Boys want love if it’s torture, but real men want you to text them back. Honestly. The way you can tell the boys from the men is how they react when you don’t play games with them. A boy will become bored. A man will want to get to know you more. Everyone wants a challenge, but you shouldn’t have to completely manipulate your communication style in order to seem like one. Your conversation, your outlook, your wit, your accomplishments, your charisma, those things should challenge him. Any man knows that if you’re showing him all of those qualities, you could just as easily show them to someone else if he plays games. You know what they say, play games with a girl, she’ll chase you. Play games with a woman, she will replace you.

TatsuBlog 08/04/2015 2:00pm - Health is important.

We’re sorry to have worried you all, but I’m happy to say that my partner is recovering well. 

We’ll be giving our all from here on as well, so yoroshiku.

Though that said, Japan’s going through some fierce heat.

I know that it’s too hot to take, but I hope that you all get through this heat wave in good health and that none of you fall ill like a certain someone we know.

That said, it is hot. 

Yorke. was with a fever of over 40 degrees Celsius for the last three days and was admitted into hospital. But he’s been tweeting and saying how amazing the nurses and doctors are and how the messages that people are sending him just may be working better than the medicine he’s taking. 

For these boys, lets hope they get through the summer with nothing else happening besides this. 


Request from anon: Hello!!! Can I have a Namjoon angst where you kind of forget his birthday (like u remember earlier in the day but get distracted or something like that and completely forget?) and he gets really really REALLY upset? Since he took some of the day off to spend with you? Thank you so much! You can change some details if u want =) whatever makes it easier on you

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A/N: Again, sorry for taking so long with this D:

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calum is the zayn of 5sos,(because even tho the other members of both groups do stuff only calum and zayn get shit for it) and i feel like its like that because theyre both poc

right. pick on white boys i mean theyre the source of all things evil

From now on, whenever there’s drama in the fam about the boys + hookups

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so I'm 14 and this boy 17/18 was messaging me on fb and wouldn't leave me alone and now he found out where I live and he follows me 2 school and yells out things (like catcalling) and idk what to do bcse he is telling me not 2 tell or he will hurt me

Don’t be scared love tell your parents