“It sure has been a little lonely the past few days..”

“I guess it’s because it’s summer. I must be the only one that doesn’t go on vacation.. I hope this doesn’t mean I’ll be alone for most of summer.”

Shirou didn’t like to dwell on things like this, nor did he really feel as if he was allowed to. After all, he still had Fuji-nee and Sakura.. but it could get boring eventually.

Leaning his head back, he got slightly more comfortable on the park bench, staring up into the sky.

“..I don’t know..”

Five nights in Twili

Your muse has been hired by Doopliss to be the night guard for the castle to prevent Animatronics from leaving it. Sound simple right? That’s just the beginning. She also had told you that the castle shifts forms so the anims could be moved near you or away from you. Sounds fun. Your first shift has just begun. Good luck.

                    gloved fingers dragged down his tired face,
                           his usually curled up hair hanging limply in front
                           of his eyes where there was a certain dullness–
                           oh, how he didn’t sleep that night! haunted by
                           nightmares of the past, a past he’d rather forget.

                    yet, perhaps, it was best that he remembered.
                           he looked over at his personal journal, reaching
                           out to grab it and drag it into his lap. part of him
                           wondered if his writings would ever compare to
                           that of alternis’–but he was alternis, right? it had to.

                    and that meant his feelings for a certain girl were
                           just as strong.

                    to hear her whisper his name, to feel the soft caress
                           of her hand, it’s all ringabel wanted, all he needed.
                           to bask in the warmth of her love, a love that would
                           never come. he knew from the start it would be un-
                           requited, tragic as it may be, but it was something
                           he grew to accept.

                    “edea lee…” he murmured, the chair creaking as he
                           moved, one leg crossing over the other. looking pen-
                           sive, pen pressed to his lips, he cast his gaze out the

                    “how would one begin to describe edea lee?

  Though Lucina wasn’t exactly an expert on fish and their mannerisms, the fact that her precious goldfish was upside down and wouldn’t respond to her incessant tapping on its bowl made her deduce that something was indeed wrong. But what could she do? She was just barely tall enough to see into the glass, and it was much too heavy for her to pick up.

  Letting out a whine, she bolted out of the room as fast as her little toddler waddle could allow, pushing past guards, maids, and anyone else who might get in her way with an incredibly strong conviction. Determined to find someone who could assist her, the tiny princess let her stubby legs carry her through long halls and down stairs until she burst into the courtyard, scanning the inner gardens for a target until her eyes locked on one.

  From afar, she wasn’t sure if she even recognized the person in question, but Lucina could care less. She loved people, anyway, so what could go wrong? The innocent, trusting young girl toddled right up to whomever she had spotted, eyes wide with concern as she reached out to tug on the fabric of their clothing.

  “’Scuse me…! Um, um, um, I think somethin’s wrong wit’ my fishie an’ ’m scared…!”

         "Yeah. Kissing. Not going to happen. I don’t just kiss anyone.“

Not to mention–

Touching. The very thought of it--

Better not think about it.

If there was a undercurrent of disgust, a rumination of shame, it was hidden well behind the effulgent smile of the Capitol’s golden boy, his tone a beguiling mix of charm and amicable.

                                                                                                The still waters that hid a ripe tide.