“Analysts can never ignore ‘the man behind the curtain.’ How are you misinterpreting reality? How is perception leading you astray? Perhaps like Dorothy, your silver-turned-ruby slippers have always given you the answer.” –https://creative-analytics.corsairs.network/analytic-lessons-from-behind-the-curtain-7911417a0359#.22p44dsbe

Not especially scholarly, but a simple and easy-to-understand little article about themes of perception vs reality in The Wizard of Oz. Riley has been related to Dorothy TWICE via explicit dialogue (GM MSGTW & GMTM), and there have been other allusions to the concept of “the curtain” (which was a “screen” in the novel) throughout GMW—as far back as season one. WoT1, Yearbook, and Ski Lodge 1 all have notable allusions to the concept of “the curtain.”

The showrunner himself has publicly discussed how perception vs reality is a major theme on GMW. (And it’s not as if GMW is the first bit of children’s fiction to feature this theme; hello Dorothy & Alice!) Riley gets related to Dorothy right before Ski Lodge 1-2—a pair of episodes wherein your perception of “the world” affects your interpretation of the story, big time.

Ultimately, we’ve been given two primary choices in terms of perspective as far as “solving” Rucaya goes:

(1) Riley and Lucas are more siblinglike than romantic and the only reason Maya turned out to be “wrong” is because she discovered a secret Riley doesn’t know about herself yet. Maya liked Lucas for a very long time, but because she loves Riley she kept it to herself and used the teasing as a means of dealing with it. Riley was correct in Texas 1 when she had an epiphany about Maya’s feelings.

(2) Maya never actually liked each Lucas. Maya simply “absorbed Riley’s feelings” at some point in S2 because she subconsciously “turned into Riley” in order to “protect” her from Lucas, so Riley was wrong in Texas 1. Riley is absolutely in love with Lucas and Maya was wrong about the brother thing because she’s “too close to Riley to see straight.”

So the question becomes: which of these two perspectives is real and which one is a ‘humbug?’ And was our “Dorothy” misperceiving things in Texas (when her growth was more intact) or in the non-triangle arc (when she’d clearly regressed a good amount)?

And of course, we have our “Alice” (Maya) right there next to Dorothy and the same questions apply. Was she correct in S2? Or was she correct in the non-triangle arc after she went back “through the looking glass” in GM Upstate?

Obviously it is my opinion that option 1 is the reality while option 2 is the humbug, but your mileage may vary.

(And you best believe I’ve got a much much bigger post on this I’m trying to pull together and finish up. 😂)

anonymous asked:

Hi, do you know if the webisodes that are supposed to be coming this month are going to be released in french? Thanks!

All new upcoming webisodes are likely going to be coming out and released on the official Miraculous French YouTube channel as well as on My TF1. However, I cannot offer any dates as the new webisodes come out to no schedule at the moment.

You can watch the new webisodes in English on the official Miraculous English YouTube channel and on Nick (Nick have appeared to not upload the newest ones yet but there is a range of special content and new music videos).

leveste  asked:

Will you sub the new webisodes? It doesn't seem like the french channel has subs.

When the new French webisodes are released, we will most likely sub them in due course.

However, there could be a chance that the new webisodes are not released in French because they were to boost fan engagement from Zag America. This lead to the release of their own YouTube channel.

The full article which was published on Zag’s website can be read here, it also reveals that episodes are meant to be released weekly. (However, so far, this schedule has not been strictly stuck to).