I’ve been putting this off for weeks now. I knew that when I actually got around to doing it that I would slave over it because I want it to be perfect. But this time it finally hit me, it’s not about the graphic and it’s not about the HTML of the text below. It’s about saying thank you.

We don’t have Thanksgiving over here in England but I feel like Christmas is the best time to thank people and to tell them that they’re wonderful. This year has been crazy for me and I feel like, as a person, I’ve grown so much and I have a lot of you to thank. This message isn’t just about the people included below but it’s about all of you out there that are reading this. My followers. It’s a strange feeling having so many people interested in a collection of things that you put on the Internet. But it’s also wonderful. I owe you all a lot for my increase in confidence this year. You’re all always so supportive and loving and it means the world. But, alas, I shall move on before I get too mushy. Below are the people that make my blog what it is and I’ve befriended so many of them this year and I wish them all the happiness in the world this holiday season~


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Special little thank you to xivwayfinder and cloaked–schemer. Elle, out friendship has been one of the best things that’s come out of this year for me. You’re such a special person and I’m lucky to know you. I know that I can text you if I ever need you and that you’ll always be there for me! ^^ Berry, you’re my lil peach. Our friendship is still new but I don’t doubt it will only grow stronger through 2015. You’re always super sweet and I promise I’ll always be here for you if you need me! ^^ ♥

Also, last message promise! Extra special thank you to everyone that’s taken part in the Kingdom Hearts Advent Calendar. Thank you for making my little project wonderful! I’m so glad you’ve all enjoyed it! ^^ xx

Happy holidays everyone! i’ve had this blog for over a year now and i’ve never made a follow forever so i thought now would be a good time. thank you all for making this a great year! 

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