Since I have a lot more followers than back when I started being Extraordinarily Pedantic Abou Animal Identification —

I love animals, and I love that people appreciate them and share their images around! Ever since the image of the dik dik went around tagged as “baby giraffe”, though, I’ve tried to go double check and if necessary correct the ID of any animal pic I reblog. 

That doesn’t mean I recognize ‘em all on sight (though I do recognize a LOT of ‘em, ‘cause yay aminals). I just take the couple of minutes to use google and check sources and comparisons. Because animals are cool, so everyone should have a chance to look up more info on the actual animal pictured!

It also doesn’t mean I want to take away from the awesomeness of the post. I think they can be even more awesome with a little accurate info. :)

Any time I add that info, it’s tagged “Animal Identification”… and “Not just for dik diks anymore” :P