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But be careful when you will Make this for Aoi I mean if there will be for example AI Sakura Then she maybe Won't want to Wake up

No, no. We are not going to make her think that she is in a real world, we will be honest from the start. The objective is to help her wake up so we won’t do anything that could make her want to stay asleep.

Yes and I will be the one who will go into the Neo World. I was monitoring the last one so I know how it is better than most people.

In Search of Moebius (BBC 4 Documentary)
Documentary about Frenchman Jean Giraud, one of the most influential comic strip illustrators and authors of all time and also one of the genre's best kept s...

“Documentary about Frenchman Jean Giraud, one of the most influential comic strip illustrators and authors of all time and also one of the genre’s best kept secrets. He achieved his greatest fame under the pseudonym/alter ego Moebius, and his artistic influence extends beyond Europe to the USA and Japan. Features interviews with Giraud himself, Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, American comic book artists Jim Lee and Mike Mignolla and many others.”


Peaky Blinders Season 4 | On location (Day 1)

Tom Hardy cuts a dapper figure in his 1920s costume as he returns to Peaky Blinders set to film highly-anticipated fourth series

He plays gang leader, Alfie Solomons, in the hit BBC drama.

And Tom Hardy channelled his on-screen alter ego to perfection as he continued to film the much-anticipated fourth series of Peaky Blinders in Liverpool, on Tuesday.

The BAFTA-winning actor, 39, sported his character’s signature get-up in an unbuttoned shirt and pin-stripped waistcoat as he headed home after a gruelling day of filming. (x)

@dino.kel “Kickin’ in the backseat with Alfie Solomons. A little-known actor called tomhardy . Look out for him though, I think he’ll do alright…”

  • Look ____, I know… er… things between you and I have been a little start and stop and I’m sorry for that, but maybe once I can… 
  • I don’t think she’s pretending.
  • I am every parent’s worst nightmare. I’m the chaperone teacher from hell.
  • She loved you too much and it was killing her.
  • You know that your old teacher had a jackass file? No joke. It’s, uh, typed on a label. It has all the troublemakers in it. But really, it’s just an opus to you.
  • Well… I’m naked. So I’m gonna go.
  • Who knows? Maybe his alter-ego is a pot-smoking hippie pacifist.
  • Ok give me your glass. Neither one of us is drunk enough for this conversation.
  • It’s, uh, more fun with a buzz. 
  • I mean, did you learn nothing from the moonstone in the soap dish?
  • Why not? I have nothing left to fight for. 
  • You look like a full-grown, alpha male douchebag. 
  • First person account of the Civil War? That`s like porn for a history teacher.
  • Well, mine was not making sure you were permanently dead.
  • Can I get you a drink? I hear the punch is real boss.
  • I don`t wanna spend my life searching for answers I really don`t want
  • It`s not like I`m a freak. I`m just being nice to someone new in town.
  • Yeah, ____’s one scary dude. But with nice hair. 
  • I’m your friend, dammit. And you don’t have any friends. So, no more lying.
  • I want to be honest with her, but until then ___ and I are over. 
  • You can be upset and hate me. I get it. Just know that I love you. At least I can tell you that much. 
  • First night you and I spent together, ___ walked in right when I was about …
  • I’m sorry, you’ve reached somebody who’s currently not operating.
  • Sleeping in you dead parents` room or my dead girlfriend`s room. No
  • I`m not a role model you know. I drink too much, I say the wrong things, I encourage bad behavior. 
  • I think you found a way to get out of bed this morning. And that makes you the strongest person I know.
  • This may come as a shock, but I am not here to hang out with you.
  • You don’t even approach the threshold of the crazy I’ve seen.
  • You changed my life, you know that? You completely turned it around. And for that, i will always love you even though I know you don’t love me the same way.
  • I love you, and I want to marry you and be your loving, honest, committed partner. And I want our little family to work. But I don’t want it if you’d rather be with someone else.
  • It’s a diaper, not a bomb. Though I could dismantle a bomb blindfolded if I needed to.
  • You actually think I’d watch this sober?
  • You know, I don’t know how I went so long without saying this, but you’re a real dick!
  • Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn’t bode well for me.
  • Ehh, she did sleep with you.
  • Friendly advice, when you finally get the girl… don’t blow her up.
  • This is my bar, pal. No one’s gonna blow it up
  • You’re on speaker phone, dick. 

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Makoto's idea might work but it's also risky

Yes. We will need to create another “world” for her and make sure that this Neo World can’t be connected to the Neo world in which were the remnants of despair…I will need to talk to Souda and Alter Ego about it…

But that was a good idea, Makoto, now I have to leave you to go and see if it’s possible. *turns her gaze toward Byakuya* You should go and rest a bit, you are barely standing by yourself. *nods at the others before walking away*

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Why doesn't Chihiro show emotion? Also, here is the Canon Chihiro and Alter Ego! Have fun with your other selves for 6 Chihiro asks!

Despair!Chihiro: So you’re the one who got killed by Mon-dog?
Canon!Chihiro: What?
Despair!Chihiro: Yeah, I expected that answer. Sit in the corner and be quiet.
Canon!Chihiro: O-okay ;-;

So, so, we finally got a so called “Magic Anon”. I’m used to those from my old ask blog. I’d like to ask you to keep the “Magic Anons” to a minimum, please. Like you can drop one every once in a while but not too many. Thank you.


It’s a beautiful thing, when a man has intimate knowledge of your G spot and he stays on point. He gives that mental stimulation too, so he can touch your soul spot as he is hitting that G spot over and over again. Until he draws the moans from your soul. Drawing out your alter ego as you are losing your inhibitions, that contain that part of you like a cage. It’s been so long, since you felt like this. Your yoni is speaking her language to his manhood. His sheer presence make your yoni wet from his kisses, because his masterful slow long stroke session.

