“Lost in Anime” : 10 years of anime design works by Thomas Romain in Japan.
300 pages artbook available on french festival Japan Expo (on @Anime booth) & american festival Anime Expo.

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anonymous asked:

How would BTS react if an anime production house wants to produce an anime with the boys as the main characters? (Like AKB48 with AKB0048 anime?)

Well honestly, I think that would all be excited and honored. I feel like Jin would be more into the introvert side, like he would be really thankful that a production house wants them particularly. I can see him work even harder, to prove them that he’s worth it. He would be very eager to discover how his anime self would be like.

Then Suga and Rapmon would be just okay with it, I guess. They would also be really thankful to be part of this, and they’d feel honored that they’ve been recognize in Japan. They would probably want to be part of the music concept, maybe producing one or two songs for the anime. They would definitely want to be part of this, in a professional way, I think.

Then, J-Hope and Jimin would probably be excited about this. They would joke a lot on who is the most handsome character, and would be very thankful about this. They would probably follow the anime curiously, but I don’t think that they are that much into animes (less than the maknae line, for sure at least).

Then, V and Jungkook would definitely be the most excited about this. They both really like animes, so it would be very exciting for them to be the main characters of one. They surely going to follow the story eagerly, and would talk about 24/7. They surely going to be thankful about it, and they’d want to add their own ideas for the show. 

I’m sorry, I just really didn’t had any arguments…

- Admin Nageoire

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Connie, Mayor Dewey, Sugilite (I think you've got Sour Cream covered with your username! o:)

HAHAHA I so do!! <3

Connie: A series you’re super passionate about?
WELL APART FROM STEVEN UNIVERSE LOL I’m super passionate about Puella Magi Madoka Magica, AKB0048, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Powerpuff Girls and if it counts JonTronShow and Game Grumps on youtube. I used to be super passionate about Friendship is Magic but the fandom’s kinda driven me away from any true passion now.
And for video games series that I’m SUPER passionate about are the original Spyro the Dragon games, Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart series, Phoenix Wright and Super Smash Bros.

Mayor Dewey: What’s your position on the political compass?
Very “green” and liberal.

Sugilite: The most reckless thing you’ve ever done?
Anytime I’ve pushed myself way past my physical limits because I’m having too much fun and running on adrenaline. With my disease I’m supposed to pace what I do very carefully but a lot of the time when I’m with friends and having fun I don’t want to stop and then I end up feeling super ill and in pain for days afterwards. Before I was on any medication or therapy I used to pass out sometimes, which obviously caused more problems than just letting people know I needed to rest. -__-;;
HOWEVER now in the present, I am better than ever before at pacing myself. :) I still occasionally give into temptation but nowhere near as much as even a year ago. ^^

VIGA @ CONS: Summer/Fall schedule

These are the panels I’m doing this summer at conventions! Come out and see me there!

Anime Midwest 

Craziest Japanese Commercials

Panel Room 11  Saturday: 1:30pm - 3:00pm  How was THAT a commercial for toothpaste?! Japan has some really inventive and entertaining commercials, but they are really weird to western audiences. What are the craziest? Find out here! 

Idols of Anime

Panel Room 4 Friday: 7:00pm - 8:30pm Idols has been in anime for a long time and had resurgences in its history. At the moment we think of Love Live, Idolmaster or AKB0048, but what about Creamy Mami, or Fancy Lala? Does Interstella 5555 count? How bad or good some of these series are? We come get your idol anime fix! Singing and dancing not required.


The Idols of Anime

Event Date - July 11, 2015
Event Time - 5:40 PM - 7:00 PM

Event Room: Panel 6

Idols has been in anime for a long time and had resurgences in its history. At the moment we think of Love Live, Idolmaster or AKB0048, but what about Creamy Mami, or Fancy Lala? Does Interstella 5555 count? How bad or good some of these series are? We come get your idol anime fix! Singing and dancing not required.

Beyond Pokemon

Event Date - July 10, 2015
Event Time - 3:40 PM - 4:40 PM

Event Room: Panel 6 

Remember that anime with monsters that people battled with them. Had a boy as a main character with a goal. About being the best there ever was. Oh yeah, Monster Rancher! Mon Collie Knights? Well, if your first thought wasn’t Pokemon, you may fit in at this panel where we look at mon shows that invaded America in Pokemon’s shadow.

Steven Universe Universe: The Panel

Date: July 11, 2015
Time: 3:40 PM - 4:40 PM    

(CTCC MR 24-25) - (Seats 360)

In this panel, artist extraordinaire Viga and beardy Youtuber/audio engineer Victor Frost take you from start to finish through the wonderful Universe of Steven Universe! They’ll dig through the characters, the world, and the story to tease out the hidden awesome of one of the most awesome cartoons on TV. This is Steven Universe Universe: The Panel!

(This is with my friend Victor Frost. Check out his videos here! )


I am a featured panelist here! Come see my stuff

Digimon 15th Anniversary Fan Panel

Time: TBA

Presentation Description:
For 15 years Digimon has captured anime fans with several series, games, and merchandise. It’s 15th anniversary brought us a new anime Digimon Adv. Tri. Let’s get reacquainted with the old series starring our favorite digidestined and talk about the latest incarnation of this great mon anime.

(Doing this with Simon of Conventional Wisdom!)

Love Live: School Idol Panel

Time: TBA

Presentation Description:
In the recent boom of idol anime, this show mixed the popular school anime with the fun of cute idols. Love Live: School Idol Project is the show that took off with two seasons and a movie, manga and music videos. Come learn how it was created, fan out with the music and realize that Nico is best Love Live… I mean realize why this is a good show. P.S. Nico IS best.

Fast Times at Anime High: School in Anime

Presentation Description:
The classroom is a basic experience most people have. Although, almost no one has to kill their teacher or win a fashion trip to London or has a 10 year old girl High School classmate. The school has been a popular and a adaptable setting for the various genres in anime. Come and see what classes you missed. There will be a test. Take notes. Run to the panel with toast in your mouth.

I’ll just be hanging out at Intervention, but it’s a great con and you should go!

Youmacon is go! Am I doing anything at it? TBD.


Included in mine were AKB0048, Macross Frontier, and Love Live!

In the end, nothing can beat my love for the galactic fairy and superdimensional Cinderella. I’ve also seen Wake Up Girls! but tbh I can’t remember it enough to keep the characters straight.