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Lance and Asul, from the klance fic Gold Dust

I Photograph People On Drugs To Show How They Affect Their Brains
For some people, it's unknown what drugs do to your head aside from getting you high. But these amazing photos illustrate how various types of drugs affect people's brains and it's unbelievable! source #1 Adderall: During the last few years, Adderall has become increasingly popular, especially among college students. Its side effects include a heightened sense...

anyway i have emotions about trans stevebucky so have this. Have It

  • steve came out to bucky with all the fumbling grace of a nine year old with the world’s biggest chip on his shoulder, blood still in his teeth and spitting because “i don’t need help, barnes, i aint a lady” and bucky gave him a glare and punched him in the shoulder (soft, because bucky wasn’t an asshole), says “ladies ain’t weak, and i know you aren’t one, rogers, so shut your goddamn trap ‘fore i shut it for ya”
    • steve’d lit up, eyes bright and wide, said “you mean it?” and bucky’d glared at him and threatened to punch him, and steve was gone

  • and they’re inseperable from then on, bucky giving steve the clothes he grows out of too quick, steve with the hems of buckys shirts hitting his knees, and his ma sews them up and scruffs a hand through bucky’s hair because she’s always liked that barnes boy, likes him even more now he looks out for steve, now that steve practically has a full time guard dog

  • and as the years go on and steve starts desperately trying to cover the small chest he has, all tight bandages and bucky glaring at him for it because “dyou got a death wish, dyou think your asthma’s gonna let up on you for this”, and bucky slowly, steadily, starts getting more intrigued with makeup

    • and he ain’t a dame, he knows that, doesn’t feel like a girl like steve feels like a boy, but he doesn’t feel like a boy either, which is just asking for trouble, so he keeps it quiet except for the dead of night talking with steve’s ma at their rickety kitchen table while steve reads in bed, sick again because of the cold

  • and sarah rogers’s a good lady, all warm heart and cold rage when someone crosses someone she cares about, and she says “if you want’d, james, i could help you with the lipstick. i don’t much wear it any more, because of all the work, so you’re free to it.” and bucky’d had to hide his grin in his mug of hot water and mint leaves, said “i’d like that”

    • and sarah doesn’t turn back on her word, slips lipstick into bucky’s work pack when he comes over after school, gives him some blush as payment for helping out with her boy, and every time bucky puts it on steve blushes like he’s seen god himself, and it’s - so good, and it’d be worth it for the look on steve’s face even if it weren’t

I expected exols to be bitter about bts getting the daesang but the fact that the ex'act album producer said exo “should” have fun is ridiculous. I didn’t that an adult with a business relationship to the topic would have the same maturity level as a few biased teenage fans. It’s also ridiculous how people say we should respect his opinion when he was basically saying bts didn’t deserve to win. “exo should’ve won” and “I wanted exo to win” are so different and this is coming from a non fan.

Chanyeol exhibits a natural charm. Non-fans harp on his mediocrity, but I think he’s able to mask any shortcomings through passion, confidence and determination. He has started singing more often in live sessions and I’m pleased with his voice. As for his dancing, I think that’s his limit, he won’t advance further because it was never his main domain, although he tries his best and looks quite funny while dancing.