@strawberrypanda1-art-blog drew Human!Bog with vitiligo and now I think it’s a thing if I ever write that Pushing Daisies AU

Bog bakes all the pies for the shop but doesn’t usually serve customers. He lurks in the back, a ghost haunting the fruit fillings and pastry crusts. But imagine one time they’re short staffed so he’s waiting tables

and he catches Marianne watching him and snaps at her, thinking she’s staring at his uneven complexion (she’s not). She gets really flustered and angry and blurts out, “You have such amazing eyes!”

Cue blushing and rushed exits

me alone: im pretty sure i could just pretend to be a guy forever

me in a social situation trying to pretend to be a guy and wanting to die: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndjdjhsidiviakwkenbdjskabbfkfjajkfjskfbkskfnskdkfjdjkdjdjd

i thought i could carry the weight
of the world.
of the sorrows, or the grief, or the pain
or the happiness and joy turned bitter.

i thought i could hold the universe
and all the stars that are dying,
the dust and grime and black matter.

i thought if i carried the world, i could fix all the problems. that we could exist-
i could take away every issue and it would be