Assassin’s Creed Black Flag Photoshoot 

This shoot was ridiculously fun. Hope you guys enjoy the photos! Our photographer is phenomenal so please visit his page and show some support! 

Photos by Jadan Duffin Photography (FB page)

Edward Kenway made and worn by forcebewitya (FB page)

James Kidd made and worn by (me!) Tasukigirl Cosplay (FB page)

  Complete photoset

Start of Assassins' quests
  • Altaïr: I must find and kill these people in order to regain my honor
  • Ezio: I must serve justice for my father and brothers and friends
  • Connor: I must join the Assassins to protect my people and fight for their freedom
  • Edward: I must find the greatest prize there is so my wife and I can live prosperously
  • Arno: I must join the Assassins to redeem myself for the mistakes I made in my youth
  • The Frye Twins: So the Templars are being real dicks over in London let's go do something about it