But… when he first enters you, he just let his manhood sit in you to your warm wet pulsating muscle grip. The throbbing teach him to learn biorhythm to his stroke techniques and to match your breathing. It’s an art to become in sync that leads to becoming one in mind, soul and flesh. As his masculine muscle touches femine soft… skin to skin and heartbeat is nearly matching from the breathing matching . I look in her eyes to see the purity and vulnerability of her soul. Both pelvis on same rhythm as I can feel her legs trembling and her pelvic walls gripping my manhood. I start sucking on her bottom lip as her orgasmic energies manifest. I start to my thoughts out to universe. This is why you must have positive thinking during orgasms. Soulgasms are powerful thing between a Sexual Shaman and a Sun Priestess, it feels like time stop. Remember the perfect Slow strokegame activate the perfect arch.
Dak Danger


Welp got tagged by @krasnyzmeya so here we are thanks pal !
So first is my blocked screen a stupid joke I’ve made with Arch, the OC of krasnyzmeya and who’s constantly switching with a pic of my lil bro. (Who would totally end me in the future if I post it aha.)
Next my unblocked screen and a gift from krasny (again) who represent my very first true character and alter ego, Arria.
Last song that I’ve listened to was either Heavy by Linkin Park or Chop Suey! by System Of A Down.
Annnd there’s my latest selfie with one of my most common facial expression everytime I hear something stupid. (which is often sadly)

And since I’m too lazy to tag anyone feel free to do it if you want to !

The Green Ranger is coming to the Power Ranger sequels
With the Power Rangers reboot now in theaters, Saban finally saw its chance to tease one of the most beloved Rangers ever: the Green Ranger. Thanks to a tweet published last night, fans can now expect the evil ranger to make an appearance in the nigh-inevitable Power Rangers sequel. The Green Ranger is the alter ego of Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank), who made his Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series debut back in 1993 during the five-part “Green with Evil” miniseries. Read more

wheres the fic where Clark Kent gets caught kissing Batman, and then gets hounded by the media every waking moment because “average civilian is dating Batman!!” and Clarks mourning the loss of his anonymity, meanwhile Bruce thinks its fucking hilarious, enjoy dealing w the press in both of your alter egos now, pretty boy, so Clark waits several months for the whole thing to die down before showing up as Superman to some party Bruce is attending and flying up to Bruce and going “paybacks a bitch” and just full on makes out with him in front of like a million reporters

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top 10 weirdest fusionfall designs?

ive been waiting for this question for 20 years

10) mac

9) billy

8) blu

7) edd

6) deedee who if i remember right is always floating

5) buttercup in her emo alter ego

4) lady rainicorn (not a character but a never moving object, which makes it worse)

3) finn

2) eddy and his son

1) every dog

The [2009 Copenhagen climate change] summit had developed into another grudge match between the developed and developing worlds. China, India, and Brazil were refusing to sign an agreement that would commit them to even incremental steps to curb emissions. Diplomats from 193 countries wandered the bright hallways of the Bella Center in a state of fretful energy.

With failure looming, [Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton telephoned [President] Obama and urged him to fly to Copenhagen to try to break the deadlock. His political advisers were opposed, not wanting to pull the boss away from a crowded domestic agenda for a diplomatic caper that looked as if it was going to end badly. Obama, though, had promised, like Clinton, to get serious about climate change. He trusted her diagnosis: that only the American President could broker a compromise. So on the evening of December 3, 2009, he ordered Air Force One fueled up for a flight to Denmark.

Twenty-four hours later, he was being briefed by an exasperated Clinton inside a small coffee bar in a shopping mall adjacent to the conference center that had been closed for the meeting. When it became clear that the Chinese delegation was trying to water down any agreement, holing up in a conference room with windows taped over to conceal their dealings from the Americans, Obama and Clinton decided to take matters into their own hands. They set off to confront the Chinese in person, fast-walking down a hallway and up a flight of stairs, panicked aides in chase, before they ran into a Chinese official in the doorway, waving his arms and shouting, “Not ready yet.”

Confusion swirled as Clinton and Obama tried to find out who was in the room with the Chinese. An advance person told them it was the Indians, the Brazilians, and the South Africans. Now Clinton was mad: The Indians had told American officials they had already left for the airport. A major developing country was lying to avoid dealing with the United States on climate change? She and Obama looked at each other in disbelief. “C’mon, let’s just do this,” he said to Clinton. She moved first, ducking under the outstretched arm of a Chinese security guard and barging into the room, which drew a collective gasp from the leaders huddled around a conference table. Obama was right behind her. “Hi, everybody!” he bellowed, like a dad coming home early to find his teenage kids throwing a keg party in the backyard. “Mr. Prime Minister, are you ready to see me now?” he said, turning to face the nonplussed Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, who was anything but.

– Mark Landler, Alter Egos: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Twilight Struggle Over American Power (BOOK | KINDLE).

This story about President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton teaming up like they were in a buddy-cop movie and crashing a meeting at the Copenhagen climate change summit is one of my favorite anecdotes from the Obama Administration.

Can you trust him?” She asks, the cigarette dangling from her fingers. “Can tell him anything without feeling judged? Can you call him and know he’ll answer, or call back as soon as he can? If you’re hurt, and I mean really hurt, will he drop everything and get to you as soon as he can? Will he be there for you when someone you love dies? Will he look after you if you’re sick? Will he hold your hair back after too many tequilas? Will he be there? Does he try to see you, even if he has work early or a busy week?” She holds my gaze as she brings the cigarette to her berry lips. “If the answer is no to any of those things, maybe he’s not the one?
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write// alter ego advice