cute things the signs do on a rainy day
  • Aries:collects all the fuzzy and woolly socks they can find and takes selfies in every pair
  • Taurus:makes super fancy hot chocolate and gets a hot chocolate mustache while drinking it
  • Gemini:puts all their indoor plant friends outside so they can take a nice shower
  • Cancer:builds a blanket fort in the living room and naps under it with all their animals
  • Leo:does their hair up all fancy and puts on their hottest outfit then wanders around the house complimenting themselves in every mirror
  • Virgo:opens every window and dances around half-naked to the sound of the rain
  • Libra:tries to read to their animals but gets frustrated when they won't listen and ends up watching their favorite movie just so they can recite all the words
  • Scorpio:sits on the kitchen floor in their underwear and makes up a thousand stories inside their head
  • Sagittarius:runs outside immediately and dances in the yard under the rain but regrets it later when they get the sniffles
  • Capricorn:tries out every recipe they can get their hands on and invites all their friends over for a rainy day tea party
  • Aquarius:builds little shelters out of things laying around the yard so the neighborhood animals can be safe from the storm
  • Pisces:drives to the nearest park and plays on the swing sets until the rain stops

We’ve been studying ocean animals so I brought a lobster and octopus to open house. The kids seemed to really enjoy seeing and touching these exotic creatures.

every flash animator in the late 2000s/early 2010s: i know, i’ll make a zelda parody but instead of talking link just yells loudly