The T35 Side-Loading Garand

In 1951/52 Springfield Armory began experimenting with rechambering the M1 Garand in the new T65E3 (light rifle) cartridge. As part of these experiments several alternate feed and magazine systems were also tested. In order to rechamber a standard M1 in the new cartridge the barrel was replaced and a machined aluminum filler block was placed in the breech to compensate for the shorter length of the new cartridge.

Roy S. Sanford & Company of Oakville, Connecticut were contracted by the Springfield Armory to develop a 10-round integral side loading magazine for the M1 Garand chambered in the T65E3 round then under testing. The magazine was to be an integral precision made part of the rifle which could be reloaded using an inexpensive clip. Differing from the standard M1 the new system was to allow the topping off of the magazine. 

The Sanford Integral Magazine was developed by Roy S. Sanford, a prolific engineer who also patented a number of belt-feed systems. At least two testbed T35 Garands were adapted to fit the new side magazine. This saw a number of changes including the vertical alignment of the charging handle and the addition of a large hump on the fore stock to provide a place for the large magazine housing which jutted out of the rifle’s receiver (see image below). 

A T35 with a 5-round clip partially inserted into a Sanford side-loading magazine (source)

Sanford’s magazine could hold 10 rounds however, the system was complex requiring a follower, partition assembly and a last round feeder to function. The partition assembly was made up of six small pieces which attached to the follower, all of which was raised by the follower arm as the magazine was expended. Sanford & Company’s final report on the magazine system, published in December 1953, explained how the magazine worked: 

‘The ten round magazine, in effect, is a single row of rounds folded on itself. Feed is provided by spring loading the return bend to move the rounds toward the gun. A partition is required to separate the stationary side. This partition must also permit “turn around” at the bend. The replenishing of the magazine is accomplished at the fixed end of the row.’

This system can be seen in image #6 above. Sheet metal was used to minimise the additional weight caused by the magazine. The first model was loaded from left-side while the second model loaded from the right (see images). The second model was built from a partially completed receiver to allow the second model to load from the left and allowed the magazine orientation to be cut from 30 degrees to 15 degrees which improved the rifle’s appearance and handling according to Sanford. This however, undermined the possibility of retrofitting existing M1s to use the new system.    

An alternate T35 with a Johnson rotary magazine, manufactured by Olin Industries c.1954 (source)

Another side loading integral magazine was tested, a derivative of Melvin Johnson’s rotary magazine. This was built by Olin Industries in 1952/53 and was tested in April 1954. It was reported that converting existing M1 Garands to use the rotary magazine would have been “exceedingly difficult and probably impractical.”

The Sanford Integral Magazine rifle was tested at the Springfield Armory at the beginning of 1954 with a total of 313 rounds fire. During the 100 round function test the rifle was found to be difficult to load with clips. There were also concerns about the rigidity of the stock (see image #2). While the weapon was said to have functioned satisfactorily the final report published in August 1954 deemed that the magazine system had several undesirable features which made it unacceptable and it was decided that the side-loading integral magazine was not militarily suitable.


Images 1 & 2 Source

Images 3 to 7 Source

Image 8 Source




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Improved Version M1 Rifle with Side loading Magazine, Final Narrative Summary Report. Olin Industries, Inc. April 1954 [source]

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Battle Rifle Comparison

Here is an image of both the BR55 Battle Rifle (Halo 2) and the BR85 Battle Rifle (Halo 5), flick between them both and you will realize how small the H2 Battle Rifle actually is.

Extra Note - For those who are unable to get the Battle Rifle req and have to pray every night to RNG jesus then jump on Riptide. There is a H2 Battle Rifle on that map and it is behind where i am stood in this screenshot (not exactly behind, near a small grav lift). Either that or jump in forge!

Kanshou and Bakuya - Gan Jiang and Mo Ye

These two, are twin blades representing the Yin and Yang, found by Archer at some point along his lifespan and added to his Unlimited Blade Works. They are his favorite blades, and he usually fights with them to the point that they are his “trademark” weapon. He finds the craftmanship of the blades, rather of what they represent, something amazing and unique, captivating and beautiful. Despite not being wielded on any legends, they are still Noble Phantasms.

The twin are identical in shape, only differing in color. Kanshou, the black Yang blade, has an hexagonal pattern all over itself; while Kanshou, the white Yin sword, has on it’s polished metal the haze of a cloud. They have as a particualirty, that they will always “attract” eachother, including any amount of new projected copies. This, along with their experience and skill, increase the rank of the user slightly.

They were created by Gan Jiang,Kanshou, of Wu during the Spring and Autumm period. They were created without vanity, and lack a sense of purpose found in other swords. They contain no fighting spirit to defeat others or competitive spirit to beat other weapons, and they contain neither the desire to be famous nor the faith to accomplish great deeds.

