I got up and let a smile erupt over my face. I rolled over and grabbed my phone waking up to an array of birthday texts from my family and friends.

My smile soon faulted as I saw I hadn’t even had a message from my boyfriend Tyler. I shook my head remembering his busy schedule. I mean I knew I was waking up alone this morning as he’d had a big meeting at WWE he’d told me about previously.

I got up out of the bed and made my way into the bathroom. I peeled off my clothes and jumped into the shower. After my shower I slipped on a pair of Tyler’s shorts and a baggy shirt before making my way into the open plan kitchen.

I started to furrow my eyebrows as I saw Tyler hadn’t even left me a note. I’m not going to lie I was expecting some type of present, but everything was just normal.

The day went by slowly, I had changed into a more presentable outfit and I had received some clothes from my friends who’d came and visited my house and money from relations in the mail. But i still hadn’t heard from Tyler.

It soon hit mid after noon and my friends left to go home to their own families and not long after Tyler strolled through the door. I jumped up from the sofa and smiled at my boyfriend as he walked towards me.

“Hey babe how’d the meeting go?” I said as Tyler sat on the sofa and I ploncked down next to him. “Amazin’ I mean I’m really getting an amazing opportunity and I’m celebrating with the guys tonight, wanna come?”

My eyes widened and I soon hid it my disappointment as I soon realised that my boyfriend of almost 4 years had forgotten my birthday…

“Um yeah of course” I said a fake smile on my face. “Ok we’re going to meet em at the bar down the street at 7” I nodded and watched as Tyler got up and kissed my forehead before making his way into the kitchen.


7 soon rolled around and I was wearing a black Lacey dress and Tyler was wearing some smart trouses and a button up. We made our way into the bar only to be met with the NXT and UK roaster.

We quickly found Pete and Trent at a table and I went up and hugged them.
“Imma get some drinks for us love” Tyler said kissing my cheek. I forced a smile.

As soon as Tyler left trench smiled at me. “‘Appy birthday love” he smiled and Pete did the same. “At least you guys remembered I said crossing my arms. "Wait He forgot? Even I remembered and this is me” Pete said learning forward and smiling at me.

“Oh and before we forget” Trent smiled and handed me a little black box. “It’s from the both of us” Trent said anticipating me opening the box.

As soon as I opened it it revealed a gorgeous bracelet. “We’ve already added two charms to represent each of us” Trent smiled again at me. And he was right on the bracelet was a flower, from Trent as when I’m upset or anything he calls me his little flower. And from Pete was a teddy bear, I think that’s pretty self explanatory.

“Hey guys” Tyler said as he placed down three beers and my own favourite cocktail. Tyler placed an arm round the back of my chair and took a sip from his cup.

The night flew by and soon Tyler and I bid fairwell to his friends and co workers. As soon as we stepped outside Tyler grabbed my hand. He then bought it up to his face and examined the shiny new bracelet on my wrist.

“Who got you this and why?” Tyler asked as he lightly ran his hand over the bracelet. “Trent and Pete, they both bought it me and a charm each, how sweet is that?” I smiled at the bracelet as I looked at the charms.

Tyler furrowed his eyebrows and searched his brain as to why the two will give you such an expensive gift.

I then saw his eyes widen and his face go pale. “Oh my god I’m so sorry babe I completely forgot.” I looked at Tyler and he looked mortified. “How could I forget your birthday I’m such a shit boyfriend” Tyler placed his hands on his head and spun around not facing me.

“Hey babe I get it you’re busy and I’m not going to lie I was slightly disappointed when I woke up and I realised you’d forgotten but I’m sure you can make it up to me.” I smiled at Tyler grabbing his cheek and forcing him to look at me.

“Trust me I will make it up to you, I’m going to- well I’m not sure yet I’ll figure it out I’m so so so sorry babe” Tyler started to ramble so I just leaned up and pecked his lips.

“Ok I’ll be waiting” I smirked against his lips. “Ok I promise I will make it up to you if it’s the last thing I ever do.” Tyler smirked. His moustache twitching slightly.

“Ok well lets go home and you can figure out your amazing plan there” I said wrapping my arms around Tyler’s neck. He nodded in agreement and led me back to our apartment where he started with his first step of making up to me, and let’s say it’s never been as intense or sensual and I couldn’t wait to find out the rest of the surprises he was going to lay our for me.

