For @mrevaunit42’s fanfic “Nova Vs. The Forces of Adolescence”

The first sketch was from his latest chapter “Uncle Ferguson comes to tooooown”.
The rest are all just previews of the story arc we’re gonna co-write… Right E??? :3 be warneeeddddd……… C'mon E theres a lot of writting to do…. *drags E to the fanfic portal*

One statement in the movie I knew there had to be more to was “The prince was really the lord of the flies.” Sure, it means that he had no power without the subjugation of girls as princesses or witches, but that’s an oddly specific metaphor. I did think that maybe Beelzebub was called that, but I only just now looked into it.

Well, that’s right, and he’s also very commonly called a prince, and in one ancient text, The Testament of Solomon, he is explicitly equated to Lucifer/Venus (the planet)

So… it’s definitely intending to convey that Akio is Beelzebub


Gangan Joker August issue
Vanitas no Carte Memoire 8
Louis (You who sinks in a puddle of blood)
48 monochrome pages

The August issue of Gangan Joker goes on sale tomorrow the 22nd.

Thank you for your support.


“Handa-kun” official anthology.

I could draw a color illustration for the anthology of the highly praised Handa-kun series, which is now on sale!

I was very glad to find out when I opened the book that Ms. Matoba’s super cute Handa-kun is next to mine hehehehe.

Thank you for supporting me in this project too!

Translation of this month’s blog entry by Mochijun, you can find the original here

If any of you are wondering, the Matoba she’s talking about is the author of the manga Majo no Shinzo and the ongoing Beelzebub Jou no Okinimesumama, to name a couple!

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Furuichi, please

  1. Furuichi isn’t an avid manga fan, he prefers j-drama and movies.
  2. He hates Oga’s taste in Death Metal and always tries to change the music station when driving in the car together.
  3. Furuichi is totally biromantic & bisexual.
  4. He decided before university to get a big haircut, but then Oga claimed to not recognize at all and kept asking who he was.  After 24 hours Furuichi begged Lamia for a hair growth potion.
  5. Furuichi isn’t a big eater, but he quickly realizes living with Oga means needing to eat on schedule or Oga will finish all the food.
  6. His least favorite summon is Agiel, because she does a better job at picking up girls than he does and he gets very jealous over it.
  7. Furuichi’s parents had hoped their son would study something like medicine or finance but instead he became an adventurer with a degree in demon mythology.
  8. Before his freshman year started Furuichi went in disguise to see what his would-be school would have been like before he got involved in Oga’s fights.  He hated it. He never told Oga but his time at Ishiyama was the greatest and most fun he’s ever had.
  9. Furuichi has a meltdown of a life time when Honoka introduces him to her fiance.
  10. Furuichi never thought in his life he’s be the type to “settle down” and have a large family, but here he is, raising a brood of demon royalty with his childhood sweetheart. He’s given up trying to understand it.

I’m so sorry this took so long! At first I went blank but by the end of it I couldn’t stop writing. OTL

Pokemon According to AH

Garbunkle, Garbage, Garbrite, Squirtmidirdle, Chokadic, Quarbunk, Biffgiggler, Wompor, Analpop, Teflon, Beelzebub, Pyrex, Cthulu, Tito, Jermaine, Clivehammer, Magnanomite, Pikachu, Fibthor, Grabtha, Bongdar, Phil Hartman, Cunniligusaur, Sarcophagus, Valtrex, Mingdoid, Fungmar, Areolas, Appendectomy, Ikea, Philapadump, Micromanager, Kibabalab, Beandar, Mega Man, Samus, Fizzabunk, Bunkbedataur, Skunkpunker, Shoe, Electricwobb, Limpstepawep, Fliptappledip, Tacklespackle, PedoBear, Dingbus, Chocolate, Fred Durst, Flibotomist, Nookie, Wigatoid, Finapular, Philanthropoid, Larvaestage, Pokechip, Carkeys, Babyfuckerstan, Slipmelt, Ray, Typewriteroid, Computa, Fibabaladib, Chlamydioid, Ghonnareekis, Sphagettimonster, Chickentaco, Bilbobellybutton, Bilbo, Pinesaur, Hufflepuff


   He was good down to the very deepest meaning of the word. Where others lacked in empathy and selflessness, the boy exceeded. All generosity and faith and good will toward men. It is into this boy that He crawled, Beelzebub, the second angel to fall from Heaven, nesting deep inside and claiming every fiber of Chanyeol’s being, from the pure goodness of his heart and soul, to the furthest reaches of his mind, where sinewy tendrils sank deep, locking tight.

  Yes. He was good, this boy, the demon decided; a malleable vessel of all things pure and Holy and so, so corruptible, bendable to the point of breaking. Good, good, good.

      Park Chanyeol.       Possessed host of Beelzebub.