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Mob Psycho 100 - Very nice animation, likable and somewhat down to Earth protagonist, interesting characters all around. The protagonist reminds me a bit of Haruka from Free! and Kuroko. Fun fact: This is made by the creator of One Punch Man. Shoutout to the animation in the opening. Definitely should have won an award. 12 episodes. Hoping for a sequel anime. It has an ongoing manga but..the art for that…isn’t the best…Yeah. I personally find it hard to read because of the art alone. Everything else is fine. But those shaky lines….I wish the fanbase was bigger :/

Pandora Hearts - Great story telling, all of the plot twists will blow your mind, very nice artwork, an emotion experience that made me cry many times, especially during the finale (and not just because it was ending). Will forever recommend to anyone and everyone. Similar to Black Butler. It has 104 chapters and finished in March 2015. Has an anime adaptation, but it ends in filler, doesn’t cover a lot of the bigger twists later on and is quite old at this point. 

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AKB0048- Think Love Live but more dramatic, in space, battle lolis and with more plot. It’s quite similar to Pretty Rhythm in how there is an plot, the main characters have emotional distress for good reasons plus switches to 3D animation aren’t that jarring. 

The Monogatari Series- My current craze. Definitely not for anime newcomers. Follows and deconstructs the harem anime elements at the same time. The harem is very subtle. Excellent character development (Shoutout to Senjougahara), great visuals (SPECIAL shoutout to Kizumonogatari. Holy hell, the quality is almost too HD for my eyes), interesting story arcs and great characters (10/10 lolis). Has quite a bit of talking, so if you enjoy action 24/7 like shounen, this is not the series for you. The timeline can get quite confusing, but its best just to watch the seasons in airing order. This is SHAFT’s passion project, so prepare for some mind screwy visuals at points. Has some very Japanese puns and wordplay. Quite a bit of gore occasionally. The main character has had his asskicked by almost every girl in that image above and more. 

From the New World (Shin Sekai Yori)- This anime is…an experience. This is that one hidden gem. It has various psychological elements that are very well done and leave a sense of eeriness and mystery throughout. Oh, and prepare to question your own morality and humanity afterwards. Basically, humans have evolved to the point of having mind powers like being able to move things with their minds and lighting them on fire with a thought. The main character has just come of age for her powers and in placed in a class to learn more about them/how to control them/learning in general. However, she experiences things that make her question the present and past of her people and humanity that her village has kept secret. But the truth is much darker and morbid than expected. This anime follows the characters from 12 years old to about 26 years old. A very good 25 episodes. Do not take this series lightly. 

Kyokai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)- One of my top anime of all time and one of the only ones I will always be okay with rewatching. Great story telling, beautiful art and animation (bless kyoani), interesting characters (mostly) and a good balance of light hearted stuff and emotional backstory/plot. There’s a romantic subplot-ish, but its kinda like plot with romantic overtones? idk how to describe it exactly. Has 12 episodes and one movie sequel that everyone should absolutely see and watch the scene after the credits.

Durarara- I could watch it again. VERY big and diverse cast of characters. It’s very easy to lose track of who’s who in the first few episodes. All of them are interesting and have some depth, though. There’s not really a definite main character for this, honestly. The perspective switches quite a bit. Very good story arcs and characters (and development). The animation can get a big dodgy at times, but for the most part, it’s alright. Definitely gets an upgrade in the sequels. This might just be the example of Supernatural Things in Daily Life genre. Plus gangs. Has a second season that’s broken into cours: Duarara!!X2 Sho/Ten/Ketsu. Has a sequel as a light novel series only (Durarara!! SH). Shoutout to Mikado for having the most badass protagonist character development I’ve seen in a long while. 

Top Music/Idol Animes

My current top 10 Music/Idol Anime. This is my own opinion based off of the type of music I like, story, characters and animation. Macross Delta is not being considered because it is still in progress. 

Numbers 10-6 I like, but have nothing of note to say on each other then I enjoy them

10) The IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls

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9) STARMYU (aka High School Star Musical)

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8) Wake Up, Girls!

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7) Macorss Frontier

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6) HaNaYaMaTa

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5) K-On!

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Lite Music Club, Afternoon Tea Time. Overall a very good feeling silly anime with good music and amusing antics. 

4) Love Live School Idol Project

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While I love the music and the series, this is lower on my list because of how mainstream it became…

3) Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Symphogear G & Symphogear GX

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First Season was rough, but getting though GX was great, with the songs Radiant Force and Senkin: Daurudabura, it just made it seem beyond epic at times. 

2) Show By Rock!!

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Cute, catchy, please bring the mobile game over to the states… and season 2 please!!!

1) AKB0048 & AKB0048 Next Stage

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One of the first series that got me looking at music and idol animes. Made me expand beyond just anime music and look at J-pop other international music. The micsabers helped too. 


  1. It’s an anime set in a future in which the Earth has been destroyed and everyone is spread out on various planets. Most of these planets have banned art and entertainment, especially idols. The girl group, AKB0048, perform guerrilla concerts on planets where there have been full or partial entertainment bans. AKB0048 contains 77 generations of trainees, with trainees who make it eventually replacing older members who graduate and taking on the name of the original AKB0048 member that they are most like.
  2. Because of the danger on the planets with entertainment bans, the members of AKB0048 and the trainees have to fight anti-entertainment forces, even in the middle of a concert while they’re singing and if that isn’t super bad ass, I don’t know what is.
  3. It is feminist as fuck. It surpasses Sailor Moon in girl power which is quite an achievement. The only thing it lacks is a distinct lesbian ship.
  4. Themes include: parental approval, body image, friendship, ambition, hard work, following your dreams, friendship, anarchy against oppressive regimes, encouraging others, positivity, dealing with haters, friendship, sisterhood, rivalry, inspiring others, dealing with critique, friendship, trying new things outside of your comfort zone, sacrifice, protecting those who can’t protect themselves, FRIENDSHIP OH MY GOD ALL THE LADY FRIENDSHIP I COULD CRY.
  5. It has a bit of something for everyone. Great music, a huge cast, mechas, girls fighting in cute outfits, mysterious magical creatures, light sabers, an android/cyborg, etc.
  6. There are only four male characters who have been in more than one episode (from what I’ve seen thus far). Only one of them is a romantic interest. Another is a canonically dark-skinned gay man.
  7. Such a cute art style. The idols are distinguished by heart shinies in their hair and eyes. There’s one super cute moment where little girls watching our protagonists sing actually get those heart shinies in their eyes because they are now dreaming of being an idol as well.

Crunchyroll link, just make sure you watch the first season, not second (next stage).


 AKB0048 (23) / AKB48 - Uhho Uhhoho (ウッホウッホホ)