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Warning: The first thirty seconds or so feature a scene within the episode that shows a lot of flashbacks flashing at once. This might be problematic for certain people.


I uploaded this earlier but people were having trouble with the Youtube link so I made it a direct upload.

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So how about last night’s episode huh!?

Araeph’s Greatest Hits

It’s Araeph’s 500th tumblr post! Thanks to everyone for reading, following, reblogging, discussing, and putting hilarious tags on my posts (you know who you are). As a reward, here is a masterlist of my criticism, along with a few choice pieces from other people. I will try to update it regularly going forward.

Have fun browsing the list, and let me know if anything is missing!

On Criticism Itself

What’s the point of being a fan if you’re not a critical one?     [mindythings]

On fans defending bad writing
Thank you to the A:TLA movie critics
How to Improve Analytical Skills
Recommended Analysis Blogs

Lit Crit

Bald-Faced Misogyny in The Moonstone
Pride and Prejudice and Consent
P&P vs. Jane Eyre
Which version of P&P is your favorite?

LOTR Criticism

No Longer Bilbo’s Story
Summary: An examination of how Tauriel, Legolas, and Alfrid pull attention away from Bilbo Baggins and wrap the narrative around themselves to no benefit of the story as a whole.
The Destruction of Narrative Integrity: Tauriel   “It’s not just about how well a character is written. It’s about how well a character causes the rest of the story to be written.” A look at the role of Tauriel’s character in The Desolation of Smaug.
An Embarrassment of Fanservice: Legolas    Legolas of Mirkwood continues the fine Tauriel tradition of sidlining canon characters, themes, and events in pursuit of his own awesomeness.
Alfrid and the Keys to the Kingdom    An exploration of how Alfrid the Anti-Stu gets everyone around to put him in charge of important business.
Reforging the Shards of the Hobbit     An examination of possible fixes for the Hobbit movies to rid them of their Sues.

Merlin Criticism

The Rise and Fall of a Dragon     A comparison of Zuko and Arthur’s character arcs, with confronting their fathers as the pivot point.
The Triumph of Uther Pendragon    A BBC's Merlin review, in which I argue that this show most closely resembles Uther—not Merlin or Arthur—in ideas, form, and function. [Ao3]

Bryke Criticism

Bryke’s approach to the comics and LOK
Bryke’s unwitting endorsement of Korra criticism
Bryke victim-blaming Kya and Bumi
Fourth season of A:TLA?

Legend of Korra Criticism

The Legend of Korra: A Star Wars Prequel
Why LOK is not a progressive show - masterlist
The Nonbenders of A:TLA and LOK
Humanizing the Characters in LOK
LOK tries and fails to recreate the success of Zuko
LOK and Complex Villainy     [with conmakorra]
Old Ladies vs. Old Men in Avatarverse
Female characters in A:TLA vs. LOK  [makaveli]
Someone unwisely tries to defend LOK

An Invasion is Fine As Long As It’s Spiritual

Summary: In court, Korra has to defend her decision to leave the Spirit Portals open.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

A:TLA Comics Criticism

A:TLA Comics and Character
Katara’s frightened face in the comics
When Plot-Driven Stories Aren’t Adapted to Fit the Characters    [@terminaschosenone]
Four-year-old Korra beats Katara?

The Sukka State of the Union
Summary: An exploration of Bryke’s penchant for ship baiting.
Part 1    [@jordanalane]
Part 2     [jordanalane and terminaschosenone]

Shipping Criticism

How would you rewrite Maiko or Kataang?
How would you approach canon Zutara?
Kataang vs. Zutara: Dialogue in the Final Arc

Kataang Criticism

Why Katara and Zuko understand each other’s anger—and Aang doesn’t
Katara’s reaction to Aang’s rage vs. Aang’s reaction to Katara’s
Kataang is conditional
Kataang and earning affection
Aang isn’t supportive purple monkey dishwasher
Katara on the sidelines while Aang gets attention    [ @keytara, terminaschosenone]
The will-they-won’t-they relationship     [makaveli]
Aang and Katara’s repetitive character dynamics
Katara’s friendly affection toward Aang
Katara’s features are altered during romance scenes with Aang
Katara, Aang, and Consent

