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Can You Match These Protagonists to Their Anime?

See if you can match these protags to their anime! And this is not just modern anime, I made sure to include one from each decade starting with the 60s! There’s a mix of popular and less well-known ones!

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Baku-”Man Smart, Woman Dumb”

Summary: Moritaka Mashiro likes to draw, but it’s not what he considers his defining trait. After his uncle, a formerly-popular mangaka, died of overwork trying to replicate his own success, Moritaka never really considered art a serious endeavor. One thing he does take seriously, however, is his crush on his cute classmate Miho Azuki. When the smartest boy in his class, Akito Takagi, finds a sketch Moritaka drew of Azuki, he suggests they team up to create manga together. Moritaka has misgivings at first - trying to break into the field is too big a gamble - but before he knows it, the two grow determined to get their manga into the popular Jump magazine.

Content warnings: a whole lot of sexism, but nothing worse than that


Note: I apologize for the quality of the images - I took pictures of the book using my phone

I’ll be honest here - I did not go into Bakuman in good faith. I started it knowing full well about Ohba and Obata’s disdain for women. The series is well-loved and critically acclaimed enough that I’m sure that there’s plenty to like about it, but since I am specifically taking aim at the parts that frustrate and anger me, I’m pretty much blind to those elements. No, I read Bakuman expecting to hate it and, shockingly, was correct.

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Bakuman live-action movie and “Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara” (If Cats Disappeared from the World) will be shown at Fantasia Festival International De Films in Montreal, Canada on the following dates:

Seka Neko - July 24, 2016 at 19:15
Bakuman - July 30, 2016 at 18:40

For more info, go to their website: 1 | 2