The hosts + Haruhi go on their first date

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Hikaru - Hikaru would want to do something a little unorthodox for a first date, like karaoke. He thinks there’s no better way to bond with someone than embarrassing yourself in front of each other. When you arrive at the karaoke bar, your nerves immediately start acting up. You weren’t exactly confident in your singing skills. Hikaru notices this, and promises that he’s much worse than you. He offers you his hand, and you reluctantly take it, following him on stage. Hikaru’s confidence is almost contagious, and you start feeling more comfortable. The opening chords to “Don’t go Breaking my Heart” begin playing, and the two of you begin to sing. Surprisingly, the audience loves you two. At the end, the crowd cheers wildly, and Hikaru looks down on you, beaming.

Kaoru - Kaoru had planned your first date with him even before you accepted the proposal. He had been dreaming of it since the day he met you. Whenever you mentioned a place or an activity you liked, he would be sure to make a mental note of it. Kaoru remembered how you always carry around your little black sketch book. You wouldn’t admit it, but you loved to draw. This gave him the idea to take you to the art gallery. The entire date would be tailored to your interests, Kaoru would want you to enjoy every second of it because he knows if you’re happy, then he is too.

Tamaki - Although Tamaki could certainly afford to bring you to the fanciest restaurants and most extravagant places, he would much rather bring you somewhere sentimental. Even though much of his childhood was spent keeping his mother company indoors, he still fondly remembers the times he spent outdoors. Tamaki would plan a picnic at one of his favourite parks when he was a child. The two of you would spend the date sharing stories about each other’s lives. He would listen intently to everything you had to say, and would ask tons of questions. He absolutely loved getting to know you.

Kyoya - Kyoya would take a very traditional approach to your first date. He would walk to your front porch and take the time to straighten his tie and glasses before knocking on your door. He would offer his courtesies to your parent, or whoever answered your door before asking for you. When you came into sight, his eyes would widen and his jaw would drop, making it difficult to maintain his usual cool composure. After a lovely dinner at the fanciest restaurant in the city, you and Kyoya opt to walk the scenic route back to your house. He makes sure to get you home at a reasonable hour. When you two make it back to your house, he takes your hand and kisses it gently, thanking you for the wonderful evening.

Honey - Honey would suggest taking a cooking class together. He figured it was just like going to a restaurant, but better because he got to taste your very own cooking. You and Honey would follow the instructor’s steps, sampling each other’s cooking as you went along. When your dishes were done, you two would go to a more private location to eat together. Honey would be super impressed with your skills, claiming that you are the “best chef ever!” 

Mori - Since Mori only ever gets to see you at school or with the host club, he was excited to go on a date with you where the two of you could have some privacy. Bringing a canoe, he brought you to one of Japan’s most beautiful lakes, Lake Aoki. You and him worked together to row far into the lake, until there was no land within a 20 mile radius. The two of you sat there calmly, taking in the fresh air and appreciating the silence. You look at how pure the water is, and give Mori a devilish grin as you begin to rock the canoe. He looks surprised for a moment but then he, too flashes a smile as he takes off his shirt and gracefully dives off the boat. The sudden shift of weight causes you to fly off the boat, and you end up in the water with him. The two of you spend the rest of the day in the water, often in a tight embrace.

Haruhi - After finally summoning the courage to ask Haruhi out, you’re delighted to see that she already has a plan in mind for a date. You loved how this girl was always trying to make things easier for you. You and Haruhi make your way to the music festival in town. You two walk around, admiring the different styles of music and discussing your favourite genres. After a while, you get some fast food to eat while sitting down for the final concert as the sun began to set.