Maiko Criticism
Gender Double Standards and Maiko/Kataang     [with @theadamantdaughter]
Maiko and Ozai parallels    [@honxrable]
Mai’s betrayal of Zuko
Maiko were childhood sweethearts?    [@seapruncs, terminaschosenone]
Maiko is not in line with Zuko’s character arc     [theadamantdaughter]
Maiko, Kataang, and Body Language    [with theadamantdaughter]
Who is responsible for the downfall of Maiko?
Zuko, Mai, and the Nature of True Intimacy  (Ao3)

Debunking Anti-Zutara Arguments
Zuko had selfish motives for helping Katara in “The Southern Raiders”
Zuko was encouraging darkness in Katara
Zutara is dark or abusive     [theadamantdaughter]
Katara being Firelady reduces her to a trophy
The pirates scene is a reason not to ship Zutara
Katara threatening Zuko is romantic, but Mai refusing a seashell is not     [seapruncs]
People ship Zutara because it’s exciting
Zuko grabbing Katara’s arm in “The Promise” is toxic
Zutara would be an abusive relationship, redux

Character Analysis

The A:TLA Family
Azula and Katara are perfect literary foils     [lokgifsandmusings]
Sokka and Zuko parallels
The Firebending Masters: Duality
Defeating Ozai
A:TLA’s Tumultuous Third Season

Aang and the Marty Stu Finale
On Aang not killing Ozai
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Aang killing Ozai would not be true to A:TLA
Has Aang killed people before? 
Reexamining the Lion Turtle    [terminaschosenone] 
Alternative methods of dealing with Ozai
Aang and his adamant belief system
Is Aang abusive in LOK?
Aang and acknowledging mistakes
Aang’s best relationship
So you’re saying you hate Aang?

Ode to Azula
What’s your opinion of Azula?
Common Azula misconceptions
Azula’s upbringing

Thoughts on Hama
Parallels Between Hama and Jet

And Never the Twain Shall Meet
Iroh’s reaction to Maiko    [with terminaschosenone] 
Zuko’s Song

Should Jet be redeemed?

Why “Katara is as much a fighter as a healer” is wrong
“You didn’t love her the way I did!”
Katara’s abandonment issues 
Katara’s complexity of character

Katara: Consumed by Destiny 
Summary: A look at the consistency of Katara’s characterization from LOK to the comics to A:TLA.
Legend of Korra: Final mention
Legend of Korra: Book 4
Legend of Korra: Book 3
Legend of Korra: Book 2
Legend of Korra: Book 1
Legend of Korra: Pilot
Comics: Smoke and Shadow
Comics: The Rift
Comics: The Search
Comics: The Promise
Avatar the Last Airbender: Book 3
Avatar the Last Airbender: Book 2
Avatar the Last Airbender: Book 1

Things Mai says to or about Zuko in Smoke and Shadow
A Tale of Two Mais
Moral Ambiguity vs. Moral Apathy
Mai’s Palanquin Ride
Mai’s character path
Mai in the comics is manipulative  [@honxrable]
You hate Mai so much for no reason!

Why Ozai Is Dangerous

What’s Your Opinion of Song?

Why Azula considers Sokka the biggest threat of the GAang    [focusas, xenavitani]
Sokka’s initial characterization
Sokka’s support for Katara

Toph’s character path
Thoughts on Taang
Taang and the Air Nomad question

Zuko fans do not think Zuko is perfect
Why Zuko’s belief system holds up better than Aang’s
Zuko becoming Firelord right after the war
Team Ehasz: The Iroh in the Writing Room 

Smoke and Shadow part 1

Remember when Mai and Ty lee were frightful of Azula having revenge on them. Punishing them for their famous betrayal. They even looked out of the shop to check out if she was there. They actually were feeling safe when she was imprisoned. Azula has a very strong intimidation presence that got to everyone’s heart, even if they pretend they don’t (like Mai).

They were right, though. Someone like Azula would’ve turned to an avenger after she lost everything and seek revenge. Her goals would be restore the throne and kill/imprison certain people.

Smoke and Shadow part 3

Azula just give Ty lee a slap, a talk friendly to Mai. And remembered the old days when they were little with a smile. Azula’d always still Azula to the core, but the pretty thing her (and the proof of her changing) that she hasn’t choose revenge on her former friends as they strongly expected.


Avatar - The Guru - Here Comes A Thought


Last night’s episode of Steven Universe was amazing! After listening to the song, I immediately knew that I had to create this. Enjoy!

(Don’t be too jarred by the fact that Guru Pathik suddenly sounds like Estelle.)