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one thing about gravity falls that never ceases to bother me is shermie’s entire role in the story. or, more accurately, his lack of role in the story.

i mean, gravity falls is largely about family love, with an especial focus on sibling relationships. dipper and mabel’s relationship is the focal emotional point of the series, and stan’s bond with ford is what turns out to be the main motivation behind the answer to one of the biggest mysteries of the entire show.

and yet, shermie, the actual grandfather of the main twins, only gets one brief nonchalant mention from stan in the entire series. that…. doesn’t match up well with the rest of show’s tone, in my opinion.

however, i can also understand why shermie had to be created. i remember back when ‘not what he seems’ had just aired and theories about which one of the stan twins were dipper and mabel’s real grandfather were running wild, the whole grunkle4grandpa thing being the most popular one. and though i wasn’t really into it back in the day, i appreciate it much more now, because it at least ties in better with the themes of the show.

i guess that the main issue here is that if either stan or ford were made to be the twin’s grandfather, uncomfortable implications would come with it, implications that the crew were likely not interested in dealing with alongside the main story. for starters, neither of them would have been around to actually raise the kid that would eventually become the twin’s parent; stan because he was hiding as ford, and ford himself because he wouldn’t be able to be around whether he wanted to or not, obviously.

knowing that, questions about dipper and mabel’s parent would become kind of of inevitable. who raised them, who was their mother, would their father ever pursue an actual relationship with them like the one he formed with his grandkids, this sort of thing. if they actually delved into it, it could have distracted us from the main plot and relationship, and if they didn’t delve into it at all, either stan or ford could have come out of it seeming irresponsible or unsympathetic to the audience.

so, making both of them have no deeper relationships or responsibilities with anyone in the past was, indeed, the easiest, most consequence free alternative. it’s just kind of a shame that it had come in the form of a character that’s basically a plot point with a name. :/

@orphan black: that better be a helena/delphine death you just pulled on mrs s otherwise we gonna need to have a serious talk 

So maybe the reason why Rick left was because of Beth?

I mean, she was a sociopath kid, he invented all those weird things for her (He obviously knew they were bad, he could just simply said no?) - she was getting worse and worse, and probably Beth’s mother argue a lot with Rick about this, maybe blaming and yelling at each other (We have seen Rick argue pretty badly), until Rick had enough and decided that the only way that Beth and her mom could have a normal-ish life was leaving her for decades, away from his influence and weird adventures.

Beth went through a lot of therapy to be something close to normal “It took years of therapy to even process the reality” (I remember therapy with Dr. Wong: “Oh Jesus Christ, one of these…)

And is sad that Beth was 14 when Rick left, and now she possibly left Morty at the same age.

Just realized that when Daryl heard Noah repeat Beth’s name, he had this look on his face as though Noah just held a piece of his soul... ‘cause that’s what Beth is to him. She’s a part of his soul, his mind, his heart, if not the whole of it.