AIdol: Artificial Intelligence Idol - A Visual Novel
A visual novel in which a ragtag team of convention attendees step in to save the day for a virtual idol in search of her programmer.

If you like AKB0048, Pripara or Aikatsu, or similar pure idol stories, please consider checking out my visual novel which is on Kickstarter right now.

It’s called AIdol and it’s about a virtual idol and convention shenanigans!

Anime Suggestions for age regressors!

💖 AKB0048- this one is super girly, has great music, and takes place in space! Its about a girl and her friends joining a pop group who travels through space to bring people music. It may be a little too intense for very young audiences, so it’s aimed more for older kids and tweens.

💖Sweetness and Lightning- this is a light and cutesy anime about a little girl and her father. The father learns to cook because he wants to be able to give his daughter a good meal. Every episode they learn a new dish together and it’s so adorable it’s like pure sugar. If you like food, this is the one for you.

💖 Shugo Chara- a take on a magical girl style anime. It’s very colorful and all the characters have a cute little fairy friends that represent what’s in their hearts. The friends all band together to stop the bad guys and protect the dreams of all people! It sounds dorky but I promise it’s super exciting and fun.

💖 usagi drop- also called bunny drop. This one is super heartfelt. An orphaned girl gets taken in by a single man who has no idea how to raise a child. The girl learns about the world while making friends and adjusting to her new life. There are so many warm, fuzzy moments in his one.

💖 gochuumon wa usagi desu ka?- one word. Bunnies. There’s bunnies everywhere. It’s a show about girls who work in cute little cafes where the mascots are rabbits. The characters also dress like rabbits sometimes. Everything is super colorful and the opening and ending themes are super cute too. Coffee. Cakes. Bunnies. Just cutesy everything.

💖 lucky star- this one is really low maintenance to watch. There’s not a whole lot of an overarching plot, it’s just cute comedy. They talk a lot about food, anime, and daily life while attending school. It’s refreshing and relaxing while still being funny.

💖 love live- this is about a school music group. It’s super cute and fun and another great one for those who like music. It definitely makes me want to be one of those cutesy idols with the pretty clothes and dance on stage!

💖 Tamako Market- it’s about a girl who lives in a shopping district. Her family owns a mocha shop and so do her neighbors. She meets a bird named Dera who begins to live with her and they become fast friends. Tamako works to resolve issues all over the shopping district while helping her friends.

💖 cardcaptor Sakura- another magical girl anime! Sakura is an elementary school girl who winds up in charge of a mysterious set of cards that can summon helpful and powerful creatures. She and her friends fight off monsters while collecting the cards. Also sakura’s friend always dresses her up in adorable costumes whenever they go out to do magical girl stuff. It’s super cute and light-hearted.

Well, I hope those are good suggestions! Be sure to add more if you can think of them!


My AKB0048 Motomiya Nagisa cosplay I wore for Saturday at NärCon this weekend with my friend and rival yumidun (・ω・) this costume made me really feel like I’ve evolved as a costume maker as I made the west in a day and put on all the final details the next! Too bad our wigs didn’t arrive in time so had to borrow wigs from a friends friend ;3; oh well! Next time the wig will look a bit better!


AKB0048(3, 16)  | AKB48 - “Beginner”

Top Music/Idol Animes

My current top 10 Music/Idol Anime. This is my own opinion based off of the type of music I like, story, characters and animation. Macross Delta is not being considered because it is still in progress. 

Numbers 10-6 I like, but have nothing of note to say on each other then I enjoy them

10) The IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls

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9) STARMYU (aka High School Star Musical)

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8) Wake Up, Girls!

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7) Macorss Frontier

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6) HaNaYaMaTa

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5) K-On!

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Lite Music Club, Afternoon Tea Time. Overall a very good feeling silly anime with good music and amusing antics. 

4) Love Live School Idol Project

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While I love the music and the series, this is lower on my list because of how mainstream it became…

3) Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Symphogear G & Symphogear GX

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First Season was rough, but getting though GX was great, with the songs Radiant Force and Senkin: Daurudabura, it just made it seem beyond epic at times. 

2) Show By Rock!!

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Cute, catchy, please bring the mobile game over to the states… and season 2 please!!!

1) AKB0048 & AKB0048 Next Stage

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One of the first series that got me looking at music and idol animes. Made me expand beyond just anime music and look at J-pop other international music. The micsabers helped too. 

