!assassin's creed

Me seeing my own memes show up on my dashboard cuz people I follow reblogged them

Me thinking about AC3 and Connor: hehehehe yeah….

*Suddenly remembers that one video Epic Meal Time did to celebrate him and the game*


*I just remembered the channel and the vid so I thought you’d like this too if you haven’t seen this before

“When you are alone and those negative thoughts begin to settle in, as hard as it may be, focus on something else. Anything to remind yourself that you are better than those thoughts.”

I want to write but have minimal energy for drafts. Maybe send random stuff to my inbox and I’ll write some stuff over the next few days? Here or over on Jecht. I’m heading to bed now, so it’ll be starting tomorrow, but hmu maybe. Questions, prompts, headcanons, random whatevers, etc. I would love it :]