Alice in Wonderland!VoltronAu

“ It’s always tea time! ”

Lance know some secrets of wonderland, even the darkest ones, If you want to know something about a wonderland mystery, come to him, but first you have to take tea with him! (and then, understand what he is saying)

Coran / Keith / Shiro / Pidge / Hunk / Allura

warm-up thing with Alice and @jsk244 ‘s Buttercup!

With these two, there’s a lot of cooking and a lot of sizeplay.  Sometimes at the same time, which is fun!  Here we have a tiny Buttercup perched on Alice’s shoulder as she learns to properly flip her eggs in a pan.  It’s hard for Buttercup to not just take over while Alice is learning these things since it’s a slow process, so it makes things easier if she’s too small to intervene.