, Kamen Rider Den-O himself, Satou Takeru  ☺️

I was so happy.

As usual, I was a crybaby.

I was just way too happy.

Hearing Takeru-kun’s voice just made me so happy that I couldn’t help it.

The other day,
Takeru-kun called me personally and
said he really really wanted to come,
but his schedule has just been too crazy,
so he wasn’t able to fit it in.
He said he at least wanted everyone to hear his voice.

Of course, Sato Takeru-kun will always be Ryoutarou, Kamen Rider Den-O, everyone’s hero.

Being able to end the 10-year celebration with Takeru-kun’s words made me so happy.

In everyone’s hearts,
in memories, to the limits of Den-O, the Den-O train keeps running.

I’d be glad if you all would keep letting the train known as Den-O run through your hearts.

Being able to spend the 10th anniversary celebrating with all of you made today a really happy day ☺️

To all those who came out today, and to all those who couldn’t make it there today, thank you for loving Den-O.

I re~a~lly love

all of you ☺️

I definitely have plans to transform into Zeronos again ☺️ haha

Last thing to say:

see you in the future.

Thanks ☺️

See you tomorrow

[28/8/17] - Asuma Kousuke’s Channel - livestream with Kohatsu Allen


*!Accuracy warning!!*

You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this for. 

Anyways, Kousuke has been regularly hosting his program on Sumabo’s channel via Niconico, where he invites different actors he’s worked with before for an hour long talk/game session. Only the first ten minutes or so is for free viewing, and the remaining time is for paid members only. Members (who sign up for Sumabo’s channel) pay a monthly fee of 648yen. 

  • First we start with Kousuke alone on his sofa giving commercials regarding his stuff, such as establishing his fanclub PTA. Unfortunately he didn’t explain what PTA meant or stood for 
  • Then Kousuke holds up a board with a list of todays program’s itinerary. Firstly there’s “Opening Greetings”. When Kousuke says to start, viewers are supposed to spam-comment their names and Kousuke will read as many and as fast as possible, and I was trying to get a “Yui” (not my real name) in 
  • Some other programs included Free Talk, Drink Making, Game Corner and Ending Call 
  • After a little more talk Kousuke finally gets round to calling his guest out, whose in his most comfortable baseball cap and fake glasses and shirt and jeans combo
  • For a while Allen presents his own batch of commercials (I-Chu now, upcoming role as a host in a musical, reprising his role as a host in Honky Tonk Blues series)
  • They talk a bit about haisute, when they were in it, when one time Kousuke-Oikawa actually served a ball into the middle of Allen-Iwaizumi’s head. It was really memorable and Allen recalls reacting like Iwaizumi would and pretending to get angry. Kousuke recalls that Shoutarou (Kunimi’s actor) was laughing really hard when that happened
  • Soon enough the light switches off. Kousuke leaves and then reappears with a lit birthday cake in his hands
  • Allen blows out the candles and the light comes back on, and they show us that there’s a dog on the side of the cake. It’s a poodle
  • Then Kousuke gets ready to do something he’s “really good at” - cake-cutting. And he leaves Allen to read and respond to the comments
  • He cuts a quarter of the entire cake and considers it a single slice. He puts it neatly on the plate while Allen comments “That’s huge!” 
  • Then he cuts another slice of the cake of the exact same size. This one wobbles and falls and he gave it a little push with his hand. He gives the first neat slice of cake to Allen 
  • Kousuke (sort of) says “Now let me feed Allen his cake”, which I’d forseen as a throwback to the cake he’d been fed by Allen in the past when Seijou was still in haisute. Without hesitating Kousuke scoops a huge chunk of cake (out of his own slice) and brings it to Allen
  • Immediately after that Allen digs out a mega-huge chunk from his own slice and shoves it back into Kousuke’s face, getting a big smear on his chin in revenge
  • After settling down they get ready for another program, again something that Kousuke is really good at, and that’s Making Drinks for his Guests 
  • He holds out a board for Milk Tea Smoothie! And gives it to Allen. Allen becomes disturbed at how Kousuke’s not reading the recipe at all 
  • He becomes even more disturbed when fans start warning him of “Danger” and telling him to “run now”
  • While Kousuke’s spooning some ingredient like the frozen vanilla cream into the blender, it’s disturbingly hard. Allen tells him to warm it with the heat of his hands. Unable to break it into smaller pieces, Kousuke squeezes the whole chunk from the carton into the blender
  • And then because the taste wasn’t strong enough, he squeezes another whole chunk into it
  • The blender makes an alarmingly loud sound blending it, but when Kousuke finally pours the drink out and serves him, Allen says “Despite appearances, it’s surprisingly tasty. Really.”

