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Au where bad bob Zimmermann was really bad at hockey and never scored a goal his entire career. As a result he kept getting traded but every team he was traded too won the Stanley cup. Now everyone thinks that whatever team has a Zimmermann will win the cup and jack, who never played hockey, is being actively recruited by every NHL team throughout college but he wants to pursue his true passion of being a Goose Wrangler

thus the NHL adds a special tiebreaker rule where in the event of a tie, they release a goose and the first team to safely wrangle it wins. Jack gets his dream, his team gets its good luck charm

I’ve listened to every song my chem has ever released apart from the conventional weapons cos once I do there’ll never be any new music from them as a band and I’m not ready for that.

fun guessing game: with Brandon Saad gone what cbj player is Columbus’ generic sports stores going to shove down our throats next