“The Generation of Miracles all went to extremely reputed and powerful schools which are scattered all over Japan. It is unknown why they split up, but it is said that they were all interested in comparing each other’s abilities individually which compelled them to take this course. Ever since these Miracles have joined their current teams, their powers have significantly increased.”


“Don’t you understand? You’re nothing against me. I told you earlier, your light is too dim. You cannot do anything against me.”“Ha, I take back everything I said! Kagami, you’re the best!

Dedicated to firebyfire. Happy Birthday, Nami!

“That’s right, I’m the ace. The ace who leads the team to victory. I don’t ever want to lose again. I don’t ever want to let him lose again. I’ll make Kaijo win, against Seirin, no matter what.” - Ryota Kise, 196Q

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tell me, what’s the point if your supposed ‘attack’ doesn’t even connect?

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