fic; No Place Without You

Harry’s in love with life and he’s in love with the world.

Louis’ in love with Harry and he doesn’t think there’s anyway he can possibly compete.

A Wanderlust au in which Harry doesn’t have a permanent home and stays with Louis when he visits NYC.

Word Count: 19+k 

on ao3 here!

don’t ask me to say that i don’t love you

The I Love You Series – “Come here. Let me fix it.”

~DURING - 7 months~

Irritable is probably the best word to describe you right now. So far this whole day has just been taxing on you emotionally, and you are in not mood to deal with anything at the moment. You’ve just walked in the door, but you have about thirty minutes before you’re supposed to leave again to go to an event with Shawn.

All you want to do is to sleep, but you know you don’t even have time for a power nap. You glance in the bathroom mirror, and quickly apply more makeup before entering the bedroom and pulling out the dress you had picked out earlier. Shawn is supposed to be here soon, and you’re still not even dressed. In your rush, you somehow manage to jam the zipper of your dress, leaving it half zipped in the back, and it won’t budge. You’re still trying to un jam it when Shawn knocks on the door. “Come in.” You call, and the door swings open. He stops when he sees you, only taking a second to notice the frustration on your face, and your two hands behind your back, still trying to unjam the zipper.

A small smile ghosts his face, “Come here. Let me fix it.” Is all he says, and you do, closing the distance between the two of you. He manages to fix the zipper in a few seconds and then he wraps his arms around you from behind. He kisses your cheek and simply holds you. You try to wiggle out of his arms, knowing you’re going late and you still have to find the heels you want to wear, but he doesn’t let go. He squeezes slightly, and says calmly, “You look beautiful. Don’t worry about the time. We’ll get there when we get there. Just breathe for a second baby.” He knows you too well. He knows when you’re stressed and freaking out, and he has a way of calming you like no one else can. 


Fire Emblem Heroes + Shadows of Valentia Icons

Icons are free to use, credit is not necessary (but appreciated)

(they look kinda dumb on the dashboard but they are circles and transparent)


Remember, regardless of the outcome tonight, both Cena and Reigns are talented guys who respect one another. Let’s not take this shit to an extreme and start filling up their tags with hate if the result doesn’t go your way. It’s okay to be upset and vent, but don’t hate on these men personally, they’re only doing their fucking jobs 😊

no offense but like Eddie Kaspbrak is the most hilarious angelic being in human creation and the cutest little firecracker