Favourite Ben 10 Episodes (5/19): Episode 137: The Ultimate Sacrifice

“You probably won’t believe this, but I never meant for you to suffer. Any of you, and I’m sorry.”

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What is your foundation shade with Mac? And what foundations do you wear and in what shades? If you don't mind me asking. Thanks:)

MAC doesn’t make a shade for me (from the formulas I’ve tried). NC15 is too dark and orange and NW10 is way too pink. 

(some of these are too dark but unlike mac don’t turn orange on me | I would mix in white but all white mix ins I’ve found are for dry skin)

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear: 1W1 Bone
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay: Fair Sand
  • MUFE Mat Velvet: 20 (neutrals run pink)
  • Nars (all foundations) Siberia or Gobi
  • Bobbi Brown Warm Ivory 1 (I think I might change to Porcelain 0 and just deal with the pink tones though)
  • Laura Mercier Silk Creme: Soft Ivory (they reformulated recently so I don’t know what shade I am now)
  • YSL Fusion Ink: B10 / BD10 (I don’t remember but I remember it was a good match)
  • Becca: Shell (foundations runs yellow)
  • Revlon Color Stay: Buff
  • L’Oreal True Match: W1

Caros alunos, venho aqui hoje para relatar uma terrível tragédia que ocorreu na noite passada. Ontem sofremos uma perda horrível, um de nossos alunos estava no prédio B10, aquele onde as atividades estão inativadas, um incêndio iniciou-se e ele não conseguiu sair de uma das salas. Infelizmente, quando os bombeiros chegaram, já era tarde demais. Esse aluno é alguém que todos nós conhecemos, Sheldon Hudson, nosso querido e eterno editor-chefe, tenho certeza que ele permanecerá na lembrança de todos. Pelo o estado em que o corpo foi encontrado, a família optou por fazer uma cremação, mas amanhã haverá uma cerimônia aqui no campus em homenagem a Sheldon, espero que todos compareçam. Obrigada.

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is there any difference between the celebrity trio and the hero trio bc i am so confoosed rn

TBH i see people exchange/overlap the members of secret trio, hero trio and celebrity trio a lot but i THINK its;

celebrity trio: Rex Salazar, Ben Tennyson, Zak Saturday (even though hes not a celebrity? im not complaining though)

and the secret trio and hero trio are basically the same thing both with Jake Long, Randy Cunningham, and Danny Fenton,

sometimes i see Zak Saturday in secret trio instead of someone else and once again im not complaining but, anyways i hope this helped :000

daitoshi replied to your post: leap-of-fail asked:Okay so this i…

I was interested in Ben 10 when it first came out, but something about it just put me off of it. Idk, it just didn’t hold my interest.

the two series after the original ben 10 were kinda bad i don’t like them too much but Omniverse feels a lot more like the original ben 10 being more fun and colorful and such. and ye u can skip straight to it, i think they usually explain stuff that happened in between but if not it’s always easily searched on the wiki.

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Since its you recommending it, I’ll likely give it a shot. ^_^
I do trust your taste in cartoons, and I need to pass some time anyway.
Should I watch all of the original Ben 10 as well? I think I watched ~ half of the total episodes of that first series.

(It’s easier to add links this way)

Hmm I think look through the wiki guide (it’s nice because it’s organized with thumbnails) and browse to see what you remember, what you don’t, what looks interesting or important. You can either pick and choose and watch or read the summary for the ep or just watch everything and skip through nostalgia lane. 

(Rook is my favorite character btw and he’s only in Omniverse he’s precious).