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the shooter

some people say it was Miles. some people say it looked a bit like Steve. the general consensus is: we don’t know.

and i don’t think we’re supposed to.

OA tells us this dimension is crumbling into violence and ruin and is very sick. (not the exact quote, but you know the part i mean.) and she’s right - look at today’s world: full of hate, anger, fear, ignorance.
there are a few people trying to fix things, but not enough. there are always a few people lost to the darkness of hatred. they go completely anonymous up until they do something horrific.

that’s what the shooter - who is 100% anonymous - represents. the shooter represents the consequences of allowing teens to live with hate and fear as their only emotions.
the shooter is an analogy for what could’ve happened to Steve, yeah, but any of the boys when you think about it - any of us, driven to extremes by a world that doesn’t care.

we aren’t supposed to know who it is, that’s not important. the important thing is to care about the people and world around you. the important thing is to take action when you see something wrong.

the important thing is to stand up for what’s right and do whatever you can to stop hatred from winning.

anonymous asked:

can u give a tutorial or smthn on how u do ur lyric edits?? they r super cool

omg?? thank u sm? theyre honestly rly very easy to make 

so i dont hav photoshop or anything so th website i use is this one its got a lot of the basics like adding text and overlaying images and its easy to use so yeah

step 1: find a pretty picture

  • i kinda just go thru aesthetic blogs and tags and find a pic that goes w/ the lyric i wanna make so? ya go 2 ur fav aesthetic blogs and scroll till u find a nice pic

step 2: what do u wanna do w/ ur pic?

  • if u dont hav any ideas then here r some of my go-to ones:
  • use some website to crop pictures and cut it in half both ways, edit the lyrics onto both halves of ur pix and ta da!! u’ve just made an edit! (i do this one a lot)
  • theres a feature in the aforementioned makeshit photoshop site where u can overlay images in text, so u can play around w/ tht as much as u’d like!! 
  • u can also find one of these newfangled minimilism artworks w/ a monotone color background and (w/ credit 2 th artist!!) get two pictures, one being the original artwork and the other is just the color of the background (which u can find using this wesbite) w/ the same dimensions and would u look at tht! u hav 2 lovely pix u can slap some words onto! 

step 3: time 4 the lyrics

  • there are a lot of websites where u can edit words into a picture and if any work better for u, go for it!! personally, i use the one mentioned at the beginning 
  • w/ ur lyrics, pick a font, size, and color 
  • w/ the site i use, u can also rotate ur text, arch it, and make the spaces between the lines and the words smaller!!

step 4: post it to tumblr.hell and hope for the best lmao

if theres anything else u wanna kno lmk ?? thanks a lot theyre rly so simple and quick !!! hav fun w/ ur edit m8!

After being a k-pop fan for a while, you notice people have two types of biases:
1. The ones they wanna cuddle and drink hot cocoa with. Typically called “pure” and “angel.”
2. The ones they wanna fight to the death with. Typically called “disrespectful” and “greasy.”

  • Yoosung: Saeran! Can you pass the salt?
  • Saeran: Can you pass your classes?
  • Yoosung: ... too much salt.

please give pidge a robot girlfriend in season 3
lance will tease her abt it and she’ll be like “lance ur literally dating a big fluffy purple alien leave me alone”
keith yells from the next room “I’M STILL NOT PURPLE”


“This is what I want: I want to grab my brother’s hand and run back through time,
losing years like coats falling from our shoulder.” - SN: 12x04

Jandy Nelson (I’ll Give You the Sun)

.. ☆ . +.。 . . . . . 。 ゚。, ☆ ゚. + 。 ゚ ,。 . 。 , .。゚ 。 ゚ . +。 ゚ * 。. , 。゚ +. 。*。 ゚. . . . …, 。CORAN IS A GIFT AND WE LOVE HIM + ゚ 。 。゚ . ゚。, ☆ * 。゚. o, 。 . + ゚ 。 。゚ . ゚。, ☆ * 。゚.

