Of all the characters in Ao Haru Ride, Touma is the one who I admire the most. Yes, he took advantage of that time where Futaba feels dejected and weak. But  that was an effort where he knew he'd be in a painful position. He courageously asked her to go out with him knowing she still loves Kou. Being in such a disadvantage, he never gave up on her. Even though he knew that Kou is always on her mind even if they are together, he never upbraided her. NEVER! He's just there making Futaba smile and waiting for all his effort to come into fruition. He never wants her to feel troubled or hurt. Touma always did his best and because of that Futaba felt happy and loved. But it was never enough. After their break up, he said "I should've tried harder". NO! He's the perfect boyfriend. He must never regret anything. Touma dated Futaba because he doesn't want to see pain in her anymore. And during their relationship, not even once did he hurt her. But in the end, Futaba chose Kou. And Touma has this one wish. That Kou won't hurt her again. He doesn't care if it's not him as long as Futaba is smiling. Now, that is true love people!