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People think a superhero has an ordinary alter ego. But the glasses & different hairstyles fool no one, they look identical. The truth is you’re twins: one super, the other an ordinary citizen. This story is about the day the ordinary citizen stepped into save the day without superpowers.

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My headcanon for you is that at night you don a cape and fight against homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and aphobia in the streets. Gotham is safer now, thanks to your presence.

That one’s actually canon, minus the cape!

@simandthedimbulbv2-0 drew my pan/ace magical girl alter ego for my birthday last year!

She’s here, she’s queer, and she has FISTS.

  • Γνωρίστε τον Όσβαλντ

Ένα αγόρι χωρίς μόνιμη κατοικία, που δεν μπορεί να κρατήσει το στόμα του κλειστό και δεν σταματάει ποτέ να δημιουργεί μπελάδες. Ο Όσβαλντ, είναι το είδος του παιδιού που αντιμιλάει ειρωνικά στους καθηγητές λέγοντας κάτι έξυπνο, αλλά τελικά καταλήγει να φάει αποβολή.

Τα βιβλία, να τα διαβάζει αλλά και να τα γράφει, είναι η αγαπημένη του ασχολία, μαζί με τον ύπνο, την παρακολούθηση ντοκιμαντέρ για αρκούδες πάντα, κατανάλωση ανθυγιεινών τροφών και οι βραδινές βόλτες.

Όλα τα υπόλοιπα: κορίτσια, αγόρια, σχέσεις, έρωτες, συνεργασία, ομαδική δουλειά και διάλογος με τους ανθρώπους, του φαίνονται απίστευτα βαρετά και τα αποφεύγει όσο μπορεί. 

Έτσι οι γονείς του για να περάσουν ένα ήρεμο καλοκαίρι χωρίς τον αλλόκοτο και κυκλοθυμικό γιο τους, τον στέλνουν στην Κατασκήνωση των Καλλών Τεχνών, ένα μέρος που για τον Όσβαλντ θα είναι κόλαση ή παράδεισος.

Παράδεισος γιατί θα μπορεί να γράφει και να διαβάζει ανενόχλητος σε ένα τμήμα λογοτεχνίας για έξι ολόκληρες ώρες ημερησίως, αλλά και κόλαση γιατί στο πρόγραμμα της κατασκήνωσης συμπεριλαμάνεται ο αθλητισμός, η υγιεινή διατροφή, ομαδική δουλειά με δύο εκκεντρικά κορίτσια και η συμβίωση με ένα αγόρι που δεν τον αφήνει σε ησυχία. 

Θα είναι παράδεισος ή κόλαση για τον Όσβαλντ η κατασκήνωση;

I made a Markiplier cake for his birthday!
Me and my parents spent a day on this and we’re actually pretty proud!

Mark asked us to talk about our favourite video and honestly.. I don’t even know. All of the videos, even the short and stupid ones, are inspirational to me. I enjoy watching every video of you and I never seem to get bored. I’m gonna keep this short because I’m just one of millions, but I want you to know that you have helped me more than anyone ever has and you still continue doing that to this day.

Thank you for saving my life Mark, this is all for you 💞 @markiplier


Thor: Ragnarok toys bring the thunder from Down Under | EW.com

All images: Hasbro

Director Taika Waititi may have shot parts of Thor: Ragnarok in Australia with Aussie heartthrob Chris Hemsworth, but the real thunder from Down Under is Hulk. The “enormous green rage monster,” as Tony Stark once called him, suits up in his gladiator armor as a new electronic action figure coming from Hasbro, EW can exclusively reveal.

Measuring 13 inches tall, this Hulk comes with catchphrases and the ability to interact with his 12-inch Thor figure buddy, who has five points of articulation. Much like Thor: Ragnarok, these toys take inspiration from the Planet Hulk comic book arc, which sees Bruce Banner in his alter ego form blasted to the planet Sakaar and forced to fight in gladiator-style matches.

Also part of Hasbro’s line is role-playing accouterments, including the foam Thor Rumble Strike Hammer (complete with swinging sound effects) at $19.99 and the Hulk-Out Mask (with movable eyebrows and mouth) at $19.99.

Fans and families will also be able to purchase the Hulk Smash FX Fists, which include accelerometer technology that detects movement and responds with sounds accordingly.

These items will be available this fall as Thor: Ragnarok heads for a theatrical debut on Nov. 3. Here’s hoping for more action figures of Cate Blanchett (as Hela), Tessa Thompson (as Valkyrie), and Jeff Goldblum (as The Grandmaster).

Mark’s Birthday

So here’s a little thing I wrote at 8:30am about the egos celebrating Mark’s birthday since today is the day! Markimoo is 28

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oke so this is a test chapter, just dipping my toes in the water here;;

its about dr jekyll’s alter ego meeting dr lanyon’s alter ego, and chaos ensuing thereafter

hopefully a big ole summary isn’t needed cuz the story kinda explains itself as you read it, so i’m just gonna put it here and itd be lovely if i could get some feedback!!

heres a link to chapter one!!

Fight My Way - a confession

I’m liking the drama well enough but I can’t help feeling I ought to like it more.

It satisfies many things on my fangerl checklist - a lovable OTP, some interesting side characters, comedy, romance, dashes of RL, Kim Ji Won & Park Seo Joon. And yet I haven’t turned into my rabid fangerl alter ego. With a mere four episodes more to go, rabid fangerl’s unlikely to make an appearance. Fangerling aside, I don’t even think I’ll re-watch this. 

wheres the fic where Clark Kent gets caught kissing Batman, and then gets hounded by the media every waking moment because “average civilian is dating Batman!!” and Clarks mourning the loss of his anonymity, meanwhile Bruce thinks its fucking hilarious, enjoy dealing w the press in both of your alter egos now, pretty boy, so Clark waits several months for the whole thing to die down before showing up as Superman to some party Bruce is attending and flying up to Bruce and going “paybacks a bitch” and just full on makes out with him in front of like a million reporters