twitter bios

need new clothes, a new city, a new life 


constantly torn between “treat others how u wanna be treated” and “treat others how they treat u”

worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best you could, and it still wasn’t good enough 

all black everything to match my soul 

just wanna do bad things with the right person 

it sucks being the person that cares the most in a relationship 

blood type: gold 

confidence is attractive 

i like being alone i just hate feeling alone 

a heart full of pain and a head full of stress

plot twist: you miss me

not exactly emotionless, but close

no matter what I’ll love the shit outta you

roses are red violets are blue nobody loves you baby the way i do 

so honey now take me into your lovin’ arms 

which is messier my life or my hair 

as I was writing this, I was thinking of nutella and you because that combination is just so perfect

life is too short to worry about what others say or think about you

it’s insane how easily someone can lie to your face

be serious with me, don’t waste my time

honestly if my ex is happy im good

we can watch netflix or we can just have sex

a girl who wants best for you, is best for you

trying not to care is so damn hard

“being yourself is all it takes. If you want to impress someone, don’t be someone else just be yourself”

remember to take care of urself. sometimes u forget, because u are too busy taking care of other people. u are important too

where are ü now that i need ya

he chamber of secrets has been opened. enemies of the heir, beware.

there’s only one queen in this town and that’s me

u r the collest kid in the town im ur little lady

the worst feeling is when someone makes u feel special, then suddenly leaves u hanging & u have to act like u don’t care at all

if a girl tells you about her problems, it doesn’t mean she’s complaining. it means she trusts you.

appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had

maybe one day youll realize how much you neglected me

you lie about the dumbest fucking shit and you expect me to trust you? you got me fucked up

just because someone treats someone one way, doesnt mean theyll treat everyone the same way

i miss “i love you” coming out of your mouth

maybe youd understand if you knew how i felt

do you ever sit down and think “what if my whole life is a lie?”

i just want someone that cant get enough of me and wants to talk to me all the time

you make me feel so unwanted

youre full of shit

dont “okay goodnight” me, were gonna fucking talk about it

we met for a reason, either you’re a blessing or a lesson

i may be an asshole but i got feelings too

dont really give a shit about anything but i give a fuck about you

if overthinking was a drug, i’d be high af

sometimes I care too much // sometimes I don’t care at all 

I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature. all of it’s art.

i don’t remember the last time i wasn’t tired

black clothes are an obsession

tired of school, but i’ve got goals

if you use or save please give a credit to @tverella on twitter

Yuri!!! On Ice Headcanons: Language Barriers!

Because I’m absolute trash! :D I’m in love with the idea of a multilingual Yuri, considering we know that he’s fluent in Japanese and English and appears to know a little bit of Thai because of Phichit, I wanted to explore more on a multilingual!Yuri around his family and friends

  • Among his family and friends, Yuuri and Minako are the most fluent in English. Yuuko, Mari, and the triplets know basic English and while the Katsuki family + Takeshi is interested in the language, they can’t seem to get the hang of it.
  • Yuuri tends to speak casual English, but when anxious he would either stutter or end up sounding really formal in an effort to look cool it doesn’t work
  • When it comes to speaking English:
    • Phichit loves american slang and constantly calls everything lit
    • Victor is pretty casual when speaking English, but if he gets drunk.. expect alot of swearing and innuendo either in Russian or in English, with the occasional guest appearance of his accent coming through.
    • Leo taught Guang-Hong English!!!! FITE ME ON THIS
    • Georgi speaks in broken english with his thick russian accent coming out alot
    • Christophe knows french (along with his english and some german) and uses it to flirt with everyone. Everyone now knows approximately 10 different ways to compliment someone’s ass in french.
  • Yurio and Yuuko are doing a language trade of sorts whenever they video chat and they also often practice their Japanese, Russian, and English with each other!
  • Yurio curses alot in every language he learns. It’s a given.
    • The triplets only ever know how to curse in Russian because of Yurio and so far their parents have not caught on.

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