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Okay so CorAvis royalty AU where Aravis is forced to marry someone so before her wedding night she grabs the first servant she sees and is like "We are running away to get married." And Cor is like "Um. Okay?" And it turns out they are really bad at having a stereotypical runaway romance. They just argue and flirt a lot which turns into "I actually love you whoops how do I tell you wait we just got married um…?"


  • He doesn’t really want to go, but this girl is dragging him by the wrist.
  • Also, despite being really tough, he can see she’s really scared.
  • When she says they’re getting married, he didn’t actually think she meant it.
  • He panics when she starts talking about where they’re going to get married.
  • Cue their first argument.
  • “But you agreed to marry me!” 
  • “I thought it was a joke!”
  • “I said, we’re getting married. and You said okay.”
  • And Cor is just like super frustrated, but he wanted out of the palace anyway, so he goes with her.
  • But they need to flee the area to find someone to marry them…which gives a lot of time for fighting and flirting.
  • And Cor is a much better flirt than Aravis expected.
  • She blushes a lot and is so happy that she’s dark skinned and Cor can’t see.
  • She’s horrible at flirting, and only ends up punching him.
  • She thinks Cor is just a flirt, but as they travel, she doesn’t see his side glances and smiles
  • Because he’s been watching her as a servant for awhile
  • And he can’t believe he’s actually travelling with her
  • She’s irritating and headstrong, but gosh she’s pretty and her passion is contagious

Cmon, Wind, give me more!!!!

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I'm watching Doctor Who for the first time ever and I had to start on season 5 (Netflix didn't have the earlier ones rip) and I just saw 11's regeneration and I'm crying

I feel you, nonnie. I started crying by the drunk giraffe and never stopped.

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I was scrolling through your headcanons (they're awesome btw like omg). But when Lucy and Edmund first came to Narnia and had their entire exchange then left, right and then all four of them entered Narnia, everything was already melting. We know it was the same day in England but how long was it in Narnia? We need a time converter for Narnian time I swear

You know, I always wondered the same! I wonder how much time passed between Tumnus and Lucy meeting and then all four of them returning. I assume a few days? The melting was just a part of the spell breaking quickly.

Anyone else have thoughts?

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Edmund (modernAU) - @ ♥ (;╹⌓╹)

Oh my gosh, you’re the only person to send one of these in. Thank you <33

@: How the character appears online

Edmund is a chill person online. On Tumblr, he mostly reblogs edits and hc’s from all his fandoms. Occasionally, his fanboy comes out, but for the most part, he’s super approachable.

♥ = Character’s preference for relationships (sexuality, type of person, etc.) 

Edmund’s type was actually really fiery. Usually they had strong opinions and stated them gracefully and not obnoxiously.

(;╹⌓╹) = What scares the character 

He hates being in the house alone (in England). He’s accustomed to having four siblings, and even in Narnia, he had guards and servants around him. Being in an empty house was unnerving.

Hey, guys. If you want to send these in right now, I’ll do some tonight. I’m sort of bedridden right now. Ha. So please. I’m bored. :)

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