Anna Kendrick winning ‘Hot and Funny’ at the Spike Guys’ Choice Awards

“It’s a lot of work being funny all the time. Can I just be hot for once with no skills and no talent like.”


There’s a huge fanbase surrounding Beca and Chloe from Pitch Perfect as a couple.

KENDRICK: Yes. I love it, I love it!

What are your thoughts on that?

KENDRICK: I love it! I couldn’t be more excited about it. In the first movie when we were doing the scenes I was like, ‘This is entering sketchy town and I love it, that’s where I live, that’s my home, is in sketchy town’ Then we just kind of leaned into it and in the second one—I don’t know, it’s a weird combination in the second one where there’s moments where you’re like, ‘Oh, come on! That’s a perfect opportunity for a BeChloe moment’ and then there’s stuff where like, ‘Oh, that’s gonna blow those chicks’ minds’ Because some chick are really into it and I’m like, ‘Dope! I love it!’ the fanfiction and all of it.

Are you reading the fanfiction?

KENDRICK: I’m not gonna lie to you, I tried to read one fanfiction because I was like, ‘I have to know’ and I was… maybe I chose the wrong fanfiction to read, but it was so slow. I was expecting it to be like, ‘Oh my God! I can’t believe they’re writing this crazy shit about me and Brittany [Snow]’ but there was a lot of exposition and I was like, ‘This isn’t a [Charles] Dickens novel’ so I gave up on it after that. It’s probably for the best, I probably shouldn’t be reading that.

So basically fans should know that they need to tweet you the ones with the heavy sex, the ones that go really fast, that jump into it.

KENDRICK: Your words, not mine!

Right, just…

KENDRICK: What are you doing to me, what are you doing? Well, it’s weird because in this one there’s also the weird thing where I can’t stop complimenting the commissar, but then the way they edited some of the stuff with Hailee [Steinfeld] I was like, ‘Dude, why does it look like I wanna bone this chick?’ We filmed a perfectly normal scene—unlike the Beca and Chloe scenes in the first movie which were always borderline—Hailee and I filmed this perfectly normal scene and they cut it together with these lingering looks and I was like, ‘Why does it look like I wanna bone this chick?’ First of all, we already got my potential lesbian storyline with Chloe so I feel disloyal, and secondly, Hailee is 17! So I’m a creep.



Go Big Or Go Home…

Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen a lot of recolors for ‘HipHop’ but I decided to make my own! I know it’s not really much, but I hope you all enjoy them. There are 14 paintings in total. Plus, I wanted to do something for having over 100+ followers. I’m so glad to be welcomed into this community with open arms. So here you go!

Artists Included:

  • Tyler! the Creator
  • Drake
  • Tupac
  • Biggie
  • N.W.A
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • J. Cole
  • Big Sean
  • Tory Lanez
  • Future
  • Kanye West
  • ASAP Rocky
  • Eazy-E
  • Kid-Cudi

I know everyboy’s definition of “HipHop” is different nowadays but, these are some of my favorite artist mixed with some of my friend’s fav artist. <333

S/O to TheNumbersWoman for this mesh! <3

You will need this MESH 
You can download the Canvas’ H E R E

Eventually, I will learn how to convert but, for now recoloring is where it’s at lol.

Tag “PixieePlush” if you use ❤️💕