Upon receiving orders from King of Wu to forge the imperial sword, Kanshou could not think of ways to forge swords that fit such orders. While he was extremely frustrated and desperate, his wife Mò Yé, Bakuya, upon seeing this situation, decided to gamble her own life. The sacrificing of human lives is absolutely necessary in order to forge items reaching the realm of Gods, so Bakuya hurled herself into the furnace in front of the husband she loved and used her own life to help the Essence of Five Mountains and the Metal of Six Heroes meld. Kanshou forged the two swords in grief.  Their quality and ability as swords is high due to being made with the best materials and a human sacrifice, and they have shamanistic and ritual aspects as enchanted weapons. The quality of the grips is more important in the practical use of the swords than the ornamental value, and they are noted as being quite big and heavy.


Riptide Easter Eggs!

So riptide actually has a few easter eggs in and out of the map. Firstly you have 4 grunts placed mainly outside of the map that look insanely happy, then you have a box them resembles the box used to summon Mr. Meeseeks in Rick and Morty (god help us all if this becomes a useable item)

Outside of the map you will find some deck chairs, from there you can sit down and enjoy the view as pelicans do an awesome fly by across the water and then above you and to finish it off one of those “space whales” jumping out of the water.

Ps. These are what grunts look like when they’ve had to much food nipple.

So be it! See to it!

The papers of the great science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler are here at The Huntington, and we are super excited to team up with Los Angeles arts organization Clockshop (@clockshopla​) on Radio Imagination, a yearlong series of events celebrating Butler’s life and work. The project centers on a series of artist and writer commissions to create new works based on the Butler archive here at The Huntington. Other partners include the Armory Center for the Arts and the Library Foundation of Los Angeles’ ALOUD series.

Read more in “Celebrating Octavia Butler” on VERSO, and head to Clockshop to find out more about Radio Imagination.

caption: Handwritten notes on inside cover of one of Octavia E. Butler’s commonplace books, 1988. Octavia E. Butler papers. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

Durandal - The Peerless Sword 

The holy sword favored by the paladin leader of the Twelve Peers, Roland. It was granted to king Charlemagne by an angel, and awarded to Roland. It is a dazzling sword that possesses three miracles that allow it to maintain its sharpness even after its possessor’s prana is depleted.

It’s power lies on it’s effect. As a Broken Phantasm, it isn’t as powerful as other of his weapons. But when Archer is low on prana, it’s the most cost-effective weapon he is able to create, making it perfect for a powerful, small cost arrow.


January Update - Infinity’s Armory

Heres a list of whats to come with the january update!


  • Mark V Alpha [Mythic]
  • Gungnir Dvalin [Legendary]
  • Achilles [Ultra Rare]
  • Atlas Unbound [Ultra Rare]
  • Infiltrator Saboteur [Ultra Rare]
  • Atlas [Rare]
  • Atlas Vigilant [Rare]
  • Enforcer Strongarm [Rare]
  • Stalker Arrow [Rare]


  • Halo 2 Battle Rifle [Mythic Loadout]
  • Blood of Suban [Rare]
  • Rain of Oblivion [Uncommon]

Weapon Skins

  • EHH, ARR - Assault Rifle [Legendary]
  • Locke and Loaded - Pistol [Legendary]
  • Prestige - Assault Rifle [Ultra Rare]
  • Prestige - Battle Rifle [Ultra Rare]
  • Prestige - DMR [Ultra Rare]
  • Prestige - Pistol [Ultra Rare]
  • Prestige - SMG [Ultra Rare]
  • Boomco AR Blaster - Assault Rifle [Ultra Rare]
  • Boomco Magnum Blaster - Pistol [Ultra Rare]
  • Old Abe - Assault Rifle [Rare]
  • Full Moon - Pistol [Rare]
  • Scratched -Assault Rifle [Rare]
  • Scratched - Pistol [Rare]
  • Last Slice - Assault Rifle [Uncommon]
  • Lord of the Fries - Pistol [Uncommon]


  • Hypocenter [Rare]


  • Patrol [Legendary]
  • Center Mass [Ultra Rare]


  • Stop Stabbing Yourself [Ultra Rare]
  • Windup [Ultra Rare]


  • Brute [Legendary]
  • Forge Monitor [Ultra Rare]
  • Crossed Swords [Rare]
  • Atrial Fight [Uncommon]
  • Boomco. [Uncommon]
  • BR 55 [Uncommon]
  • Chamomile [Uncommon]
  • Number Twelve [Uncommon]
  • Snake [Uncommon]
  • Keeper of the Domain [Uncommon]
  • Kig-Yar [Uncommon]
  • Unggoy [Uncommon]


  • Riptide [Arena]
  • Urban [Warzone Assault]

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Archer’s Armor

His armor, is made of the same material that is made his bow, a powerful and resistant armor, able to take fire from a Noble Phantasm. His overcoat, is a conceptual weapon refined from the holy shroud of a saint; that not only opposes enemies, it opposes the environment as well. It’s a gift from a certain curry-loving member of the clergy.