Romance (Theme of Ikemen Sengoku)
Romance (Theme of Ikemen Sengoku)

I really like the song that plays during the more intimate moments in the game, so I wanted to try playing it. There are two versions (the piano one and the slower one) but this is… somewhere between the two? Also I may have reharmonized it a little bit, idk lol I transcribed it based on memory. And I just made up a track title because I don’t think there’s an actual name for it.

uhhhhh okay anyway hope you ladies enjoy!!

(original soundtrack copyright Cybird)


K6 Stage 12.06.01 after show talk moment with the Twin Towers welcoming new member Jurina to the Team K family.

The parents of Team K and their kid. X3 How fun it must be for Jurina to be in the same team with these two. 

I’ll always love the fact that Jurina was in Team K. Cause she definitely carries the qualities to be a Team K member.

(And it’s from this moment that we hear Sayaka’s request to do Glory Days and Jurina proposing the three of them should perform it. So happy that these three eventually did perform it like Sayaka and Jurina wanted. An awesome unit combi.)


Jurina and sakura react to Tofu Pro #23 (CUT)

DM : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5ryusb

Mion’s post-sousenkyo thoughts from her mobame

I thought about it overnight..

First of all, I’m truly thankful for everyone who supported me.
I’m sorry everyone’s feelings were futile, I don’t know how else to say it.

It’s frustrating.
Although I’m facing forward, I’m really frustrated.

“I dropped out of senbatsu”
I’m burdened by those words. I tried to convince myself it’s not going to be like that. 
But.. that’s how it turned out.

During handshake meetings, I felt everyone’s passion more than last year and the number of people who came to see me also increased. But rather than my rank dropping, it was more painful and hard to believe that my votes decreased. It was my own fault that I couldn’t become an idol who is able to increase the enthusiasm of every single one of my fans.

I wonder how I should continue my efforts
I wonder what I should change

I’ve been thinking about that since yesterday.
Since everyone is so nice, I keep being told that I am fine just the way I am. But all my efforts up until now haven’t been enough. From now on, I will not continue to be influenced. I have to earnestly find my own way to live life.

In the upcoming year, I think many of you will most likely have a lot of bitter thoughts. 
I’m really sorry about that.  

But I hope we overcome the pain together. 
I don’t want you to assume that I’ll be okay.
So please support me.

And next year, 
I still absolutely want to achieve my dream that I couldn’t fulfill this year.
I don’t want to feel as if I wasted any time, so I’d like to turn my frustrations into a smile.

Please continue to support me from here on out.

From Miion.

I honestly didn’t know what kind of expression I should’ve had when I met with everyone today. It might’ve been the first time since I joined AKB that I was nervous for a handshake meeting.
I don’t even know why, lol

But when I went out to my lane and saw everyone’s expressions, I immediately realized, “Ah, they feel the same way.”
Though all of you had much more apologetic looks than I did..

Maybe it was because I said on Showroom that apologizing to me was banned but I was glad not everyone said the words “I’m sorry” to me.
(Of course, there were some people who said it and I’m glad that they were able to convey their feelings! But if I heard those words from everyone, it would’ve lost its meaning.)

I also intended to stop saying sorry.
Although the truth is I do want to apologize and I feel full of regret..

And today, plenty of fans told me,
“You haven’t been this negative until now.”

I wonder where I went wrong, what I should do now and I have many worries at the moment. But then I was extremely happy after hearing this remark, “so far, there’s been nothing wrong with your efforts and you properly convey yourself to everyone.”  

It’s true.
Regardless of the outcome, my efforts up until this point and the time I’ve walked together with everyone didn’t change. 

Therefore, I will stop apologizing.

Everyone told me, “thank you for the hard word,” “it was frustrating, wasn’t it?” or “there’s always next year” instead of sorry or even congrats, it’s nice that my fans understand me and share the same feelings.

It saved me.
Thank you.

From Miion.

170625 #1
Ever since the sousenkyo ended, I thought a lot about what I should do from now on, then I spoke with many people these past 2 days [at the handshake meetings]. I met with some fans and there are some I have yet to meet.

Some people want me to change
Other people don’t want me to change

Since I understand both sides, it’s really difficult, there’s inconsistencies in my mind.


There are those who probably think, “I came to like Miion during this or that time.” You’ve liked me for a long time and wish for me to remain the same..
Those are the kinds of opinions I’m concerned about.

But of course, as an idol and a human being, I want to accept change, growth and challenges.  

For example, there might be some who oppose aspects of my job, others may think that I’ve become a different person from my early days. And there are those who don’t know what the correct solution is at this time. I don’t know myself either so I’ll recklessly go about it in my own way.
But I hope you watch over me during my challenges.
And I hope you grow to like the sides of me that do change.

I wonder if I’m just being selfish by saying that.. ?

However. !

My love for this group
My gratitude towards all my fans
My dreams that I wish to fulfill within AKB

Those are my principals that I will hold onto forever. That will always be the same and I don’t want that to change. I can definitely be the way that I am without having to shake my core.

That is my conclusion.
That is my promise with you.

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

From Miion.

170625 #2

I noticed my fans keep telling me the same thing.
I continue to think about my troubles from this past year, it seems like I’ve forgotten the most important thing is to “have fun.”

I only live once. And I only experience my youth once.
I’ll try to have more fun being in AKB from now on.

Eheh (^O^)!!!

From Miion.