Kousuke’s face when Allen put things that way

  • (Looking at my screenshots for reference) This looks like around the time they had a bit of free talk. They talk about their common shows again, which include haisute and Brave10 
  • They were feeling pretty nostalgic for haisute, since its now rehearsals and leading up to the latest “Summer of Evolution” instalment in the series; and also, Seijou isn’t taking part in this one
  • Also they really bulked up for haisute practices, especially in their thighs
  • Kousuke said even though he has a huge appetite (Allen “Yeah, he really does”) he lost a lot of weight after he was done with haisute, going down one clothing size. He went from 68kg to 62kg, and now he’s about 65kg
  • Then comes the time for Kousuke to give him his birthday present. “Ta-da!” It’s his photobook, which had been sitting behind them on the sofa 
  • Allen says: “Wow, thank you so much. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the insides of it, honestly. And you look so cool, with so many different hairstyles.”
  • Kousuke says: “Really?” 
  • Then he leaves and reappears with a shopping bag. Inside is the real present - a foot reflexology set. It’s actually a massage tool, and transparent light blue in colour. It’s small and light and portable

??? Kousuke

  • Kousuke comments that of everyone he’s worked with he’s never seen another actor carry around as much stuff as Allen does for shows - he apparently brings around enough things to fit a small suitcase 
  • And then Kousuke makes him try the foot reflexology thing right now. There are little bumps all over the surface. You’re supposed to stand right on it, and whichever part of your feet hurts corresponds to a body part or organ, and indicates that they are weak or unwell 
  • Allen slips out of his shoes and stands onto it and almost immediately shouts “It hurts, ow”. He stood on it for maybe two seconds and quickly got off
  • Kousuke says “Too fast, you did that too fast.”
  • Allen says “Well how long am I supposed to stand on it for?” 
  • Kousuke replies “Like at least half an hour.”
  • Allen goes “Then you do it!” and all of a sudden grabs and yanks Kousuke over. Really hard. Kousuke’s sleeve is yanked off his hand and his extremely wide collar slides and reveals even more milky white collarbones 
  • He makes Kousuke get on the reflexology pads, and then holds him down so that he won’t run off 
  • Kousuke protests “Ow it hurts! It’s because my body is weak!! Ow!!” 
  • Then the show proceeds to Game Corner. They are about to play a super aggressive form of Jenga. Before they start, Kousuke makes Allen draw a card with instructions to an action that they’re supposed to do while playing the game
  • Allen draws “Free talk” and he lol-ed. They’ve been doing Free Talk this whole entire time!, he says. Anyway
  • The game starts. There’s a bit of confusion because Kousuke gives the box to Allen who then took some time to read and get confused by the instructions
  • When he tried to get the blocks out, they were wrapped in plastic that took the both of them to remove

Was it really that hard guys

  • Jenga starts. Ideally while one person makes his move the other should read and respond to fan comments. For example someone said that she’ll like to see Mattsun and Makki too. Allen said “yeah it’ll be nice to have Mattsun and Makki around too” 
  • They talked about Brave10, where as one of the villains, Kousuke had to pull off a completely different image to his past roles. Allen acknowledges that he’s really changed from the shitty brat (くそガキ) he’d been at the start of haisute
  • A fan typed “naruhodo” at this part. Brilliant! I was also quick to type “naruhodo” here
  • Both of them have different rules when it comes to playing Jenga but since neither of them (had time to) read the rules on the box, the rules of their game was half-assed 
  • For example Kousuke pulled out this block and stacked it on top diagonally
  • Allen read the comments and said “They’re saying you’re doing it wrong! You’re not supposed to stack it diagonally!” but Kousuke didn’t fix it
  • In another example, Allen pulled out two blocks in one go. The second one balanced like a cross on top of the one he pulled out. He stacked this cross on top of the tower
  • (I think) Allen told Kousuke not to take the blocks from the bottom of the tower, but rather to start pulling them from the middle/upper section 
  • Kousuke’s really confident about winning - because Allen mentioned that he actually doesn’t play Jenga often - and Allen gets more and more disappointed each time the tower doesn’t fall on Kousuke’s turns
  • Also Kousuke became more and more focused on the game - and winning - as they played on, and worryingly neglected reading the fan comments. Since he was squatting right in front of Allen, Allen bounced the volleyball off the back of his head. “Say something!!”
  • “Ow!!” 
  • It didn’t help. Allen tried to retell this story - then Kousuke’s turn was up - they switched places (small place) - Kousuke tried to continue the same story - but Allen’s turn finished - and then they both forgot the story they were trying to retell
  • Allen tried to focus on both the fans and the game. A fan said that she wanted to hear about Seijou antics during haisute, and Allen read out her request. 
  • Then he bounced the ball off Kousuke’s head again. “Listen!” 
  • “I am!” 
  • As the clock neared the one hour mark (that’s what Allen worried about) the stakes rose, and so did shitty moves. Kousuke tried to stick his block vertically on top of the tower, but got scolded out of it by Allen
  • Only to have Allen stick his block vertically on top of the tower when it came to his turn next

Allen’s photo of Kousuke

  • (I think) It was there that, because he didn’t manage to stack the block on top of Allen’s vertical block, Kousuke lost. Allen rejoices. They both promise that a punishment game will come afterwards, and to wait for the omake (extra) video to come after this livestream 
  • At this point of writing I’m still waiting for that omake video to come