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Assassin’s 100 ways to death ③

some pictures about assassin’s creed I drew last year and just want to sare the happiness with you (:3_ヽ)_

my first inspiration just want to pay my respects to The Book Of Bunny Suicide
and my English is not good 😂
thanks for watching

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Frye twins Headcanons

Halfway through AC Syndicate and I’m already doing this… might delete this in the near future.

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I think…

Evie can actually be brash as much as Jacob can actually be stealthy. They had an unspoken understanding for their own styles after realizing their inclination

As a child, Jacob hated it when he made Evie truly upset. This led him to overcompensate at times like when their dad’s cane-sword went missing and he saw Evie training with it someplace hidden and how she looked really happy so he nicked it from her things and put it in his so she wouldn’t be scolded for being curious and passionate about being an assassin

When they were being trained, Evie would always look out for Jacob whenever he freeruns because he looked so reckless doing it and she know she’ll lose her shit if anything happens to him

They’re each other’s human diary. Jacob would make a point to let Evie vent before responding with a bucketload of sass and emotion at the same time, while Evie would make an effort to give her best advice and that’d upset Jacob only because she’s already the best without even trying 

Jacob would be biased whenever Evie and Henry fought unless there was no true way to justify whatever it is Evie did

They’re each other’s pillow as well. Evie lowkey likes to lean on Jacob’s shoulders and Jacob almost immediately gets knocked out once his head hits Evie’s lap

Jacob is Evie’s go-to guy for advice on men whenever she gets confused about something Henry did

Rooks who celebrate their birthdays get a lot of surprises from both of them #lowkeyparents

On their birthday, the Rooks would scatter their gifts all across London for them to find

Evie finds Jacob and Henry’s bonding time annoying endearing

Jacob studied how to speak Indian but didn’t tell Evie or Henry so if the little shits try to insult him he’d understand 

The thought of making her child/ren bilingual excited Evie maybe a bit too much

Evie’s penmanship is beautiful and fabulous that it sometimes makes Jacob salty so he secretly tries to copy her handwriting when he has time

Since finding out his native name, Jacob also nicknamed Henry “JD”

Evie is a giggly drunk, especially when Henry’s around

Jacob’s actually open-minded about feminine things like periods because he was the only one with Evie when she had her first 

Request: Number one from this list ❤️ 1. “I need you.”

Pairing: Jacob Frye x Reader

Note: Little bit of angst with Jacob? Yes? .. No? Well… We have a little bit of angst with Jacob. Kind of fluffy, if ya look close? I know it’s late, and I’m sorry, loves! Feel like this one is… Weird? But it’s Jacob, and I love this scoundrel ❤️

Summary: Jacob has an anxiety attack. He’s glad that Y/N is there and able to comfort him, though. 695 words (little short for Jacob, innit?!).

“I need you.” Jacob’s voice was barely a whisper, pride pushed aside. Y/N looked at him with confusion clear on her face.

“What?” Y/N asked, voice soft as she looked at Jacob, head tilted slightly as she waited for a response from him.

Jacob then sighed a heavy, shaking breath before speaking again, Y/N not expecting the tremble in his voice.

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