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Headcanon with tyler where he wants to start a family with his s/o please

-At first he’ll be afraid to tell you about it because of your ages

-But he thinks it would be better to start a family now before his career gets too big

-He’ll just randomly come out with it one day while you two are watching a movie on the sofa

-You think it’s a great idea but have the idea to get a puppy first to see how well you handle it

-He falls in love with that idea and the next day you wake up to a small husky puppy kissing your face

-An a year later on that day you told him you were 3 months pregnant


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Deadass just read your whole entire master list. I died. Then I re birthed jus to ask if you could do a " First time having sex with Tyler"?


For you and only you bb, I SHALL ACCEPT THIS. I SHALL DO THIS SOLELY FOR YOUR SWEET LIL CHEEKS (I’m saying it like this is gonna be a struggle for me to write, honestly.) 

So lemme set the scene here. I imagine the first time with Tyler would be the very cheesy, very romantic comedy-esque, you two were watching a movie on the couch, just cuddling, maybe it’s after he’s been gone a few weeks like and you’ve just missed being like with each other ya know? And maybe you two haven’t been a couple for more than a couple months, but you’ve been friends since… forever, so you know like who he is. 

And there’s a scene in the movie. THE SCENE in every romantic comedy that just slows down and they kiss and that’s how it starts. With a kiss. Then suddenly you’re pulled on his lap, straddling him and your tongues are clashing before he just stands up, you still straddling his waist AS HE WALKS (he’s so strong honestly, how hot.) And he bumps his toe into a corner, and suddenly you’re laughing against his lips and he’s like mumbling little ‘it’s not funny, that hurt,’ against yours and has this lil pouty face TRYING SO HARD NOT TO SMILE AT YOUR VERY HUSHED FIT OF LAUGHTER because wow, you? look so beautiful? And his breath catches a bit in his throat as you smile down at him, laughter still rosing (rosying?? Rosied?? DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) up your cheeks. And then he’s kissing you again, the pure passion and lust from before now mixing in with that love and admiration because wow, he has you, he actually has you. 

And like that, your back is pressed against his comforter, a little poof sounding around you. And he’s holding his weight above you, lips pressing against any inch of skin he can just because he is yearning to feel every part of you. And honestly, the removal of clothes is kind of a breeze and it just happens but. It’s after that, the time when you’re both just. Exposed to each other that everything just slows down and you’re just taking everything in. And you feel comfortable with this happening, you really do 100000% but you just can’t help but feel the slight embarrassment dusting the pink on your cheeks. For the second time that night, his throat dries, breath catching against it, because. You’re everything he wants and more. And he slowly leans in, wanting nothing more than to press that one kiss, that kiss that tells you everything is going to be alright, against your slightly parted lips.

And then he bumps his head against yours. He lets slip the small “shit, I’m sorry,” and you’re giggling and whispering a small “it’s okay,” while your hand rubs gently against his forehead, before pulling him down, that comforting kiss finally happening and? It reassures you both, that this is happening and it’s scary and huge but. You’re together and that’s what matters. 

And it’s? Definitely not perfect but at the same time, it is. It’s the perfect first time, shy, giggly, comfortable, you know? He doesn’t make you cum 30 bagillion times (because first times just aren’t like that lol.) There’s no kinky things going on, no costumes, no glitz or glam it’s just. Skin against skin, small words of encouragement and praise, gentle whispered ‘I love you’s’ one of which slipped, from whoever first you decide. 

After, the two of you cuddle, your head pressed against his chest as your fingers trace slowly, mimicking the pattern of his breathing. And his voice is raspy, quiet, matching the silent air around the two of you, talking about his matches while he was gone. And at some point the two of you just fall asleep, you a slight bit before Tyler, the sound of his voice lulling you. His lips press gingerly against the top of your head and he’s just. Asleep. 

Is there anyone else that thinks the whole constant flashing of the peace sign by the bates is dumb? I like the bates , but find that habit annoying and sort of childish.


I think it is hilarious, that they mostyl don’t even do the peace sign (shown by Carlin) but do it the wrong way round (Palm facing towards body), which means “up yours” in GB, Aus + NZ…. LOL (Annie)

I’m in love with psychopaths

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