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Bechloe Week Prompts!

The votes (and there were lots, thank you everyone!) have been counted. The prompts for Bechloe Week 2017 are as follows:

Monday July 24th: Coincidence

Tuesday July 25th: Summer Camp

Wednesday July 26th:Blurred Lines

Thursday July 27th: Flowers

Friday July 28th: Harry Potter

Saturday July 29th: Sleepover

Sunday July 30th:  Pride

There were also three runners up: Park Rangers, Crossover/AU, and Social Media, all of which tied equally with Flowers (which was drawn out of a cup for a tiebreaker). Therefore, we’re going to have a bonus day:

Monday, July 31st: Your choice of one of the runners up!

So get creative!! The prompts are just a starting point, you can take it as literally or as figuratively as you’d like. Submissions can be fan art, fictions, gifs, social media post,videos…the list goes on. Go through this blog for previous ideas if you’re still unsure! Reminders will be posted as we get closer to bechloe week, which is the last week of July.

Have fun, pitches! 


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