Honestly, if you think about it, Yongguk and Junhong’s respective usage of “Free, Love, Real, Ill” says so much about what they bring to the group? Yongguk brings a sense of gravity, and Junhong is the playful counterpart to that. Junhong brings the passion and Yongguk brings the direction. 2 completely different rappers, and yet they work so well together.


171118, Lotte fanmeet 💚

Quick summary of fanmeet so far !

(info thanks to himchansdimple)

  • Daehyun has been practising the musical so much all the members feel like they’ve already seen it
  • Yongguk sang some of Daehyun’s musical song
  • Youngjae said Daehyun is still debating about whether he should pretend to kiss or actually do the kiss scene (just god darn do the kiss scene lad)
  • Games have been played! 
  • Junhong won first against Daehyun and then against Jongup (whom he said he think he could win against so props to JH)
  • Then Yongguk had to choose to play against someone and he picked Youngjae. and… somehow Youngjae ‘poop hands’ won. 
  • Youngjae then had to play a game involving hitting the other person. he chose Himchan. Himchan won. 
  • Jongup then had his turn and he picked Junhong. Jongup won by doing nothing (I figure Zelo just spectacularly failed) 
  • Daehyun picks to play against Junhong. Junhong loses. His forfeit was to do the banana aegyo (done before).