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sednamode  asked:

I thought you might like to know: I managed to get my friend--who has like never touched a fanfic in her life--to read Boom Crash, and she is completely gone. She's been yelling at me over chat for the last 5min XD

:D THAT IS AMAZING. Thank you so much! I’m glad you both like it. :D 

I did kind of purposely write Boom Crash with the idea that, “There needs to be ONE FIC in the entire fandom that it would be okay for a kid who likes the show to read. JUST ONE. Just…make it like an episode. With somewhat limited cuddling, because you have to have cuddling or it’s not worth writing to you.” So no swearing, obviously no sexy content, no graphic violence (except that one moment), everything is pretty much okay in the end. Just ONE FIC that a parent in fandom could give their ten-year-old who likes Voltron and say, here, you can read this.

Like, my RL friends know I write fanfiction, but I don’t go around saying, “Read this thing I wrote!” to any of them because my stuff is so…niche. I know that. But Boom Crash (first part) is definitely one that I would be fine linking anyone to if they were interested in my writing.

Of course it could end up being like a gateway drug, though, i mean, if you go on to the sequel… Everything changed when the PTSD attacked.

anonymous asked:

I want Killian to find out Emma made that promise that she will always find him

You know who he’d likely find out from, too? David. Because her parents were right behind her when she said it. And of course, David would also likely remember Killian not knowing if Emma would ever go to the end of the world (or time) for her. So I can see David bringing it up in a sweet and teasing sort of way. :D


“Hey! Here’s some food for thought!”

“Aw man! If only I could think!”


“Moving that aside, I want to talk.”

“But, I don’t think. what do I do?” “Why not ask your friends for a thought? They seem nice.”

“Maybe your friends will give you food without said thought.” “Now that would be so kind!” “You guys think that’s a good idea?” “Oh yeah! Give them the old ‘Knuckle-eyes’, nobody can resist that!” “You’re right! I think I will!” “By jove! He’s got a thought!” “W-wait, you’re right, I do! I do have a thought! Haha! Bring on the bacon!”

*Grunts of distaste*

(Yeah, me too, Amy. Me too. Knuckles’s humor is too easy to write.)

anonymous asked:

Does the Save WoY fanboom still end tomorrow?

I haven’t heard anything but that’s because I’ve been too busy for the past few weeks so I haven’t had the chance to speak to the other mods. I’d say just assume that it’s still tomorrow and wait to see if Mod Hater updates the SaveWOY blog with news.

That moment I decided to look up some Sonic Boom fanfic to see what the fandom is up to, since I’ve been enjoying the show alone until now, and the first/more popular results in my google search leads to fics on my own language.

I’m scared. This isn’t good, not at all. Usually fanfics in my own language doesn’t meet half my standards for reading anything at all, and this is coming from someone who reads “Terms and Conditions” before installing apps on her phone and stuff.

|| cont. {x}


     ❝ Kevin, I’m sorry. It was just a game. Remember? We’re just playing Scrabbled. ❞ He hadn’t meant to trigger anything from the younger male, and yet he’d managed to score an even higher grade; the kid was huddling up and falling to pieces in front of him. Pushing the PADDS to the side, he roped an arm around the Ensign and pulled him into his chest. ❝ Ssh. It’s ok. ❞