100 Questions To Ask Me About 46/48Group
  1. Favorite group?
  2. When did you become a fan?
  3. First oshi?
  4. Who was your first oshi to graduate?
  5. Favorite AKB48 member/Kami 7?
  6. Favorite SKE48 member/Kami 7?
  7. Favorite NMB48 member/Kami 7?
  8. Favorite HKT48 member/Kami 7?
  9. Favorite NGT48 member/Kami 7?
  10. Favorite SDN48 ex-member/Kami 7?
  11. Favorite Nogizaka46 member/Kami 7?
  12. Favorite Keyakizaka46 member/Kami 7?
  13. Favorite JKT48 member/Kami 7?
  14. Favorite SNH48 member/Kami 7?
  15. Favorite BEJ48 member/Kami 7?
  16. Favorite GNZ48 member/Kami 7?
  17. Favorite graduate member/Kami 7?
  18. Ever became a fan of a member who already left the industry?
  19. First single that was released after you became a fan?
  20. What did you think about it?
  21. Can you speak Japanese?
  22. Have you seen AKB0048?
  23. First group you were a fan of?
  24. Oshimen or Oshi?
  25. Do you have a Kamioshi?
  26. DD, MD or none?
  27. Best dancer?
  28. Best vocal?
  29. Best MC?
  30. Best actress?
  31. Biggest variety asset?
  32. Prettiest member?
  33. Best smile?
  34. Best body?
  35. Favorite magazine shoot?
  36. Favorite 48/46G TV show?
  37. Favorite 48/46G drama?
  38. Favorite a-side?
  39. Favorite b-side?
  40. Best 2006 song?
  41. Best 2007 song?
  42. Best 2008 song?
  43. Best 2009 song?
  44. Best 2010 song?
  45. Best 2011 song?
  46. Best 2012 song?
  47. Best 2013 song?
  48. Best 2014 song?
  49. Best 2015 song?
  50. Best 2016 song?
  51. Best 2017 song?
  52. Favorite stage?
  53. Favorite stage song?
  54. Favorite unit?
  55. Favorite performance of a unit?
  56. Favorite Team?
  57. Best captain?
  58. Ever became a fan of a girl that was pushed by management? Who?
  59. Kennin - yes or no?
  60. Favorite costume?
  61. Best theater manager?
  62. Favorite documentary?
  63. Favorite concert?
  64. OTP?
  65. Favorite Ikemen?
  66. Best AKBingo/NOGIbingo segment?
  67. Favorite transfer?
  68. Favorite kennin?
  69. Worst management decision?
  70. Best management decision?
  71. Favorite cute song?
  72. Favorite cool song?
  73. Favorite dark song?
  74. Most unexpected song concept?
  75. Favorite SNS/Blog platform?
  76. Favorite 48/46G related Tumblr?
  77. Number of 48/46G wota friends?
  78. Top 5 members?
  79. Top 5 songs?
  80. Top 5 graduates?
  81. Saddest graduation?
  82. Best graduation song?
  83. Best graduation performance/concert?
  84. Sousenkyo - good or bad?
  85. Member you wish will rank-in next year?
  86. Member you wish will rank-in senbatsu next year?
  87. Best Sousenkyo song?
  88. Song 48/46G should perform more?
  89. Song 48/46G should stop performing?
  90. Least favorite song?
  91. Least favorite member/s?
  92. Favorite album?
  93. Favorite single?
  94. Favorite album/single jacket?
  95. Member you’d like to be friends with?
  96. Members you’d like to have as your sister?
  97. If 48G were a family, who would be the mother?
  98. Worst concept?
  99. Jaken Taikai - rigged or not?
  100. Do you pay for 48/46G things (mobile mail, albums, etc)?
Anime A to Z Revisited [ N ]

- N -

NO NAME was a special sub-group of the idol troupe AKB48 created especially for their anime series AKB0048. It was comprised of the members of AKB48, SKE48, and NMB48 who voiced the lead characters in AKB0048. They performed the theme songs to the series and also performed songs used within the series, including a few reworked AKB48 singles. For my part, “About Hope”, the opening song for the first series, is one of my favorite songs from the AKB48 world (of those I’ve heard to thins point), with some great and unexpected chord progressions to be found in a pop song.