I’m so torn because on the one hand I love seeing a new side of Sarek but on the other hand every time he shows her even a modicum of kindness I’m filled with so much anger on behalf of Spock, like have you spoken to your son lately???? or did you already disown him??? You personally brought her to her ship and hand picked her captain but refused to acknowledge Spock for 18 goddamn years for joining Starfleet??? Sarek my dude what’s the deal????? She’s got a piece of your motherfucking katra and you use it to encourage her from light years away after she commits mutiny but you will show Spock nothing but disdain for most of his life??????

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For your Ecstasy Is All You Need, how about back in the past, Killian didn't quite get around in time to stop Emma and Past!Hook. Basically he watched them do the do, and found it insanely hot or something, and has to get himself off, then sneak Emma away after she and Past!Hook finished, he being drunk and passed out. (It would be absolutely amazing if you made it super descriptive on both ends [descriptive jacking of, as well as sex, is hot as hell], lots of dirty talk, and all that.) Thanks!!

Hey there! I recently โ€˜askedโ€™ about a Past!Hook x Emma while Killian watched prompt, but ran out of room. I wanted to say super descriptive/explicit dirty talk, too,because, to Past!Hook, he only saw another needy bar wench. So her taken on several surfaces and positions, too, would be awesome. But whatever you wish! I love your writing! Thanks again!

โ€œI just got tired of waiting.โ€

He needs to get out of here. Emma and his past self are murmuring to each other, teasing and flirting tones intersected by the wet sounds of hungry kisses. Killian falters at that, jealousy burning in his chest. He looks over his shoulder as Emmaโ€™s eyes meet his, silently urging him to leave, now, while she keeps Hook distracted.

Distracted. With that lovely mouth and her hands running across his chest and those breasts pushed up so delectablyโ€ฆ

Gods what he wouldnโ€™t give to remember this encounter from Hookโ€™s point of view.

Hook turns, Emma still in his arms, and Killian lunges under his desk, trying to keep quiet while knowing that any scuffle or creak could be explained by the shipโ€™s gentle rock in the harbor or one of the many rodents or rat-catchers living on board. Emmaโ€™s cloak hits the floor, followed closely by Hookโ€™s greatcoat. โ€œUp you get, love,โ€ Hook murmurs and Killian winces as he sees Emma, or rather her feet and skirts, lifted and then deposited on the desk above him.ย โ€œNow, why does such a pretty lass like you wear so many clothes?โ€

โ€œKeeps every pirate from stealing what isnโ€™t his?โ€

To anyone else Emma sounds confident and coy, but Killian hears the slight waver in her voice that betrays her nerves and he knows his past self is too drunk to pick up on that. Is she nervous about whatโ€™s to come, or that heโ€™s still here to witness it?

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Little Witch Academia Chronicle:Character Designs

(Age/Birthplace/Birthday/Height/Weight/Blood Type/Vital Stats)

Atsuko Kagari
16/Japan/June 25th/161cm/45kg/O+/B80-W59-H83

Lotte Jansson
16/Finland/September 6th/156cm/47kg/A-/B77-W60-H80

Sucy Manbavaran
16/Unknown/December 31st/163cm/45kg/Unknown/B78-W56-H80

Diana Cavendish
16/Britain/April 30th/168cm/49kg/B-/B85-W57-H86

Amanda O'Neill
16/US/March 17th/167cm/51kg/O-/B86-W58-H87

Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank Albrechtsberger
16/German/October 12nd/152cm/41kg/AB+/B76-W55-H80

Jasminka Antonenko
16/Russia/November 1st/165cm/69kg/O-/B91-W82-H90

Ursula Callistis(Chariot du Nord)
Unknown/France/February 20th/170cm/53kg/AB-/B86-W58-H87

Croix Meridies
Unknown/Italy/October 13th/172cm/55kg/A+/B89-W87-H85

Hannah & Barbara are 16.