prbatai asked:

Hi! I voted for parabatai mix :) Also I think you said it can also be TID so Jem Carstairs :)

song rec: give me love - ed sheeran 

url: 88 / 100
theme: 80 / 100
posts: 90 / 100
compliment and/or advice: your edits are beautiful!

mango?   blacklist: adbr

morgensthern asked:

voted for parabatai mix, antonia!

awesome llama! i think i’ll do that next :) and i’l give you an alec rec <3 

song rec: dosen’t feel human - jmr 

url: 100 / 100
theme: 100 / 100
posts: 100 / 100
compliment and/or advice: heheh woops… you can’t rate perfection! 

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draqoh asked:

voted for a platonic love mix! n isabelle lightwood x

isabelle for life 

song rec: roman holiday - halsey 

url: 98 / 100
theme: 100 / 100
posts: 99 / 100
compliment and/or advice: you and your blog are flawless, goals! 

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maravding asked:

does Tessa count for the blog rates thingy? (also i voted for the parabatai mix bc im loving how they have portrayed alec/jace in the show for now)

she does! AND YEAH!

song rec: falling - haim 

url: 79 / 100
theme: 70 / 100
posts: 80 / 100
compliment and/or advice: you tag your posts so nicely! give them the tagging page they deserve, and i’m diggin that icon a++

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