Sakurada Dori’s Official Blog: posted at  22:02:46 on  2015-08-19


OK, I’ll Go Home

Today I went to see the film ‘Bakuman’ at a preview

Takeru and Ryu-kun appeared

I read ‘Bakuman’ in manga

I’m still reading ‘Jump’

Well, I don’t know if it has something to do with it or not

The film was so good that I can’t move, sitting outside of the preview room

It was too good

Could there be such a good film in the world?

It was so good that I felt as if I were dying

Values are different from person to person, so you may think I’m exaggerating

For me, this film, Bakuman is No1.

I’m astonished. I’ve been looking forward to it, but how can it be such a good film?

I was crying over the story, or by just seeing the film as usual

When I saw the actors showing great performances, it made me cry, too

I don’t know if it’s the case – it may be just me who thinks so – but I have an image that those who ‘act’ seldom praise others or give advice to them

An image that they stay still and calm (an image that they take pictures as a hobby and say blurred pictures are also good …)


But I can’t live on without saying it, so I dare to tell you something like this:

I couldn’t understand myself not being on the screen

I’m finished, for I didn’t appear in such a good film

How frustrating and pathetic

I can’t move

I have no choice but to write my blog and calm myself down

It’s been an hour since the show finished, but I’m still crouching at the fountain at the foot of the TOHO building

I’m not sure if I can return home normally after watching such a good film

No matter how many years from now it may be, here, at the fountain of Hibiya Chanter at the foot of TOHO, Ginza, where I am now,

a film I play in will make a young man

crouch, I hope

Bakuman was so hot

I love this film

All who appeared in it were hot

Ah, I can’t believe there’s such a good film

That’s all I can say

What the hell!

Is there such a good film?

I want to play in a film like this

I want to encounter those who desire to make such a film like this

I can believe it from the bottom of my heart

All of them are great

Not only the cast

but the staff or all those who are concerned are the best

Ah, finally again I saw such a penetrating film …

What shall I do?

I’m happy I could see it

I’m happy I could see Bakuman

I’m happy to be alive

A tiny hope was born, at the preview

A person next to me was also crying with a towel in his hand

I didn’t feel that it was a preview

There was laughter, too

What the hell!

How could there be such a good film?

See you(TωT)/~~~